icon Mythril Leaf  

Stacks to: 12
Obtained through Gardening
Auction House: Materials - Alchemy

Mythril Leaf
[Inventory] All Races
The traces of mythril running through this leaf's veins gives it a spectacular luster.

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better than cinnamon
# Jul 20 2005 at 11:00 AM Rating: Decent
810 posts
I got a bunch of these trying to grow water ore. Got some ore too, so I'm happy. My ore yield would have been better, but I missed the optimal harvest time due to the update.

Anyways.. I like getting these much better than the cinnamon I get from failed fire ore attempts. If AH price doesn't look good, NPC is the way to go.. will help offset some of the cost of the failed saplings.
# Feb 18 2005 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
does anyone know if this works at the chocobo vendor in all cities, have good fame in sandy i'll check there when my plants are ready to harvest. Also has anyone failed or konw what the other harves result is.
Almost had to cry
# Jul 15 2004 at 10:06 AM Rating: Decent
2,214 posts
I just got 13 of these while growing a tree sapling
Planted Waterday, Fed 2x water crystals on waterday, harvested lightday (was impatient) 33% waning

Went to Bastok Market thinking this might be an ok place to try and sell it(jueno tax can be murder). Anyways, I find that the first ones to ever sell happened yesterday... FOR 7K!!!
Please ppl, before you put stuff in the AH try and sell it to a vendor. I have 20 fame in bastok... and they sell for around 850 EACH to the chocobo dealer... So, if I catch another person selling these things for 7k you better believe I am going to buy them just to make the 2k extra from selling to the first merchant I find.

Remember, just because they don't sell at the AH doesn't mean they don't sell
# Jun 10 2004 at 11:57 PM Rating: Decent
612 posts
I just got 12 of these. NPC sells them for around 900 like you said, however i put them in the AH for 50k, see if they sell.
RE: :)
# Jun 12 2004 at 5:16 PM Rating: Decent
Well you're welcomed to try. . .

I tried selling a stack for a week realtime in Jeuno and no dice at the low low asking price of 10k for a stack of 12. (Which is what the only other stack ever sold, went for.)

I'm still looking for a goldsmith on Bahamut with a high enough goldsmithing to try some synthesis.


RE: :)
# Jun 13 2004 at 12:22 AM Rating: Good
108 posts
fyi this is an alchemy synthesis (note that the leaves can all be found in the AH under materials->alchemy).


Alchemy (96)
Yield 1
Fire Crystal
Mythril Leaf x1
Flask of Panacea x1

The recipe is the same for all leaves.

Good luck!
RE: :)
# Jun 19 2004 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
Yield one what?

The only recpie I find that matches that, is for Platinum Nuggets.
RE: :)
# Jan 20 2005 at 12:47 AM Rating: Default
depends on if you HQ, i think normal is like 3 nuggets i can't really remember, outcome are same for all tho
Need Bahamut Crafter!
# Jun 10 2004 at 4:27 PM Rating: Decent
With medium fame, these sell for arounmd 900 to an NPC, which is where I had to ditch the 2 stacks I ended up with.

Tree Sapling + Brass Pot + Iceday Planting, + 2x Water crystals on Watersday, harvested on full moon. Output: 16 leaves per Sapling planted.

Additional Variables: Workbench. Flower Stand. Bastok residence.


I'm looking for someone on Bahamut who has a Goldsmithing of 40+ to see if they turn into Mythril Ingots. Or maybe nuggets of some kind.
RE: Need Bahamut Crafter!
# Jan 20 2005 at 8:31 PM Rating: Decent
141 posts
i think leaves can be turned into nuggets of their respective metal using alchemy. nuggets can be used in goldsmithing to make ingots, but usually it's easier to find the ore, so i dont go looking to stock up on any of those when im at the ah.
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