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Obtained from Moogle by turning in a "super combo" of initial eggs during 2004 Easter Egg-stravaganza Event.

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Event Over
# Sep 15 2010 at 8:25 AM Rating: Decent
With the event over, is it still possible to turn in these Eggs if you have them, or we have to wait until the event starts back up again?
# Aug 28 2005 at 6:35 PM Rating: Decent
61 posts
I accidently tossed this at a gob :( killed it atleast... oh well..
Happy I am About this egg
# Jun 06 2005 at 11:01 PM Rating: Default
This egg is great for my mnk/war, war/mnk. My mnk at lvl 35 originally would have around 800hp but with this it boosts it up +6 more hp, plus u cant 4get that Vitality.

http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/profile.xml?101490 <=== war/mnk

http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/profile.xml?100304 <=== mnk/war

Edited, Tue Jun 7 00:04:23 2005
No stats...
# Apr 29 2005 at 6:51 AM Rating: Good
The +1% hp doesn't show up in your character profile. I should have 707 hp but but I only have 700.
# Mar 25 2005 at 5:16 PM Rating: Decent
I just did this quest in Sandoria and I am from Bastok. I got the Bastok Lamp Egg when trading the first five letters of a region controlled by your home country. I was in Sandy at that time, so I believe it is tied to country of origin in that manner. I tried later in Bastok to trade another 5 letter of a controlled region, but it said I couldn't get the lamp egg. This tells me that Bastokians get the lamp egg regardless of city in which they do the quest. I'm going to try shipping it to a mule and get a second one! :)
The Egg Event lowdown
# Mar 25 2005 at 3:02 PM Rating: Excellent
103 posts
Here we go:
I just finished this event and I'm layin' down my info;

First off, to get eggs you must talk to the moogle in your nation. He will give you one per day for free. You can get another one by trading him either a Color Egg or a Party Egg.

Note: If you are in a party you can choose your egg from a list. The list will be the first letter of your party members' name excluding yours. This is a good strategy for getting the letter eggs you want.

(Also Note: Party Egg will get you two more eggs from moogle, where as color egg will only get you one) Both these eggs can be bought in the auction house (Food>>Meat&Eggs), Crafted
(Cooking lvl66 - Fire Crystal Distilled Water x1, La Theine Cabbage x1, San d'Orian Carrot x1, Lizard Egg x1)
(Note: Party Egg is the HQ of Color Egg), or bought by some the people around you.

Now it's time to trade some eggs;

You can trade your egg(s) that you got with the people near you (trust me, there are A LOT of people near you XD) You can also bazaar them. People on Odin were selling 1-5k mostly with some others selling 10k or more. Its cheapest to wait a couple game days and stock up on eggs to trade instead of just buying them from people.

-First; You MUST trade the moogle 3 eggs with the first three letters of your name.
EX: My name is Leafix, so I traded L-E-A

You will either recieve chocobo coupons (2-4 in my experiance) or colored drops.

-The "Straight 7" (Fortune Egg)
Trading 7 eggs of the same letter to the moogle will net you the Fortune Egg.
Ex: L-L-L-L-L-L-L
Stats: Ammo slot: DMG: 1 Delay: 777 MP+1% VIT+1 rare/ex

-The "Initial 8" (Happy Egg)
For the Happy Egg you will need to get an egg with the first letter of your name and then the seven that follow in the alphabet.
Ex: L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S
(If your name starts with a letter like "Y" you would loop back to the start; Y-Z-A-B-C-D-E-F)
Stats: Ammo slot: DMG: 1 Delay: 777 HP+1% VIT+1 rare/ex

-The "Secret Combo" (Wing Egg, Lamp Egg, Flower Egg)
These are all mog house furnishings. To get them you must trade abbreviations of controled areas to the moogle. If you trade V-A-D-E-L to the moogle, you will get the egg furniture of the nation that is in the lead for that week. It's usually easier then to trade G-U-S-T-A for (bastok) Lamp egg, R-O-N-F-A for (sandy) Wing egg, and S-A-R-U-T for (windy) Flower egg. If you trade the letters of an area not under any control you will be turned into a beastman.
Ex of costume effect: If you trade Q-U-F-I-M to the moogle and that area is under beastmen control, you will be turned into a beastman.
This is my experiance with how the secret combo works.
These eggs are Rare/Ex
NOTE: The Egg furnishing, being rare/ex, is not tradeable or bazaarable. Nor can it be sole in the AH. However, for some reason, it can be sent to others through the delivery system at the auction houses. I have tried this by trading it to my mule as well as other people. So, it IS possible to sell these but be careful who you deal with as they could just keep it and not pay you if you send it to them.

