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Rings? you all sound like golem
# May 06 2008 at 1:06 AM Rating: Decent
O,o this ring would be nice, but is it really worth the time spent questing it? if theres a few of you then you could probably go around killing all the avatars and fenrir in about 1 real day, which is pretty damn fast and a decent red mage and a bard can take fenrir just about, very slow fight, WYI if anyone on cerberus server wants to help me get all my whispers for fenrir my name is Conagh, send me a tell ill drop everything ^^
Rings? you all sound like golem
# Nov 27 2008 at 6:36 PM Rating: Decent
ring is VERY much worth the trouble for it
# Apr 14 2007 at 11:13 AM Rating: Excellent
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Added icon.
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Quest Items
# Sep 03 2006 at 2:11 PM Rating: Decent
Are the quest items 6 out of a list of 7 or you have to trade all seven of them?

'coz the description isn't clear. Sometimes is says you need just the 6 items from elemental avatars, sometimes it says you also need Fenrir's Ancients' Key.

Do you need 6 out of 7 possible or you need all 7 of them?
Quest Items
# Sep 15 2006 at 2:30 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
You need BOTH the 6 items from the avatars, AND the item from Fenrir, making a total of 7 items. You need them all.
anyone know..?
# Mar 31 2006 at 7:54 PM Rating: Decent
k im 73SMN.
i recently got this ring hoping i can get +2MP back, per tic, with Carbuncle out.
i have Vermillion cloak and Apollos staff and Carbuncles mitts on.

but when i put this ring on, i still only get 1MP back, per tick.

ive tried switching out armors to the Austere robe, etc, but i dont even get any MP back with Carbuncle out this way (Even though Austere robe is supposedly -1 to cost)

Something isnt right here...
RE: anyone know..?
# Apr 05 2006 at 10:35 AM Rating: Excellent
17 posts
The deal with avatar perpetuation is that it caps at 0 mp/tic (ie the avatar is free). The only way you can get refresh with an avatar out (like carby) is by either having a refresh item on you (like your v. cloak) or by getting refresh casted on you. Thats why you only get the refresh from you v. cloak and not refresh from auto-refresh and refresh from you cloak.

I realized this when I was a 51 smn with austere robe, carby mitts and Apollo's staff. Carby costs 5 mp/tic while naked. So with carby mitts, austere robe and Apollo's staff, I still don't get refresh even though I have more - perp. gear then needed.

A good guide on avatar perp. is here


Edited, Wed Apr 5 10:33:55 2006
# Feb 21 2006 at 1:11 AM Rating: Default
pain in the butt, mostly because you gotta face Fenrir. Overall this is the bread and butter of SMNs, and is the only way you can summon Carby free of charge at lv 72.
I'm close!
# Oct 26 2005 at 12:12 PM Rating: Decent
I just recently dinged 65, I need to re-kill Shiva and Titan for their items, then I need to tackle fenrir (again) :(

Wish me luck!

Also~~ do you need any specific lvl of fame for this? My Norg fame is high enough for Leviathan, not sure what number though... is the required fame any higher than that of the Leviathan Prime battle?


# Oct 14 2005 at 4:38 AM Rating: Default
someone dropped my ring... any possible way to get it back?
RE: jacked...
# Oct 18 2005 at 5:51 PM Rating: Decent
1,447 posts
...what are you doing letting other people play your character?

guess you'll learn.
Second Ring?
# Jun 12 2005 at 2:34 AM Rating: Decent
Is it a repeatable quest ? I mean for getting a second Evoker's ring or isn't it possible to get an other one?
RE: Second Ring?
# Jun 12 2005 at 3:38 AM Rating: Decent
1,709 posts
its rare, so you can only have 1
Sever: Diabolos Bahamut Lakshmi
Angryempath wrote:
Well, if you like having your center of mass above your neck, play Taru. Don't blame me when the wind picks up and you flip over >_>

Rog wrote:
I hate you @#%^ing retards that don't understand that the game pre75 and the game post 75 are two completely @#%^ing different games.
RE: Second Ring?
# Jul 06 2005 at 4:08 PM Rating: Decent
1,505 posts
Well, it may be possible to redo, but only if you drop the ring first and maybe.. wait a day. I'm not sure, I just think that may be the case.
Is it just me?
# Oct 18 2004 at 7:00 PM Rating: Default
It seems like to me that if he were 71 he could wear anything he wanted... Let him wear his Windurstian ring (if that's his cup of tea). When you're 71, then you can laugh at his choice of gear. This isn't directed at anyone above, but it just seems like common decency isn't abound in this game. If you can get to 71, chances are none of your peers are going to question your decision making abilities or your ability to function in the game.
RE: Is it just me?
# May 14 2006 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
516 posts
If you can get to 71, chances are none of your peers are going to question your decision making abilities or your ability to function in the game.

