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Ore infused with light energy.

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light ore mad
# Jun 07 2007 at 4:32 PM Rating: Decent
The new update uses light ore in changing earings in DM so in 1 day light ores have gone from 200k each to 1 mil, lol get gardening people :)
Light Ore Receipe
# Jan 02 2007 at 1:29 AM Rating: Decent
I received a light ore from a recipe using earthern flowerpot, tree saplings and no crystals at all.

how too
# Oct 26 2006 at 12:37 AM Rating: Decent
from what I've read light ore is the only ore you DO NOT add a crystal with its the none none recipe, i've yet to try this but wonder if you guys all trying light crystals just get a lot of failures?
light ore!!
# Sep 07 2006 at 12:11 PM Rating: Decent
Hi, im new to the forum. and like what I see. I have been visiting ffxi.allakhazam.com for about 1.2years now , and have found the infromation provided very useful. I as well, have learn many things about FFXI, in my 2 years of playing this wonderful game. The growing of ores are new to me, and would like to try to start growing. So I would just like to thank all thoughs that have "Been there; And done that!!".^^ Keep that info coming, i find that it helps with the fight against GS! All GS should be banned ^^. However, if you are a GS and you are reading this.....

I think you should GO TO.... Well you know where to go! Thanks for the info guys ^^. PEACE -Gohanssj (Asura)
# Aug 16 2006 at 6:59 PM Rating: Decent
36 posts
I just had my first attempt at light ore and ended up with 37 shell bugs. I planted on light day, fertilized both times on light day, and harvested on light day. Just making sure, was the recipe correct? I can use the bugs for alchemy so it's not a total loss.
Just starting out
# Mar 30 2006 at 1:34 PM Rating: Decent
I have done a little research on this and was wondering if it would even be worth doing with only one mule and one main char. i mean it takes so long to get the result wich is potentially like only a mill a month per 10 pots. thats like 2 mill a month, are there any better ways of making money gardening?
# Feb 17 2006 at 8:28 AM Rating: Default
Ive grown Earth, Water, x2 Ice, and Dark ores.

So far the best pot to use by far is Earthen Pot. It yielded 2 Ice Ore which went for 1.25mil each on Carbie.

Suprisingly the most expensive elemental ore on Carbie server is Lightning Ore and Wind ore which were 1.4mil. Light Ore is 780k and Dark 690k. Go figure..
# Oct 13 2005 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
i was trying to grow saplings to grow these ores. so i planted some cuttings and never feed them. the first one i harvested was a chunk of light ore. the other 3 were reishi mushrooms. i thought saplings grew the ore....who knows...but im 400k richer now!
Once more...
# Jun 25 2005 at 1:12 PM Rating: Default
199 posts
Once more, you CANNOT dig up elemental ore ANYWHERE. This rumor started because people dug up colored rocks, as seen in this thread.

when it was the last half hour or so depending how much inv space i had i'd keep iron ores. back when i was doing this darksteel was 7k, gold was 8k, and elem ore was 2k.

Yeah, he's talking about colored rocks. Just trying to keep people with delusions of getting a 300k ore from wasting their time. Go garden =P
RE: Once more...
# Mar 11 2006 at 7:44 AM Rating: Decent
24 posts
Once More.... we have someone that has no clue what they are talking about.

You are a silly silly person. Do you even know there are several levels to chocobo digging? Do you know that there are different chocobo dig times? Do you know the refresh times of each and every sones and how many items are available to dig up each time in accordance with moon phases as well as elemental days. If you answer no to any of these questions than please don't presume to tell us chocobo diggers that you can't get something while digging. You havn't done the time to see it for yourself. YES you can get elemental ores from chocobo digging. YES you can get rich just by chocobo digging. NO it is not going to happen overnight. I have been digging for longer than i would like to admit and have finally reached the highest proven level in the trade. So next time you want to comment on what you can or can't get with chocobo digging. Talk to someone who knows what their doing cause even if you are level 75 you still don't know it all.
RE: Once more...
# Mar 11 2006 at 7:43 AM Rating: Default
24 posts
oops double post. I gues you are now twice as silly

Edited, Sat Mar 11 07:45:44 2006
RE: Once more...
# Feb 02 2006 at 4:44 AM Rating: Decent
Wrong. Ores can be dug up. A guy on my server did it, and here's the thread as proof
mined + digging
# Jun 23 2005 at 5:40 PM Rating: Decent
1,084 posts
ores can be mined+dug with a chocobo. For chocobo you must be rank 7+ i think and for mining idk the requirements prolly all the field or worker gear.