There's my input. Thank you for reading this, and remember to have fun with this event. Don't be a greedy n00b and sell all your eggs for 10k+ to others <.< >.>

Thanks again ^^


Edited, Wed Mar 30 19:15:43 2005
RE: The Egg Event lowdown
# Apr 09 2006 at 12:48 AM Rating: Decent
I got the "Happy Egg" by trading 8 of a kind to moogle in San'd'oria the other night, so it can be done.

Siren Server
RE: The Egg Event lowdown
# Mar 25 2005 at 9:29 PM Rating: Decent
43 posts
The furniture eggs are obtained by trading the first FIVE lettered eggs of any region the nation owns. For example, if Bastok has control of Gustaberg trade G-U-S-T-A and get the lamp egg. You don't have to be from the nation to recieve the furniture so you can obtain all 3 on the same character, in the same city, from the same moogle.
RE: The Egg Event lowdown
# Mar 30 2005 at 6:48 PM Rating: Good
103 posts
Yeah. I went back and got all of the furniture eggs. Windy was in 1st so with VADEL I got Flower egg, traded GUSTA for lamp and RONFA for the Wing egg.

Edited, Wed Mar 30 19:14:04 2005
RE: The Egg Event lowdown
# Mar 30 2005 at 6:47 PM Rating: Good
103 posts
/sigh double post

Edited, Wed Mar 30 19:03:41 2005
egg myths
# Mar 25 2005 at 12:43 PM Rating: Default
I know there's a lot of confusion going on for this quest (as with any special event) so after obtaining both eggs last night I'd like to clarify some myths players are using to get your gil.

Claim: This (insert letter here) egg is very rare, so it's worth more money!

-Really, these eggs are not worth the thousands of gil they're being advertised for. One egg can be earned per day by talking with the moogle. Any letter can be obtained by forming a party with a person who has that letter as the first letter of their name when you click on the moogle to recieve your daily egg. Do a /sea (letter) of that area, and ask someone if they wouldn't mind joining your party for a moment for the Easter quest. If you talk to the moogle alone, you will recieve a random letter egg.

Claim: You need (random word) combination of letters to get your fourtune/happy eggs, and I'm selling them at <pos>!

-The only way to get the eggs is by first trading the first three letters of your name (for me, XIA), then:

For the Happy egg (HP egg):

Trade the "initial 8", the first letter of your name and the following 7 letters in alphabetical order. So, for me it was x y z a b c d e (starting over at A again if your name runs over)

For the Fortune egg (MP egg):

Trade the "straight 7", just 7 eggs of the same letter. I got this quickly, a friend of mine has three mules; he brought them all to windy for the quest. Each day I formed a party with each of his mules, who all got the X egg. After 2 days I had 8 X eggs, this way was really quick and easy to do.

I hope this helped someone to get their eggs stress-free ^^ Good luck and remember to have fun with it!

# Mar 25 2005 at 1:45 AM Rating: Default
Ok the Eggs you get from the special event are>
Happy Egg (HP+1% VIT+1) EX & RARE
Fortune Egg (MP+1% VIT+) EX & RARE
The EX stands for ur an idiot if u try to trade this.
The RARE stands for ya it more special than other items.
For u to get any bonus out of this u need either 100HP or 100MP.
you will get +1 HP or MP for ever 100 HP or MP you have. The VIT is usefull in any case.
To get one of these eggs message me Hadriel on Kujata serever and ill tell you for 10k gil.
Thanks for reading have a good night or day.
# Mar 25 2005 at 2:38 AM Rating: Default
40 posts
The RARE stands for ya it more special than other items.

"Rare" means you can only have one such item. So for items such as Norg Shell, Mana Ring (which are Rare/noEX) etc. you can only have one in your total stash.

To get one of these eggs message me Hadriel on Kujata serever and ill tell you for 10k gil.

I'll tell you for free.
If I was trading eggs the initial 3 would be "T" "I" "A".
Then, if I wanted a Fortune Egg I would use any type of letter x7, so ie. TTTTTTT.
For a Happy Egg, you need to trade a total of 8 eggs according to the alphabet beginning with your initial letter. So for me it would be "T" "U" "V" "W" "X" "Y" "Z" and going back from the beginning "A". Also rumored that after trading the first 7-of-a-kind for a Fortune Egg you can get a Happy Egg by getting another 7-of-a-kind set.