if you get to 71, and you're wearing a level one ring, and your other level 71 peers aren't criticizing your gear, i don't think you're playing FFXI. I've seen MNKs get criticized because they dont have a Black Belt or Destroyers. But i gotta say, if the people i knew saw my PLD wearing a Bastok Ring I'd be disowned
RE: Is it just me?
# Dec 15 2004 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
Anyone can get to 71 and still be stupid. Most of the retards on my server that are 71+ are usualy of the mage or tank type jobs. "But Ruffa how the hell?" u ask. Its becuz people are desperate to make xp fast. Wen it comes to making a pt the priority goes Healing Mage,Tank > Support Mages > Melee. In Other words WHM, RDM (or BRD), PLD (or NIN) > BRD (or RDM), BLM, SMN, > RNG, MNK, DRK, THF, SAM, WAR, BST.

The jobs in the first 2 tiers basicly get by levels with out question as these jobs are what i call the "Premium" jobs. On my server we have alota hi levels who are like 71+ but Rank5 with no sky or moon access. Mainly Tanks and mages can get up hi on the coat tails of there jobs. Just becuz there hi level doesnt make them the best player and should never be questioned. Usualy if its a mage or tank it means they got by cuz of there job unles they are well known as being a great player.
RE: Is it just me?
# Jun 24 2005 at 9:33 PM Rating: Decent
53 posts
Please realize that being higher than rank 5 or having sky access does not impact a person's skill, more it is a sign of them being in a higher level linkshell. At higher levels it is required to have sky access to do other fun things such as god hunts. A player can still be very good without sky, just as many players with sky suck.

So my point is that anyone can get sky and still be stupid, and many people that don't have sky are very skilled. This is not a good way to determine if someone is a good player or not.

Frequently melee jobs will get sky access quicker simply because they have more time to do it. I can't count the times when my LS has decided spur of the moment to do a ZM but I was out partying. Yes mages do have it eaiser in the game, but that has little to do with skill. You find as a mage that if you are skilled you will be picked up by better parties than if you are unskilled. Sure, you can still get a party if you suck as a mage but it will often be at the cost of getting 1500 exp an hour.
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 11 2005 at 1:52 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Maybe some jobs, thats true, but not Bard. Sheerly levelling bard quickly requires first a lot of gil, and secondly a lot of patience. Lots of people don't even realize half the things we do. First of all, it requires a lot of inventory to hold "battle" gear and "casting" gear, plus the songs for your next 5 or so levels, plus instruments. And if you're a "party hardy" bard, you probably should have a little room left over to make yag drinks, miths, steamed crab, witch soup, that kinda thing. or arrows, or potions/ethers. depending on what floats your boat. Then there's the issue of setting up macros to accomodate all those instruments, telling the party what you're using, etc. And knowing what stacks to what, where to position people, what songs to use on who, how fast that can be done, when to recast a lullaby on an add so that it won't be wasted on an over-write, what charisma really does for you... Bard is NOT an easy "coat-tail" job. >:( it requires a lot of running around. Sure, some jobs you could go microwave a hot pocket and read a book just to come back hours later with the right macro sets just to cure, voke, and rest. Bard's not one of them. Okay, rant over.
RE: Is it just me?
# Apr 10 2005 at 5:25 PM Rating: Decent
well, any job in ffxi requires the person to pay attention....not just bard, i think your going a bit overboard...1: inventory. any job needs inventory for future use items, not just bard. 2: foods. a warrior can need inven space for 20 different types of food for the party if he chooses as well, my decision? bring what I need, if someone else needs food, they should have brought it.

no job what so ever, can just engage, and up an walk away from the screen, if you do that on any job, you should quit playing. yes, a bard has to play songs........a DD has to get hate when needed, use weaponskills, use DD abilities and so forth, a Tank has to cast spells, keep hate, keep himself unhit. mages = spells, keep the party alive as well as themselves. bard = play songs, cure when needed...

everyone has a job to do, no job is more important or requires any more then another job....
RE: Is it just me?
# Apr 22 2005 at 4:56 PM Rating: Decent
I agree. It's conceited to say that BRD is more important than any other job. In my opinion, I'd rather have Red Mage in my party than a Bard. Sure, songs are nice, but to have Refresh and the higher level cure spells (Cure IV). Besides, I'd think either the Healer (WHM or low-level SMN) or the tank(PLD,WAR,NIN) would have a more important job than a Bard.
One other thing: Every job is like that. Being a BLM I have to keep space for all the staves (Dark,Ice,Earth,Wind,Water,Fire,Thunder,Light) and the spells for my next few levels. That and I have to keep Food (Yag. Drink,Melon Pie) and other armor (Black Cotehardie,Seer's Tunic,W's Coat)

