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# Mar 29 2006 at 4:49 PM Rating: Default
Its important that you invest in a rod because the cheap ones will break time and time again and cost a lot. I use a tarutaru rod, decent enough, rarely breaks.

And no, a composite rod will say 'whatever was on the hook is too small to catch with this rod' if you try to catch small fish with it
# Feb 02 2008 at 8:48 PM Rating: Decent
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Decent rod to get, it will pay for itself in no time at all.
# Aug 30 2005 at 1:33 PM Rating: Decent
I see a lot of you want to know the best way to catch moat carps. Composite rod is not good for thes because you will see a message time and time again "Whatever caught the rod was too small to catch with this rod". A hume rod though is very good. goes for about 6k on kujata. I like fishing in windy with hume rod and insect paste. Anywhere else you'll prolly catch mobs but in windy youll catch moats and gold carp which are good for some extra cash. Carbon is ok too but at a beginer skill has a chance to break. More a chance than the hume rod.

Lv56 fishing
Lu Sheng's rod ~5000/10000
Post Patch
# Feb 23 2005 at 5:32 PM Rating: Excellent
1,392 posts
Hmmm... The new patch was just released, and it seems that this is now the best synthetic fishing rod designed to catch large fish. Before the patch, it wasn't worth fishing with much else besides Composite, Mithran, or Lu Shang's.

With the new patch, I wonder if it be more advantageous to use a rod like the Carbon Fishing Rod or Tarutaru Fishing Rod that isn't designed to catch large fish (such as Composite) while targetting small fish such as Moat Carp?
# Jan 16 2005 at 3:36 PM Rating: Decent
iam a lvl 6 at fishing where should i go and what bait should i use to lvl up
RE: fishing
# Jan 19 2005 at 11:51 AM Rating: Decent
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This is an excellent guide to get you started: http://www.titanictus.com/viewtopic.php?t=15

*edit: fixed link

Edited, Wed Jan 19 11:51:56 2005
# Dec 06 2004 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
so what is the best rod to get for catching small fish?
good start
# Nov 25 2004 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
how do you get a good start in fishing?
I mean like: good skill building in a short time
RE: good start
# Dec 04 2004 at 11:11 AM Rating: Decent
Well, i bought fishing gear first to boost my chances of getting fish, but other than that, patience is the only thing u really need.
It broke... rather suddenly
# Nov 11 2004 at 8:10 PM Rating: Decent
851 posts
I broke this thing on the ship from Selbina to Mhaura using minnow as a lure.

I was very surprised. /sigh
Leveling Alchemy
# Oct 27 2004 at 2:10 PM Rating: Good
190 posts
What is the quickest way to shatter one of these into a million pieces?
Quick gil scemes
# Sep 17 2004 at 8:35 PM Rating: Default
Hello Everyone I got a quick question and possible favor for all of you guys out there. What is the most fastest and less time consuming way to make some SERIOUS gil in camping and fishing.So far I understand Compsite Fishing Pole is the 2nd best Fishing Pole in this game so far but do you think I also get Rogue's Rig Lure as well in catching those big fish and items as well. Does your fishing lvl play a big part of it even though you have the best fishing pole and rig in the game?

Drop me a line my handle name is Ravenmoon. My character name is

Akani: LvL 32RDM / 15 THF

Email address: lunarknt@yahoo.com

Edited, Fri Sep 17 21:41:20 2004
RE: Quick gil scemes
# Nov 10 2004 at 7:08 PM Rating: Default
first of all....its not all that easy to get "SERIOUS" gil fishing. u need to buy the pole, bait or rig. and sit and wait. and fishing lvl does count. if ur lvl 2 fishing u arnt gana catch too maney fish to get alot of gil. i sugest fishing to lvl....20ish? then do the lu shang quest. i did it then sold the rod :D. i knew i didnt like fishing i just wanted the rod!

well rate up if that helped alittle.
# Jun 10 2004 at 5:54 PM Rating: Default
129 posts
typically how much does this cost??? and if im a mithra, should i use mithran??? wut bait should i use to catch moat carp???
RE: cost
# Jun 20 2004 at 10:42 PM Rating: Excellent
22 posts
Typically, around 8k. But it's worth paying for because 2 stacks of moat carp will net you 8k and can eaisily be caught in 20 minutes to an hour of fishing, depending on bait, skill, luck, time and weather and whatnot...
for moat carp use insect balls
RE: cost
# Jun 20 2004 at 10:44 PM Rating: Good
22 posts
oops, composites, duh... I put the price for carbon... that's what you want to use to catch moat carp, you'll have much better odds. Composite rods are usually for bigger fish, although you can catch small fish with them at reduced rates. Composites go for anywhere from 10k to 15k usually...
The best rod for Ryuga
# May 27 2004 at 1:26 PM Rating: Decent
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This is the best rod for pulling in Ryuga. I've caught him about 5 times. Lu'shang is good for other fish but I seem to have more successes pulling in ryuga as my composite seems to not break as often when going for him.
# May 13 2004 at 12:34 PM Rating: Decent
What is the best fishing rod for catching Moat Carp and is there any bait that is better than the rest
# Mar 09 2004 at 7:59 PM Rating: Decent
487 posts
2nd best rod in game behind lu shangs, shouldnt break outside the boat really and catches moat carp wonderfully
Moat Carp
# Feb 28 2004 at 5:31 PM Rating: Default
Yes it can catch moat carp, however most of the time "the fish was too small to catch." But on the bright side it's very unlikely that you'll break the rod on them. Plus it's great at getting items.
# Feb 26 2004 at 12:41 PM Rating: Default
# Feb 24 2004 at 11:48 AM Rating: Default
from what ive' heard and experienced, composite can catch moats but only 75% of the time.

carps are small fish. and when u fish for carps with composite, you get a messege saying you lost your catch, whatever you;re trying to catch is too small for this rod. thats the 25% you wont get it. supposedly single hook is best but people go with mithran more.
# Feb 23 2004 at 7:22 PM Rating: Default
Can a composite rod catch moat carp as well as big fish?
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