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Auction House: Armor - Rings

Behemoth Ring
[Finger] All Races
DEF:2 HP+10
Ranged Accuracy+11
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Gained from Quests:
Guild Level: Adept

Exceptional Results can be: Behemoth Ring +1

Made from Recipes

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# Jan 24 2007 at 3:30 PM Rating: Excellent
Mistress of Gardening
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Updated icon and added guild and guild level.
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# Dec 09 2006 at 10:12 AM Rating: Decent
this thing is for whm im mean sure they can be rich and throw there holy ampulas
Behemoth Ring: O
# Jul 01 2005 at 8:44 PM Rating: Decent
I had a signed one made for me today. One of the few things that still can be sold for a profit without being HQ'd. At least on my server.
What a waste
# May 18 2005 at 8:25 PM Rating: Decent
Making a tiny ring that can for on your finger out of TWO Behemoth horns the size of a Galka? Kind've wasteful don't you think?
# Oct 22 2004 at 9:35 PM Rating: Default
Also could be for nin or thf, if they use ranged attacks as main >,< (nin = powerful & very expencive throwing weapons)
# Oct 08 2004 at 8:56 PM Rating: Decent
87 posts
its definetly for DD jobs =D *cough cough*
# May 03 2004 at 4:53 PM Rating: Good
hmmmm im thinkiin ranger here, kinda obvious but hey
RE: hmmm
# Jan 05 2005 at 7:45 PM Rating: Decent
This rings ONLY use is for a Smn/Drg using darts
RE: hmmm
# Jul 04 2005 at 1:22 PM Rating: Good
Remember, this is Alla, where no one has a sense of humor. At least no one with a rating over 3.00
RE: hmmm
# Aug 21 2004 at 3:57 AM Rating: Default
376 posts
heck no this thing is for a drk =P

lol, of course it's for rng........
RE: hmmm
# Dec 18 2004 at 1:04 AM Rating: Default
What you talking about?!

BRD all the way with this ring. That's right I said BRD.
RE: hmmm
# Jul 09 2006 at 8:44 AM Rating: Decent
34 posts

They are for BLM so they can throw their Tathlums!
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