Happy Egg hunting, and Happy Easter..

(edit: Thank you Tsuuga)

Edited, Fri Mar 25 04:46:04 2005
# Mar 25 2005 at 3:33 AM Rating: Decent
248 posts
This information is somewhat incorrect. First, you have the names of the eggs backwards. you get a Fortune Egg for a 7 of a kind, and a Happy egg for an initial 8. However, the first letter for 7 of a kind does NOT have to be the 1st letter of your name. The initial 8 DOES have to start with the 1st letter of your name, and it does start over again at the beginning if you run out of letters.
# Jan 04 2005 at 10:02 AM Rating: Decent
26 posts
I'm hoping they bring it back for easter, they're pretty nice
.... Right..
# Oct 28 2004 at 5:10 AM Rating: Default
1,102 posts
You think they'll be bringing this back this next Easter? The Halloween came back full strength...

And another question cuz I think I saw this while scrolling down: Does the egg not actually add the 1% HP?

Edited, Thu Oct 28 06:12:49 2004
RE: .... Right..
# Nov 07 2004 at 3:56 AM Rating: Decent
68 posts
It doesn't add it in the allakhazam profile. I'm sure it works just fine in the game.
RE: .... Right..
# Dec 09 2004 at 2:59 AM Rating: Decent
It works just fine in the game. I updated my allakhazam profile and was wondering where my extra 10-12 (depending on conquest) hp went.
A sad tale of woe...
# Aug 14 2004 at 3:22 AM Rating: Decent
I thought I was all set placing an /equip line for my Happy Egg in my Pulling Macro, so that i would have the Egg equipped by the time I was back to the camp. Unfortunately, I hit a pack of lag, and my macro somehow skipped over the /equip Boomerang line at the beginning of the Macro. Now the Goblin Butcher and I both have egg on our faces :(. Be more careful with your Happy Egg than I was with mine. My advice: if you are planning on using any sort of ranged weapon, leave your Egg at home with your Moogle. It isn't worth the risk.
# Aug 01 2004 at 1:11 PM Rating: Default
415 posts
colored drops are food
each one gives +5 of a status
there is a dff status for each drop
all i knod so far is clear drop gives INT+5
i am still doing research
Egg woes
# Jul 26 2004 at 7:17 PM Rating: Decent
210 posts
There should be an uber item this game that removes the EX from an item for one trade/sale. Maybe something the Darklord drops or something ;)

Cause I really really want this egg :(
# Jun 16 2004 at 9:58 PM Rating: Excellent
i threw mine.. i am sad now :(
On the Character pages...
# Jun 12 2004 at 12:19 PM Rating: Good
194 posts
On the character profile pages, anyone who has this equiped (myself included) doesn't have the bonus HP being added. I know it isn't a big deal, but just to let you know...
RE: On the Character pages...
# Aug 17 2004 at 8:29 PM Rating: Decent
I was just about to post the same thing, I want my extra HP.

Did I just get lucky?
# Apr 15 2004 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
Call me luck or what, but I started with the three and got two choco passes, next did the super 8 combo (starting with w) WXYZABCD, got the happy egg, and then finished up with the 7 of a kind (of which I chose N) and ended up with the lucky egg. Maybe it had to do with what combonation of letters you turned in?
# Apr 14 2004 at 7:49 PM Rating: Decent
i got screwed by the randomness of the items given out. I got a happy egg, a lucky egg, a blue drop, and 16 chocobo tickets.
# Apr 13 2004 at 8:49 AM Rating: Default
i ve been selling recently for 100 gil each
RE: selling
# Apr 14 2004 at 12:33 AM Rating: Decent
251 posts
no you haven't.. it's Rare Ex
RE: selling
# Apr 16 2004 at 2:05 AM Rating: Good
i think he is refering to the letter eggs.. seem like every char lower than 20 is into that sort of thing.. thats why town is soo laggy
RE: selling
# Apr 15 2004 at 2:32 AM Rating: Decent
HAHHhahaha i love that
RE: selling
# Oct 21 2004 at 9:25 PM Rating: Decent
lol i remember this easter thing was a long time ago got a Z or something like taht someone thought it was rare and bought for 5k i was such a happy noob
how do you?
# Apr 13 2004 at 8:13 AM Rating: Excellent
I always wanted to know, how are you able to capture the picture of the item and post them? Everytime I tried, it doesnt work. Can someone tell me pls?
RE: how do you?
# Apr 15 2004 at 8:57 PM Rating: Excellent
915 posts
What I do is just press the Print Screen key (above the Insert key), and after I log out, I paste it into Paint Shop Pro, and save it.
RE: how do you?
# Mar 17 2005 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
2,214 posts
lol you Rock!!!
Long live PSP Users!!!
<QA Engineer at Corel... formerly of jasc:)>
Sorry for the off topic, but I can't resist cheering for ppl that use PSP. Been with Jasc for 7 years, and loved every day:)... Ok, maybe not everyday:)
RE: how do you?
# Apr 15 2004 at 6:32 AM Rating: Decent
Thanks guys!
RE: how do you?
# Apr 14 2004 at 12:34 AM Rating: Decent
251 posts
the best program out there is Howie's Screen Capture.. do a google search. it's freeware, very small, and doesn't require access to the internet.
RE: how do you?
# May 02 2004 at 4:09 PM Rating: Decent
doesn't make sense...you dl it from the internet..then use it to take pictures of an MMORPG.... ::confused::