So, to sum up my point, If you don't like being the Bard, don't level Bard.
I want this...
# Oct 13 2004 at 10:16 PM Rating: Decent
ok so this ring is a GOOD ring but there are 2 different MP+50 rings also...The Serket Ring(http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?fitem=2859) and the Vivain Ring (http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?fitem=4260) and if you think about it, is this ring better or worse than one of those rings? I think that if you were a truse SMN you would have all 3. You have the MP+50 rings on first then when 50+ MP goes away awitch a ring with this one. but that is just my opinion.
RE: I want this...
# Nov 30 2004 at 3:46 AM Rating: Decent
55 posts
Frog is correct. I'm a level 50 summoner, and the avatar cost is your number one concern as a summoner. Hence the Penance Robe selling for over 5 million (Ragnarok) The cheaper your avatars are, the more damage you can do, and the more healing you can do without needing to rest. Also great for farming, since a free carbuncle can do good damage to anything under EP. All told it's possible to get -8 to cost (unless I missed something) and that will make your Fenrir/Leviathan free if you have refresh on. Very nice item here.
RE: I want this...
# Nov 10 2004 at 7:35 PM Rating: Excellent
98 posts
Ok, just a guess but I don't think you'd wear this ring for the MP bonus. While the extra MP is nice, the Summoning magic bonus and Avatar perpetuation cost -1 heavily outweigh the 25 MP you're giving up by wearing this ring instead of the Serket Ring. Besides, you also get to keep the 50 HP that would have been converted to MP as well.
RE: I want this...
# May 10 2005 at 7:53 PM Rating: Decent
she is saying that you can get a "free" 100 mp by using those rings, useing up 100 mp, then switching to this to save avatar perpetuation, its done with many other items, like ceremonial daggers at lower level for example
Love this quest
# Sep 30 2004 at 12:25 AM Rating: Default
2,961 posts
This quest is soo cool now, cause you can do this quest WHILE you do the quest to get Fenrir, so you get two awesome rewards at once basically!
RE: Love this quest
# Oct 19 2004 at 8:51 AM Rating: Excellent
2,169 posts
Uh no you can't. Understand this. You need to give all six whispers (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, Ice) up to get the Moon Babble. Then you have to give up Fenrir's whisper (Yes, he has one) to get his pact.

So no, if you want this baby, you will be fighting all seven avatars TWICE.
RE: Love this quest
# Jan 31 2005 at 5:43 PM Rating: Excellent
160 posts
3 times if you wanna get the avatars(Fenrir twice thought) once for the avatar itself, once for fenrir, and once for the items
RE: Love this quest
# Feb 09 2006 at 8:46 PM Rating: Decent
Ehh 4 times now with new updates, since you can obtain Diabolos :) once for avatar once for fenrir once for diabolos and again for evokers.
RE: Love this quest
# Mar 07 2006 at 12:29 PM Rating: Decent
Actually.. you don't need to fight the avatars a 3rd (or 4th time, depending on if you soloed mini avatar battles at 20) in order to get Diabolos. You have to finish CoP 3-5 in order to fight him, no fame required. Once past 3-5, Diabolos can be fought at any time. Rough battle though, GL to those who go for him. ^^
RE: Love this quest
# May 15 2006 at 4:58 PM Rating: Decent
Yea lol found that out like a week or so after the post cause i seen a guy with Diabolos and was like wth? I know him and he only has 0 Fame in tenshodo and then he told me >.> i was like omg should have been finishing up my Pm 2-5 instead of trying to get 7 fame for the fights >< oh well fame is good ^^
RE: Love this quest
# May 15 2006 at 4:02 PM Rating: Decent
Bah first double >< forgot to click the pop up box before going afk resent info sorry alla ; ;

Edited, Mon May 15 16:51:46 2006
# Aug 10 2004 at 12:57 PM Rating: Default
yeah i was talkin to a Friend on XBox live and i laugh "haha a lvl 75 is wearin a Windurstin Ring"
And i sow the Ring and was like "nvm it's a better ring for SMN =p"
Ha ha
# Jul 22 2004 at 6:56 PM Rating: Excellent
That would be funny. He'd probbally go something like "Haha, what a noob, he's still wearing a Windy ring." Then you could put him straight, he'd probally sign off because your so uber.
Love that graphic!
# Jul 21 2004 at 3:55 PM Rating: Decent
I'd love to wear this, have a moron check me, and report to the party that I was wearing a Windurstian Ring, just for laughs.
RE: Love that graphic!
# Jul 18 2005 at 1:30 PM Rating: Decent
230 posts
If this "moron" is in your party at 71+ then that is sad. No one decides what an item is simply by the icon design, or for an extended matter the graphics on a toon:
think about the optical hat, looks just like the crappy low lvl hat, but people dont assume lvl 7s are going around wearing an O-hat.
RE: Love that graphic!
# Dec 16 2006 at 2:43 PM Rating: Decent
I treat them all the same anyways. O-hats are ugly.
# Jul 20 2004 at 6:48 PM Rating: Decent
681 posts
I want this ring.
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