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(Hand-to-Hand) All Races
DMG+2 DLY+43
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Guild Level: Amateur

Made from Cesti Recipes:

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# Jun 15 2005 at 5:56 PM Rating: Decent
174 posts
Can't find one, but the auction history is showing me that one sells every few days. The going price for this on Fairy server is 16,000 gil.
RE: Price
# Nov 30 2005 at 11:10 AM Rating: Decent
I made these for my MNK the other day. I average One +1 every five synths. In the Sandy auction House these go for 20k 0 in stock. I farmed while Leveling my lv 1 MNK so didnt mind trying 5 time didnt really cost me any money. If anyone on phoenix wants one of these just bring me the materials and I will try to make it for you no Charge. Just remember I'm not responsible for fails or NQ. NQ sell for 1k and cost like 4k to make. My Leather is only 45 and my success rate on HQ 1/5 at the time I tried it.

Zeratul! Mithra on phoenix.
Price question.
# Jan 03 2005 at 10:47 PM Rating: Decent
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How much are these going for on Ramuh?
# Aug 04 2004 at 5:08 PM Rating: Decent
I am wondering why nobody is making these on Siren. i would gladly pay 5K for these, for these weapons have equal or greater damage per delay than all others untill around lv 11. i know that losing a synthesis might hurt in the begining, but at areound lv 20 wood working, on full monns, these coulud be pumped out like no other. it is easily one of the easyest(sp) things to craft, and they are darn good if a +1. any wood workers, please flood the market with these.
item +1
# Nov 19 2003 at 1:23 AM Rating: Default
The +1 items is a special item you get for synthesizing the same type of items. It just indicate that you have mastered crafting that particular item.
RE: item +1
# Dec 08 2003 at 7:24 PM Rating: Default
+1 indicates better stats than the basic item, e.g. this one has damage of 2 instead of 1, and a delay of 43 instead of 48, etc.

this kind of description for improved items is widely used among rpgs, I wonder why so many people seem to be confused by it...
# Nov 16 2003 at 1:35 PM Rating: Decent
This item should have sheep leather x2 instead, I sent in a correction through the link also but this will have to suffice until then.
RE: Correction
# Nov 17 2003 at 10:28 AM Rating: Excellent
3,473 posts
Didn't work
# Nov 16 2003 at 2:05 AM Rating: Default
I tried making one of these, had everything on that little list and it said these items can not be synsisized. What's up with that?
# Nov 12 2003 at 7:26 PM Rating: Default
What got updated on this? :\ It's still the same.
# Nov 12 2003 at 5:48 PM Rating: Default
Anyone have info on this? How to make it, not where to buy it...
# Nov 12 2003 at 5:48 PM Rating: Default
Anyone have info on this? How to make it, not where to buy it...
how to get the +1
# Nov 12 2003 at 4:07 PM Rating: Decent
What allows to get the +1 on these? I looked at the normal cesti's and they have the same recipe, except for these require only 1 sheeps leather? That doesn't make sense....
RE: how to get the +1
# Nov 17 2003 at 10:31 PM Rating: Default
what does the +1 mean? I've noticed several items that have +1 next to them, but, don't see anything different from the regular item.
# Nov 07 2003 at 11:33 PM Rating: Default
try the auction house. most of the time they don't have one, but I got mine there.
# Nov 01 2003 at 2:51 PM Rating: Default
where do i aquire a set ?
RE: h2h
# May 02 2004 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
cesti +1 has same ingredients as cesti. +1 is a high quality synth an u can never be gaurenteed that u can get the +1 version. u have a much higher chance of a +1 the higher ur crafting skill the more chance u have for a +1. moon and day also affects
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