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hella funny Sh!t
# Dec 22 2006 at 6:59 PM Rating: Decent
lmao this NM is a beezie! me a friend (Darkone) and 2 lv 75bst (Barin & Alpo) were huntin for the coffer key (Black Mage AF) when all of a sudden we get to this house place.. me and Darkone decide to play and open one door.. and nothin so im like hmm wtf so then i open the other... BanishII and StonegaIII (me) HOLY ****!! Run Away!! bam i die them lmfao it was the best death ever!! then i get raised and they continue to kill but then they stoneskin and blink im wonderin if they were gonna try the NM, they did so they fight and fight until it cast Aeroga III the 2 Bst health drop to critical and Darkone is screamin at me CURE THEM HELP! and im starin at her while she sits there... wtf lol got me twisted cure them and die so then it cast Firaga III the all die so Darkone slept a Dreadnought and it was sleep it awoke then slept again. So we get to Zone and im healin becuz of Weakness while she goes on a Suicide mission to Tractor and Raise them by herself but fails when she gets the the top lmao. so then im like i guess i got some Tractorin to do.. then one of the Bst says /RDM cant raise and Darkone goes and tells me "Oh next time u sub RDM i'll blist you" lol like i givve **** lol so i told her straight up "Lol go ahead i dont care" she reply "..." "Ok" she HP's Boots me and puts me on Blist lol what a lil ***** xD so after all what happen she blist me becuz i sub rdm lmao im not gonna go and kiss *** and say "O ok i wont sub rdm anymore im sorry it wont happen again" tha hell with that lol well good luck to all that try and get this. if u fight as Bst dont go into the fight lol you'll just get nuked with strong -Ga and die lol just send ur pets to do the job xD well this Happen on Fairy server (Mcmidgetman is the name) look me up iight peace out all
push over
# Nov 20 2005 at 11:05 AM Rating: Good
80 posts
the mobs inside the house. i was in a skill up party lv 60-70 (highest person was 70 drk/nin) and we owned him 3 times, he is not a long respaw time because you need him for a mission, he can drop more than one curse wand at a time too, i forget the mobs name but you have to go through the cavern and come out on the other side of davoi, go up the the elevator. Since we were a skill up party we had already cleared all the surrounding mobs. the orcs a blm and mostly cast poisonga, stonega, and all those lovely ones, me 61drk, and the blm 68, stunned him and it stuck pretty easily, i won't lie most of our party was closer to 70 so probably 65+ is suggeseted. all in all got 6wands and 10skill lvls to my axes, it was fruit full and hey a free wand for my up and coming whm/smn
# Sep 14 2004 at 12:17 PM Rating: Decent
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This Rare/EX wand is required to complete Windurst Mission 8-1.
# Jul 15 2004 at 12:59 AM Rating: Default
I really don't see why you'd want this. A Rose Wand is +5 INT and MND. This gives you an extra +5 CHR which isn't good for mages at the cost of -3 to every other stat.
RE: Wha?
# Apr 27 2005 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
634 posts
Windy Mission 8-1 I believe, where this NM/drop is a part of.

Who the **** rates down to Awful for a valid comment and a bit of sarcasm... go to hell whatever 'I'm so uber cause I can rate u d0wn' moron did it.

Edited, Thu Oct 6 12:43:32 2005
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 26 2005 at 4:13 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) yea and i also heard CHR helps the range of spell casting
Where to find him
# Apr 09 2004 at 1:35 PM Rating: Excellent
121 posts
To reach him you go to H-11 in Davoi to enter the Monastic Cavern, then go to the exit at I-8. You'll reach the center stronghold of Davoi and continue north until you see an elevator. Go up and there'll be a house, you'll find Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk in it with a couple of orc bodyguards such as Dragoon, Farkiller and Warchief. BE VERY CAREFUL UNLESS YOU'RE LEVEL 70+. This place is crawling with orcs, sometimes 6-8 bunched up.
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 28 2004 at 2:27 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) maybe it's summoner instead of samurai?
RE: samurai?
# Mar 10 2004 at 4:10 PM Rating: Default
Must be... haven't checked, of course, but SAM just doesn't make any sense.
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