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Auction House: Armor - Head

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Guild Level: Journeyman

Exceptional Results can be: Republic Visor

Made from Recipes

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Wrong Level Cap
# Nov 18 2005 at 3:37 PM Rating: Decent
132 posts
This synth Caps at 60 or below because I just HQ's the Republic Visor and I'm only level 60. another site has this capping at 59 I think they may be right. They also have some of the other Centurion Recipes capping at different levels. Someone please look into it to get it changed.
Lvl cap
# May 17 2004 at 12:36 PM Rating: Default
Is it really lvl 0 or is it unknown?
# Jan 21 2004 at 5:57 AM Rating: Default
It's crafted...like so many of the new items that were added in that patch. Heard of winged boots, or winged boots +1 (made from lizzy's boots). Have you heard of a Nomad's mantle? (made from a Traveller's mantle).

All these items with the white border which are Bastokan or San Dorian or Windurstian have been crafted fom conquest items. The HQ synth of these items will have a blue border and are called Kingdom/Republic/Federation and are HQ or +1 versions!
# Jan 22 2004 at 5:01 PM Rating: Default
so what are the ^$##@! RECIPES?? lol
# Jan 20 2004 at 10:16 AM Rating: Default
They're actually crafted from conquest items, centurion visor in this case I think. if you notice the border around the item, that suggests a HQ craft which comes from a recipe of some sort.
RE: Crafted
# Jan 20 2004 at 10:40 AM Rating: Default
i hate to tell you but the one that is just below this one is the republic visor not the centurion, not sure about the whole crafted thing though oO
RE: Crafted
# Jan 20 2004 at 5:50 PM Rating: Default
He means to say that the synthesis required to make this item uses the Centurion Visor.
RE: Crafted
# Jan 20 2004 at 7:26 PM Rating: Default
yea and what i am saying is i dont think so, then again i could be wrong :P
# Jan 20 2004 at 8:44 AM Rating: Default
This is just a guess, and I may be wrong, but I think you can buy them with conquest points. I once heard that the things they give you depend on which rank your nation has. I think when Bastok was Rank 2, they sold Centurion gear. Maybe you get Bastokan gear when they are rank 1.
RE: Conquest?
# Jan 20 2004 at 11:23 AM Rating: Default
yes, your are wrong, it's rank 3 to get the Centurion gears
RE: Conquest?
# May 18 2004 at 7:20 AM Rating: Decent
he wasn't talking about character's rank, he was talking about nation's rank. so youre wrong, mr anonymous.
# Jan 19 2004 at 10:02 PM Rating: Default
does anyone know where to get the bastokan items?
or sandorian or windurstian items
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