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Scroll of Fire III
[Inventory] All Races
BLM Lv.62/ RDM Lv. 71/ DRK Lv. 88/ SCH Lv.63
Teaches the black magic Fire III.
Deals fire damage to an enemy.

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# Jan 10 2005 at 2:43 PM Rating: Decent
267 posts
Thousand Eye's also drops this in King Ranperre's Tomb.
# Oct 22 2004 at 10:12 PM Rating: Default
249 posts
Why is this cost so little?
RE: Cheap?
# Jan 27 2006 at 6:59 PM Rating: Decent
435 posts
Most of the tier III spells cost so little because they are dropped from mobs that are frequently killed, such as coffer key mobs. I purchased Aero III the other day for 1.8k on Sylph.

Dezial is correct...as of right now, Aero IV costs 550k on Sylph- just a very, very rare drop.
RE: Cheap?
# Nov 01 2004 at 5:17 AM Rating: Good
371 posts
Most tier III, and tier IV spells are dirt cheap for one reason - few people to actually USE the spells. It's about supply and demand when it comes to selling something. If the demand is high, so will be the cost and people will work hard to get these items so they can make a profit.

However, since only very high level RDMs, and midlevel and up BLMs can use tier III (hilevel BLMs only for tier IV) magics, the demand is very small, so is the price. Water III goes for about 20k on Fairy atm, but, that's pretty cheap, even the tier II magics are costly, but those are only available in that blasted shop, which is why.

So there's your answer, if there was either 1) An abundance of people (or jobs) to make use of these scrolls, or 2) a TON of RDM and BLM players that would need these, the price will remain dirt cheap otherwise. However, don't think the same about Protect and Shell, they're a freakin ripoff :)
RE: Cheap?
# Nov 16 2004 at 1:10 AM Rating: Excellent
A reply to Marcatil, you have your economy lesson plan all twisted, the only thing you got right is, if demand is high, so will the price.

The price isn't high because not many people use it...if the supply is high the price is low, you can notice this in your AH, when there is little of one item the price rises, when there is alot of that item, the price lowers, it's like a real life economy right in our little FFXI AH ^_^ Which is why rare items are expensive, like serket rings. Now another reason why the III spells are so cheap is this: The mobs drop em often and are not hard to kill, unless of course you're a whm or brd :P . I soloed saphire quadav at lvl 70 and got Waterga III and Water III in about 20 minutes, I killed ruby Quadav about 15 times and got Shell IV about 5 times, easy as pie. Now Water IV I heard Saphire and Ruby drop it...but VERY VERY rarely, maybe that expalins why it costs 370k in Siren server.

Edited, Tue Nov 16 01:14:19 2004
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