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Red Jar
A red Windurstian jar.
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# Jul 29 2008 at 11:01 AM Rating: Good
55 posts
The storage space for this item (as of the Jun. 10, 2008 Update)
has changed from STG: 2 to STG: 7.

Please update whenever possible.
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But then I decided to do it.
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I want one.
# Aug 04 2007 at 6:31 AM Rating: Decent
Someone, next time you dig up one of these please please hit /clock and tell me what day moon phase and weather effect was out. I've been through 4 stacks of greens trying to dig one up now ;.;
I want one.
# Aug 16 2007 at 12:44 PM Rating: Good
2,793 posts
Must need to be a higher dig level or its just plain super rare, because I've been through 200 stacks of greens tried every moon phase and element day now and no jar. Fire weather doesn't come often enough for me to really look into, but I have dug during it.

My mog needs more fire element. I'd love to replace the white jar in my house with this.

I want one.
# Aug 28 2007 at 7:03 PM Rating: Good
2,793 posts
Update: Just now got one. Also got next lv in choco digging just prior, but heres the time data.

Sauromugue Champaign
Lightnings day, 21:83
New moon 7%

# May 09 2006 at 6:01 PM Rating: Decent
97 posts
This item is listed as a furnishing, but it does not show up on this page: http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/dyn/ahitems/5.html

I'd like to see that fixed.
getting the item
# Feb 14 2006 at 1:54 AM Rating: Good
i got this item and i'm lvl 1 chocobo diggin in rolanberry fields so it doesn't matter what lvl i guess
jar digging
# May 18 2005 at 3:35 AM Rating: Default
23 posts
I just got my jar tonite digging in Batallia.....im lvl 2 digging
here is a site a players said he got from jp site about digging

not sure if this is true or not he says the same
Good Luck^^
# Apr 08 2005 at 4:07 PM Rating: Decent
163 posts
I am Level 2 in Choco digging and dug one of these up in Batallia.
choco digging skill
# Mar 19 2005 at 8:31 PM Rating: Decent
first time ive ever heard about a chocobo digging skill. How do you know when u reach different levels? If it doesnt show it anywhere then how do you know what level you are?
RE: choco digging skill
# Mar 22 2005 at 4:30 AM Rating: Default
842 posts
# Jan 22 2005 at 3:36 AM Rating: Good
252 posts
I dug up two of these recently in Rolandberry Fields, at Chocobo digging lvl 3. I found them in two consecutive outtings (forgot to check weather, but i suspect it was the same w/e it was)
in the South Eastern part of the map.
Char.- Nill / server-pandemonium
Goldsmithing:62+1,Alchemy:98+3,Bonecraft:60,Synergy:50,Digging:over 9000!

Red Jar
# Dec 08 2004 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
I was running around digging in Rolanberry Fields when I found this little baby. Put it in my Mog House and I got the Mogenhancement: Experience.
Chocobo level - Digging up Jar?
# Aug 11 2004 at 11:41 AM Rating: Good
100 posts
Your bed canceled out your cupboard
For starters thanks Borbes, that worked for me I added a Bookshelf +4 Fire and it worked, thanks again. Now for finding this it has been an ongoing task for me I run everywhere on a Chocobo constantly from town to town and always have at least 5-10 Stacks on me and nothing. I get Lizard Molt allot of Lumber near Bastok areas not even in the three areas where the Red Jar can be found and nothing.
Yes; you must dig them up with a Chocobo. I got one in Sauromugue Champaign by digging.

I dug one of these up in Battalia Downs

Ok especially you guys that have found it, did you see your level for your Chocobo go up like in Yellow like crafting does and how long did it take you to find it. I finally gave up and just splurged and bought the Bookshelf to go with my Cupboard due I have already spent almost have of what the Bookshelf cost me on Greens, bookshelf is 90K and I have blown almost have that and counting, thank everyone.
RE: Chocobo level - Digging up Jar?
# Aug 17 2004 at 12:45 AM Rating: Good
It should be noted that as looking on the craft list there is no chocobo digging. the "craft" of chocobo digging can not been seen. Its a skill based on timers and faith. As you get a lv. up your dig time and zone time will go down. high lv.'s can dig more rare items. some times only high lv.'s alone can dig.
RE: Chocobo level - Digging up Jar?
# Mar 10 2005 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
there's no faith involved. in fact my friend showed me a trick whcih let's you actaully view your current chocobo skill in game. go to your menu and look up your skill levels. then zone, as you're coming out of hte zone mash the menu key, until the menu comes up and then mash your enter key until the skill levels come up. depending on your netowrk latency and the speed of your computer you'll see it for a split second. the crafting skills list will be much longer than normal though most of it is blank, the last thing listed after hte normal crafting skills is either chocobo or chocobo digging. I coudln't get the trick to work on my computer, but I have PERSONALLY witnessed it on my friends' machine. I don't know if you can do this on the PS2. Anyway, i'm not really a chocobo digger, but it's still annoying when people talk aobut it like it's hocus-pocus.
RE: Chocobo level - Digging up Jar?
# Mar 19 2005 at 6:03 AM Rating: Decent
842 posts
whoops, DP