All i know is that to aquire it this way it must be during double element weather
# May 14 2005 at 2:41 PM Rating: Excellent
539 posts
Does anyone have a screen of someone mining this up?
# Oct 03 2006 at 4:02 PM Rating: Decent
why does no one have a screen of a chocobo digging up elemental ores?
Mining it...
# Apr 05 2005 at 2:47 AM Rating: Decent
199 posts
In case there's still any doubt, I'm an avid miner of Ifrit's Cauldron. I've probably burned about, oh, 150 stacks of pickaxes there, as a rough estimate. In those, I've dug up about 30-40 adaman ores, around a dozen orichalcum ores, and no elemental ores. This rumor may have been started by the fact that you can dig up colored rocks there, but elemental ores? Naw.
# Mar 02 2005 at 1:47 PM Rating: Decent
139 posts
how do you obtain a tree sapling?
RE: sapling?
# Aug 30 2005 at 6:10 PM Rating: Decent
You can buy them at AH, especially Jeuno. You can kill Goobues in Pashow, Rolanberry and other places which drop tree cuttings. Grow the cuttings and harvest 1 or 2 saplings. Arcane pots take longer but always give 2. Pland cuttings on Iceday and deny them crystals. Check them twice each earth time day and harvest them on Iceday. You can also buy cuttings at AH to get them.
Arcane Pot
# Feb 15 2005 at 4:18 PM Rating: Decent
I got an arcane pot, I'm thinking it'll yield faster and better results, And can someone tell me how long I have to wait before harvesting.
RE: Arcane Pot
# Feb 17 2005 at 4:45 PM Rating: Decent
one motnth earth time maybe longer, arcane takes longer but gives better stuff
# Jan 15 2005 at 5:31 PM Rating: Decent
apparently light ore are harder to grow (as noted in the post below) than the others, whereas I've been getting at least ONE ore per 10 pots with different elements, with my 10 pots of saplings planted on lightsday, fed and harvested on lightsday I got NO light ore and an excessive amount of Shell Bugs (crap)

Edited, Sat Jan 15 18:09:43 2005
# Mar 08 2007 at 11:39 AM Rating: Decent
The reason why?... : You fed them
how r u tring to grow orbs
# Jul 06 2006 at 5:13 PM Rating: Decent
i am buying pots but this is my first pot that i am buying but i dont no which materials or seeds or what types of items to try to grow theses orbs i have no clue on what i am doing so if u can plz feel me in on what u r doing that would be awsom thanks
RE: bombed
# Feb 17 2005 at 4:43 PM Rating: Decent
its the opposite with light and dark ore and porceleain (i cant spell) work the best for ores, so if tryig to get light do all on dark
Day to plant
# Dec 13 2004 at 11:39 AM Rating: Excellent
1,780 posts
Ok, there seems to be some major misinformation going on about elemental ore. I noticed that (on my server, at least) for some reason, Dark Staves were much, much cheaper than all the others. This didn't make much sense, since Dark Staves are probably the second or third most useful of the elemental staves.

After talking to a few people about this, and looking on the forums, it seems that most people think that tree saplings, regardless of the element being attempted need to be planted on Darksday. This is not true. When growing elemental ore, the best results will be obtained by doing everything on the elemental day. That means, if you're trying to make Light Ore for example:
-Plant the seed on Lightsday
-Feed it a Light Crystal on Lightsday
-Feed it another Light Crystal on Lightsday
-Harvest the plant on Lightsday

I'm sure this is why the AH is always so flooded with Dark Ore compared to all the others. It's because Dark Ore is the only elemental ore that people are growing correctly! Now, it may be possible to grow the others while still doing one of the steps incorrectly -- in this case messing up on the planting day -- but I can bet you that your results will be better if you stick to the elemental day.

I'll probably get flamed and rated down by people who either don't want the secret to get out or got lucky doing it the wrong way and think *I'm* the one spreading misinformation, but oh well.
RE: Day to plant
# Jan 09 2005 at 11:44 PM Rating: Decent
648 posts
This information is hardly a secret, it's been posted everywhere...however, not everyone has learned the importance of reading these things.

