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Stacks to: 99
Auction House: Others - Ninja Tools


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Guild Level: Novice

Made from Recipes

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# Apr 25 2005 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
on my server it sells for around 13k per stack (????ing Asura) but it is a decent profit, i can get distilled water easily from Alchemy guild in Bastok, and i can make bronze sheets, just gotta start farming Beastcoins again... Chestnut lember well.... thats a big chunk of moolah
RE: expensive
# Jul 07 2005 at 4:15 AM Rating: Default
i can get distilled water easily from Alchemy guild

You can get distilled water just about ANYWHERE lol
# Feb 15 2005 at 11:07 AM Rating: Decent
I made some of these to raise my woodworking a little higher for beetle arrows. Very expensive to make; cost 35k for supplys, only sells in jueno for 6k stack. on the ramuh server >< but it does sell very fast
RE: craft
# May 18 2005 at 3:21 PM Rating: Decent
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35k for a stack of Bronze Sheets, Chestnut Lumber, and Distilled Water I believe is what he means. This will make 33 x 12 (if no HQs or failures) = 4 stacks = 24k, so you lose 11k each time, unless you're high level woodworking and HQ synth a lot.
# Feb 15 2005 at 11:05 AM Rating: Decent
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