Edited, Sat Mar 19 06:03:17 2005
RE: Chocobo level - Digging up Jar?
# Mar 19 2005 at 5:51 AM Rating: Decent
842 posts
why doesnt someone fraps this?
RE: Chocobo level - Digging up Jar?
# Aug 26 2005 at 3:18 PM Rating: Good
2,430 posts
That would be because while this trick DOES indeed work (proving that there 'is' a chocobo skill), the trick displays ALL crafting skills as 0, until the server updates it, which it then hides all of the 'hidden' skills.

In other words, it will always display your skill as 0, and then it will be gone...
RE: Chocobo level - Digging up Jar?
# Aug 26 2005 at 3:18 PM Rating: Good
2,430 posts
DP: Love it when the server tells you that it didn't send it properly, only to find out that it has...

Edited, Fri Aug 26 16:30:29 2005
Just how much dose this item help?
# Aug 10 2004 at 7:51 PM Rating: Decent
i have about 5 of these in my moogle house right now from digging. I was hoping someone who has used them for crafting can tell me a % or something as to how much they help in results.

Edited, Tue Aug 10 20:54:47 2004
RE: Just how much dose this item help?
# Aug 11 2004 at 11:31 AM Rating: Good
100 posts
I do know they don't help with the outcome they help only help with not loosing the items when crafting fails with a fire crystal. I also was curious on how long it take to get the Red Jars I have a Bookshelf and Cup Board in my Moghouse and I have Moghancemet: Fire now but I would like to add Jars. I have spent about 40K or so on greens and searched in all the Red Jar areas, what is the secret and do you see your level go up like in crafting?
RE: Just how much dose this item help?
# Aug 17 2004 at 12:40 AM Rating: Good
sorry for the delay on this post >.<
yes i get about 1 red jar for every 3-5 stacks of greens in Rolanberry Fields (also note i am on chocobo A.wait 45 D.wait 6 "lv. 3") skill up is very random in the chocobo dig craft. 80 stacks for lv. 1 for me and over 300 stacks for lv. 2.
(a friend of mine is at lv. 5 after only 500 stacks in all.) i would say for anyone trying for this item to get chocobo digging to lv. 2 then give it a try. also there are lv. caps on items just like any other craft. a noted lv. cap i have seen is the lv. 3 cap for puff balls in Yuhtunga Jungle also there is a lv. 6 cap on Oricalchum Ore in Rolanberry Fields (a lv. 10 ***. player told me about this cap and i no long try to dig in rolanberry b/c of it) i hope all this info will help you in digging! good luck!
# Aug 05 2004 at 12:30 PM Rating: Good
100 posts
I hear that Sauromugue Champaign is the easiest area to find this item, I do know a LS friend had one and I was going to buy it from him and he could not trade nor sell it to me, so it is like the quest items that may not be given away in anyway that is why it is not in the AH. Does anyone else have anyother info on finding this item and if its alone in your house can you still get a Moghancement: Fire. I ask do to this problem I ran into, I took everything out of my Mog House except my Bed and placed in the Cupboard and there was no Moghancement: Fire, is there a reason why? I put my Water Jugs back and got Moghancement: Fishing, is there a reason I did not get it or do I need to have the Cupboard and Red Jar: For example I put my two Water Jugs in and got "Fishing" if I put two pieces of furniture in for FIRE will I get "Fire", can someone help with this one?

Edited, Thu Aug 5 13:45:46 2004
RE: Looking
# Aug 08 2004 at 9:37 AM Rating: Decent
Your bed canceled out your cupboard. Read the Mogenhancement guide under Game Guides on this site. If your 2 strongest elements are the same power, then they will cancel each other out. So if your bed was say 2 water... and the cupboard was 2 fire (i dont know the actual power of each off hand i'm just throwing out numbers) then you would get nothing. however if you added this jar which is 5 fire... you would have a total of 7 fire and mogenhancement fire.
Dig Level?
# Jun 18 2004 at 2:43 AM Rating: Decent
315 posts
What level digging should you be on going after this item?
yeah right
# May 27 2004 at 1:54 AM Rating: Decent
i went through 4 stacks of greens got nothing so I wouldn't plan on this being so easy to get...
Auction House?
# May 17 2004 at 1:04 AM Rating: Decent
120 posts
I can't find Red Jars on the Auction House. Are they ex?
RE: Auction House?
# May 17 2004 at 11:51 AM Rating: Decent
Yes; you must dig them up with a chocobo. I got one in Sauromugue Champaign by digging.
aux. info
# Mar 01 2004 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
76 posts
Element: Fire
Storage: 2

I dug one of these up in Battalia Downs
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