Planting Tree Saplings for elemental ore have a very specific (and very easy) formula to follow. Now granted you will receive either Ore, or a ton of crystals the opposite of what you put in, but to get the ore or a better chance of getting the ore it goes as follows:

Where Element of Ore desired = X
Tree sapling planted on Day X
X Crystal to fertilize Tree Sapling on Day X
X Crystal to fertilize Tree Sapling on Day X
Tree Sapling Cultivated on Day X

There's much speculation about this, and yes the price MAY go down somewhat, but the main reason no one will get mad? The best chances you have are making dark ore on darksday, I think the ratio of success is 4/10 - where as light ore it's like 1/10.

I personally am going to try for making some light ore with my saplings. Currently I'm trying with one sapling while I make saplings from my tree cuttings. (I grow tree cuttings, for every 2 saplings I get I plant 1 and sell the other)

It's an interesting hobby and I hope my first attempt with saplings is good.. now that I have some information on it.

/wave <t>

Edited, Sun Jan 9 23:45:03 2005
How to obtain this.
# Jun 11 2004 at 3:03 AM Rating: Good
561 posts
Ok The Elemental ores are all obtainable through 3 ways. FIRST: is BCNM 60. Simply put, win the battle and you may get one.

The next 2 are much better methods for the poor player, however.


You have to get your chocobo digging skil;l up to a considferable level to do this (yes chocobo digging is like a guild with 10 skill lvls)
visit www.cannotlinkto/ffxi and click the chocobo digging section. It lists what can be dug there.

the recipie is as follows.

You will need a PORCELIN POT + TREE SAPLING (note this is NOT cutting but sapling). Simply plant the seed in the porcelin pot in the mog house (preferably on dark day since that is the seeds element) and then add 2 crystals of the desired elementak ore color (IE: fire crystals for fire ore and wind crystals for wind ore) on the day of the crystal element. Then harvest on the elemental day of the ore you are going for and you will hopefully have your elemental ore. Btw these ALL sell for over 200K (so much for Leaping Lizzy hunting).

The downside of this method is as folows. You are not guarenteed an ore EVERY time. There IS a chance of getting lesser results (as with al;l gardening). And the biggie is that it takes approximately a REAL LIFE MONTH to grow these so don't do only one. Have a few going at once so that if one pot fails maybe another will succeed.

I have PERSONALLY grown a water/fire/ice/wind/earth ore and have yet to attempt the light/dark/lightning

so this DOES work. I now have 8 million gil from this with 6 mules over the past 3 months so i don't need the secret anymore. Plainly put it WORKS...albeit a little slow and not 100%. DO IT it is your road to riches :).
RE: How to obtain this.
# Jul 13 2004 at 2:34 AM Rating: Decent
I was told brass pots yield better results, whereas porcelain yield results faster... can anyone confirm this?
# Mar 16 2004 at 12:00 AM Rating: Decent
Elemental ore do not exist in Ifrit's cauldron .. not sure about coffers but im sure cant be mined there .. these are found in BCNM and rumers say also found by gardening and chocobo digging .
# Mar 10 2004 at 1:31 AM Rating: Decent
298 posts
Someone in my linkshell said someone he knew (eh, how's the for a "wild rumor" type intro?) mined this at Ifrit's Cauldren. It sold on the Jeuno AH for over a million gil. The story was enough to inspire a couple people try their luck with sneak/invisible in finding some mining points there. Well, as you could guess, the outcome was the average level of whms in our ls being down by about 2. ^^;
RE: Mined?
# Mar 10 2004 at 2:10 PM Rating: Excellent
As I mentioned in the Dark Ore post, I don't think that this can be mined in Ifrit's Cauldron. I mined Ifrit's Cauldron for 2 weeks straight and haven't seen this ore, so if it does exist, it is insanely rare. As far as I know, there are no goldsmithing-type ores in Ifrit's Cauldron. That said, there is definitely Adaman Ore in Ifrit's Cauldron, which generally sells for 100k+ gil a piece.
RE: Mined?
# Feb 16 2005 at 11:03 AM Rating: Good
154 posts
Orcalanium can be found there along with lots of rocks... plenty to keep a goldsmith busy.
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