icon Dominion Mace  

Type: Mace

Dominion Mace
(Club) All Races
DMG:29 DLY:300
Lv.59 WHM
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Don't just look at one stat.
# Jun 14 2006 at 10:00 PM Rating: Good
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If you look at the dominain mace just for it's additional effect your going to be highly disappointed. It be like looking at the additional effect of lilith's rod solely. The rod would suck becuase it only kicks in when your fighting something with MP. But then you look at the other things like its MP boost and int, it isnt all that bad of a wand to switch in when fighting things with MP. Hell I know it prevents me from having any downtime in areas where I can solo every mob easily.

So let's look at this for everything it brings to the table.
I've determined the 3 main contenders for a weapon in clubs at this level for a whm.
Arcana breaker. (Level 54)
Darksteel Mace. (Level 57)
Dominion Mace. (Level 59)

Damage Vers. delay: This wep swings faster then your avarage mace but is also then it's near by brother dark steal mace. The darksteal mace has the dmg of 32 but is also 15 delay points slower. The closest hammer is the Arcana breaker. WHich is 5 levels before the mace with 34 damage but with a delay f 324. So I figured for argument sake the damage is going to be about the same over time.

Additional stats: While darksteel and arcana bring nothing to the table in this Dominion delivers a solid 7 mind, comparable to the ebony wand just level away of a +6 mind. +1 with of course +7. The best mind boost you will find around these levels in a weapon. While this alone cannot out shine the prowess of a darksteel Hammer it is definitely a great weapon for those 6 levels to being able to equip one.

Additional Effect: Once again darksteel mace has nothing to say here so Dominion and arcana are the main contenders here. While Dominion brings HP boosts to the table arcana brings a situational VS. Arcane defence down. Now while fighting an Arcane this can be a definite booster but in all other situations Dominion is the clear chioce.

In parties: While most whms will be using a light staff at this point some poeple do not. I personally only use it in emergancies especially when in a party with a ninja tank. But this is besides the point. Arcana breaker and darksteel mace have no use in a party unless you plan on meleeing which isn't a normal pratice. I disgress this +7 mind is the best boost your going to get till the next +1 wand at 65.

So rare you find a club with prowess both in and out of a party.

So IMO the clear winner is a dominion mace. Please don't rack up the prices before I buy one.;-;
If cookies were milk and milk was cookies. Would Oreo's still be america's favorite brand of milk?
# Oct 31 2005 at 11:33 AM Rating: Default
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I was going to buy one of these but then I saw the deadly warning sign: In the last 10 sales on AH, 4 people who bought one then resold it.

# Jun 18 2005 at 6:01 PM Rating: Decent
I've seen it activate about 1 every 4 hits on Lightsday on average.
# May 10 2005 at 10:36 AM Rating: Decent
for all whms do not buy this thinking its going to save ur but the effect is very rare i have tested it it almost never kicks in so be carefull when u buy this one
# Sep 18 2004 at 1:01 AM Rating: Decent
Was testing this guy out today in the Crawlers Nest. Was takin maze lizzies for about 2 hrs. I never saw HP steal over 30. Sometimes i would go 10 hits with no hp steal. Sometimes i would get 4 steals in a row for ~25 ea. Was a good buy to get club to lvl 100

Not too shabby...
# Aug 28 2004 at 6:39 AM Rating: Decent
Nice all-around WHM weapon. It also has a "restores HP" effect that sometimes restores 5-50 or so HP (the amount is random and the effect is rare).
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