icon River Gaiters  

Auction House: Armor - Feet
Type: Race Specific

River Gaiters
[Feet] M
DEF:9 MP+35 DEX-3 INT+4 MND+4

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Gained from Quests:
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Price Drop
# Apr 03 2007 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
146 posts
Down to 200k atm on Midgard.
# Jan 25 2007 at 5:17 PM Rating: Good
1,077 posts
Just bought a pair of these on Titan last night for 800k. The price had finally dropped below a million, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity.


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# Feb 17 2006 at 12:37 AM Rating: Decent
5.5m.. to 8m, to 11m, to 13m.. ..... to 16mil
These are 16mil on Quetz

best boots or not.. 16mil ... no thanks.
# Oct 29 2005 at 5:19 PM Rating: Decent
Midgard is SO overpriced.

These go for 6.5-8mill.

Big price gaps.
RE: ew.
# Jan 28 2006 at 1:13 AM Rating: Decent
1,311 posts
Well, thay THE best peice of RDM feet armor you can get, Don't know what the none-mithra RDms wear, lol.
# Sep 15 2005 at 10:29 AM Rating: Excellent
39 posts
I have these and they were worth the price at the time. Now apparently they are 5 times the value of when I bought them, so even better deal, lol. And I thought buying them for 1.2 million was a lot... I'm such a poor girl, lol.
# Aug 29 2005 at 3:54 PM Rating: Good
61 posts
last few pairs sold for 6mil on carby.... ouch... were 2 mil just a couple months ago. just when something seems obtainable pow, right in the gut XD
hehe *kitty pout* guess i wont have these for now.
# Aug 28 2005 at 2:44 PM Rating: Good
2,225 posts
I just got these a few days ago...they rarely come in stock on Sylph, and when a pair finally did come in, I ended up paying 5mil for it. (Previous price was 4mil)

They're very nice though, I'm glad I have them. I do kinda wish they'd made them look different from the starter RSE though...

</a> Links messing up. ;_;

Edited, Sun Aug 28 15:57:17 2005
# Jul 11 2005 at 6:54 AM Rating: Decent
Just got mine yesterday... 4.5m on Hades. <3 to everyone who helped me scrounge up the money.
# Jun 28 2005 at 2:48 PM Rating: Decent
the price just keeps going up i would buy a pair for profit for the future but there up to 2.2 mil now..
Finally got these
# Apr 02 2005 at 4:02 AM Rating: Good
85 posts
I ended up buying a pair a short time after I posted my earlier message in January on here. After one straight month of checking the AH 3 times a day, sometimes more, I almost gave up after I went to sleep one night after checking, and waking up to see that one pair had sold about an hour before I logged on Smiley: cry. Almost a week later, I went to casually check one day, totally not expecting them to be there, and poof! One pair was up for sale. I was so excited I was shaking! (Pathetic, I know ^^;) Got them for 900, I believe. They are now up to 1.2-1.5 mil >.<
Fenrir price
# Mar 28 2005 at 1:14 AM Rating: Decent
214 posts
As of March 2005, these are running about 2 million in Fenrir...

I want them so bad...
# Feb 23 2005 at 5:07 PM Rating: Decent
Im jealous when I see the prices on other servers for this lol...Not only are these up at the AH like only once a month, the last few that have sold have jumped from 1 mil, to 2 mil, to 3 mil -.- ick

EDIT: Today, is April 26, 2005 and as of today its up to 4 million @.@

Edited, Tue Apr 26 18:15:45 2005
# Jan 28 2005 at 6:00 PM Rating: Decent
I bought em for 960k on Ragnarok. There's usually a pair up. I haven't checked the price recently though
BCNM 60 Qu'Bia Arena
# Jan 14 2005 at 3:09 PM Rating: Excellent
85 posts
I submitted a correction for this, as well as an email to Pikko to add new info on the BCNM that drops this. For those of you interested in getting these...they (and all the RSE 2 boots) are dropped from BCNM 60 Qu'Bia Arena "Brothers D'Aurphe."

This BCNM consists of 4 shadow NMs. A great- sword-wielding black mage >.< a ranger, a thief and a warrior. Recommended pt setup is 2 blms, 2 rngs, rdm, and a tank...we used ninja. Elemental seal sleepga II at the start and just keep these things slept! Blms should focus only on sleeping, that's why we did nin tank..so our rdm wouldn't run out of mp. Silence and kill blm first because the 'ga spells he casts will annhiliate your party...next ranger, followed by thief and warrior. Once you get the blm out of the way, its way easier and once the ranger is dead, its cake..especially with two blms. We tried a bard instead of a second blm and it was a disaster! Brd sleep song is light element oriented from what I have heard and even with +65 chr, he still had a LOT of trouble with sleep. So go blm if you do this. Above all else however...DO NOT FIGHT THIS BCNM ON DARKSDAY WHATEVER YOU DO!!!! If you do not heed this advice, you will fail miserably lol. The problem with darkdsay is they just get too strong and they start resisting sleep (funny enough sleep is drk element though). I went as blm and my elemental seal + sleepga II stuck for all of 20 seconds after which the rdm and brd couldn't sleep and neither could I, so we three died, followed by the rest of our pt...and we had to homepoint >.<

Did this 4 times...got stupid hume boots and stupid taru boots..failed the first time because we didn't know what we were doing, and there is no info ANYWHERE on it (a little blurb on mysterytour is all) got boots 2nd and 3rd times, and failed 4th time because it turned darksday and nobody noticed >.<

Edited, Fri Jan 14 15:12:31 2005
Best stat boost
# Dec 02 2004 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
1,250 posts
This is by far the best stat boost a mage can get on their feet, period. I've seen 75's wear this, and I prefer this to WHM/BLM AF.

This allowed me to get INT+30 in eq alone, but any additional boost in INT is going to cost me ~700k each... (Morion+1, HQ staff, INT4 rings, and stone)

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Only two
# Nov 20 2004 at 6:14 PM Rating: Default
104 posts
Thus far, there have only been two of these to ever appear in the Auction House in Asura. One sold for 300k long ago, the other for 1.4 mil.

I absolutely refues to pay 1.4mil for a pair, but if anyone has a pair, I am willing to strike a deal. Or if anyone out there from Asura is interested in doing the BCNM in the Sacrificial Chamber for the chance to get these, find me in game. I am definitely up for it.
Just got mine today
# Aug 25 2004 at 4:59 AM Rating: Decent
89 posts
finally one on the AH! And I got it! Set me back 640k ;_;

Mithra RDM/BLM
# Aug 12 2004 at 11:45 PM Rating: Decent
There has only been one pair sold on my server(Asura) and it was for 300k, not to mention quite a while ago.
# Jun 24 2004 at 3:50 PM Rating: Decent
41 posts
I havent seen the feet, but i hav seen the elvann gloves alot on whm's on my server.
# May 30 2004 at 12:36 PM Rating: Decent
Can anyone confirm the existence of this feet gear? Does it really drop from BCNM 60 in Den of Rancor? Is there any server that has them for sale @ AH and @ what price?
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