i know you can take pics of stuff other than ff xi but this is ff xi forums...
RE: how do you?
# Apr 13 2004 at 2:57 PM Rating: Decent
i use a program call clipper

seach google or some thing
Mucho gil...o
# Apr 12 2004 at 5:51 PM Rating: Decent
44 posts
I love these Eggs :)

The trick is to NEVER BUY ONE. Just hang out in town and have your bazaar up selling them for 500-1k a piece and shout asking for your LMNOPQRS combo for the Happy Egg. and don't sell LEK or the ones you need. Instead turn them in and sell the Choco Tickets for 5k and the Drops for 10k+

I got both my Balance Rings, my Emperor Hairpin, and my Wolf Mantle +1 by doing this :-D
# Apr 12 2004 at 12:16 PM Rating: Default
793 posts
at least they did not find the moogle in the mines

Edited, Mon Apr 12 13:14:26 2004
# Apr 12 2004 at 9:30 AM Rating: Decent
793 posts
If these are stackable then you can have like +20
RE: stackability
# Apr 12 2004 at 10:35 AM Rating: Decent
93 posts
the item is RARE therefore you can only have 1.
RE: stackability
# Apr 12 2004 at 11:59 AM Rating: Decent
793 posts
I noticed after the post
Stupid Eater Eggs
# Apr 12 2004 at 2:27 AM Rating: Decent
I arrived at the whole Easter Egg hunt thing a little late but people selling these things like mad - got so annoying couldn' hear the people asking for Teleport's and offering 500 gil and the n00bz wanting free gil or wanting what to with the adventurer's coupon! I got a happy egg - and im a thief but i carry a bow & arrows around so it's pointless ! I wish you could like break it open and find something inside!
# Apr 11 2004 at 7:11 PM Rating: Excellent
561 posts
The Halloween items like pumpkin head have -enmity but the easter ones do not.
RE: Enmity
# Apr 11 2004 at 8:23 PM Rating: Default
the effect is hidden

a lvl 71 pt had a tank equipped with the happy egg, he couldent keep aggro and the mob was bouncing all over when he usually has great control. He takes off the egg and everythings fine next fight. He puts it on and the same stuff happens. I dont know but my best bet is that It does have some -enmity effect on it. You cant prove otherwise since you have no proof meanwhile the proof i have is right there for you to read.
RE: Enmity
# Apr 13 2004 at 5:18 AM Rating: Decent
Yeah, I was having the same problem. I was tanking and always losing aggro..I couldn't understand cause it is rare that I ever do. Someone looked at me and said to take the egg off. After that I was fine. hehe I almost threw it at a Crawler, but they said to keep it hehe.
RE: Enmity
# Apr 13 2004 at 1:02 PM Rating: Default
this hidden attribute of -em is a load of poo
until someone can show me proof of SoE saying it does, i dont buy it, i had no problem holding hate for the last 3 days having it equipted

42 pld
RE: Enmity
# Apr 18 2004 at 2:32 AM Rating: Good
SoE? As in Sony Online Entertainement? SoE has nothing to do with this. SquareEnix develops FFXI, not Sony.
# Apr 11 2004 at 7:10 PM Rating: Good
561 posts
The Halloween items like pumpkin head have -enmity but the easter ones do not.
RE: Enmity
# Apr 11 2004 at 7:12 PM Rating: Default
561 posts
sorry bout the double post, comp is laggy tonight :(
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