icon Blink Band  

Auction House: Armor - Head
Charges: 50
Recast Time: 20 seconds
Activation Time: 30 seconds

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Guild Level: Apprentice

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# Aug 21 2006 at 3:52 PM Rating: Decent
Can anyone tell me what these sell for on Leviathan?

# Nov 13 2006 at 4:12 PM Rating: Decent

there ya go, merry chrismas, now check ur mailbox and right the check =P
3rd eye =/= blink band
# Aug 21 2006 at 9:54 AM Rating: Decent
"Ukyo uses a Blink band....No Effect on Ukyo."

The thing is....

With blink on, if you 3rd eye it will overwrite blink... So this makes me believe that maybe you had on 3rd eye during the initial blink and it had no effect because it takes the same slot.
Out of charges?
# Jun 23 2005 at 12:56 PM Rating: Decent
456 posts
I noticed that the synth to make this is a flax headband + fine linen cloth. The flax headband and the blink band have the exact same stats, except for the enchantment. So, what happens when the blink band runs out? Does it turn back into a flax headband (which would mean you could recharge it by combining it with another fine linen), or is it just a worthless blink band with 0 charges? And, if it does just become a 0-charge band, has anyone tried synthing it with a fine linen to try to charge it again?
RE: Out of charges?
# Jan 04 2006 at 2:04 AM Rating: Decent
Maybe you could use a lightening crystal ot seperate then just re-synth?
Maat Fight
# May 01 2005 at 4:43 AM Rating: Decent
I'm a samurai. The other day I decided "Wow, it sure would be nice to Use this and stoneskin torque against maat!" I figured with both of these items working at once I could almost completely nulify the blast of damage received from maat's Meikyo Shisui. Well, turns out you can't use them.

"Ukyo uses a Blink band....No Effect on Ukyo."

Then I go to use Stoneskin Torque.

"Unable to use Item"

At the time, I was standing right in front of Maat, 1 hit away from starting battle with him. Maybe it was a recent patch... But DO NOT BUY THESE IF YOU ARE A SAM WANTING TO BEAT MAAT!

Edit: You can use this item, but make sure you use it before you approach Maat. If you try to use it after he says "So you decided to show..." it will be disabled.

Edited, Mon May 2 21:43:16 2005
# Apr 18 2005 at 5:33 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
I tried to fight maat with this item and I still have the video tape to look at whenever I hear talks about this item. It made me FURIOUS really MAD. I did all my buffs for the maat fight which constitute of food, meditate, and cool down. At last I used the blink band, unequipped it and wore my carapace helm and MADE SURE the blink sign was still at top of screen and proceeded to get the WHOOPING of a lifetime >.< I could of used Third-Eye and avoided the fusion that landed me on my back in style (I'm elvaan we die in style also) By the way I was level 66 I got as far as getting him to half his life with my own SC, however, his fusion was much more powerful. My friends tell me that it was because I unequipped the band, although I doubt that this was the cause.......
# Apr 18 2005 at 5:26 PM Rating: Decent
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# Feb 23 2005 at 2:07 AM Rating: Default
if you use the blink enhancement & take off the band, does it dissapear ?

i mean do you have to keep it on for the enhancment ?
RE: meera
# Mar 23 2005 at 11:31 AM Rating: Excellent
7,094 posts
USSEnterprise wrote:
if you use the blink enhancement & take off the band, does it dissapear ?

i mean do you have to keep it on for the enhancment ?

No, and no.
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lvel cap help
# Feb 06 2005 at 1:04 PM Rating: Decent
466 posts
i got this on the review recipie npc...the hume, at level 50...so it's somwehre between 40 and 50 :)
Possible cap?
# Jan 16 2005 at 2:38 AM Rating: Decent
I got the recipe from the advanced recipe NPC @ weaver's guild @ lvl 39, not sure how high that makes the cap, but just to give a reference point for those who wanna try and make this.
# Dec 09 2004 at 2:51 AM Rating: Decent
im thinkin of buyin this but i need some info.

1. is it rechargeable?
2. at RNG50/WAR25 will it work as a replacement/weak-in-coparrison-alternative to utsusemi? since i dont sub nin.

ive never had problems dying on a pull but i dont like puttin pressure on the whm wen theres no summoner around to blink me. i also worry that at later lvls dying on pulls may be a problem.
anyway the reason i ask if its rechargeable, which i presume it is, is because i heard the warp staff from the halloween event has a 120+/- hour recharge rate. so say maybe a week between charges. one could buy 10-15 ((40k each on ragnarok)) of these blink bands and cycle through them. take out two or three (150 charges) for prty and leave the rest to recharge. then one might beable to have a neverending supply of blink if timed correctely. just a theory. lemme know wat yall think. i apologize if i have any wrong info in here. pls correct me if i do. rate-up to anybody who answers my Q's. --THX YO--
RE: himynameis
# Feb 07 2005 at 10:16 AM Rating: Good
Why not just lvl NIN, as every other RNG and THF. Yes maybe you dont want to be a cookie cutter RNG, I understand this but if your concern is having Copy image effect, then just sub NIN. I was looking into this because my friend who fought maat not too long ago used this and said that it was very helpful, but dont think for using to pull as RNG is just a waste of gil and NIN will be more beneficial in the long run.

Edited, Mon Feb 7 10:17:21 2005
RE: himynameis
# Jan 10 2005 at 12:14 PM Rating: Good
190 posts
I realize you posted this a long time ago, so I'll reply to the community in general.

This is not rechargable. The halloween staff doesn't recharge ever either. January now and I still have not seen it recharge. The Dream Hat +1 (Santa hat) has 1/1 charges, but it doesn't recharge either, it simply does not expend a charge.

White mages can only cast blink on theirselves.

Other items that may kill your use of this item would be cast time (how long does it take before this item kicks in effect), and how long the effect lasts if you are not hit. For example, Utsumei lasts some 10 min if you are not hit, but I recall blink didn't last near that long.

This item is also about worthless when fighting curtain exp mobs such as mandy that hit two times per melee round (eating two shadows), mobs that use AoE spells or weapon skills, and mobs that cast dispel, finale, or steal buffs.

You already know that Utsumei is infintismaly cheaper, so I won't elaborate on that further. What is boils down to is that you want to Beserk so that you can do even more damage, but remember that with /NIN not only will you hit more often and have at least equal/better Damage over time, but since you have Utsumei up you get hit less often using less mage MP and thus longer exp chains (more exp).

What is this band good for then? Boss fights.
RE: himynameis
# Feb 11 2005 at 11:36 PM Rating: Default
hate to tell you this Triplet, but the Dream Hat +1 does recharge; I have used it to get a stack of ginger cookies already. It just takes 1 RL day to recharge, that is all.
RE: himynameis
# Feb 01 2005 at 11:45 PM Rating: Decent
I can cast blink on myself.

Only use I've found...
# Nov 21 2004 at 8:02 AM Rating: Decent
13,048 posts
Only real use I've found for this is for a RNG's Maat fight. Blink before engaging and EES = miss. ^^
RE: Only use I've found...
# Jan 01 2005 at 2:10 AM Rating: Decent
151 posts
I doubt RNG would be the only one that'd probably need it.

In the WAR forum, someone posted their log when up against Maat, he ened up using one before engaging. The shadows would be useful for WAR while trying to pop a Icuras Wing to get the 2nd Raging Rush in, not worrying about falling too fast when Maat pops Mighty Strikes and hits you after the first Raging Rush was used with full buffs.

Probably safe for all or most of the melee jobs to have while up against Maat if there are gonna be hits taken, no matter how long the fight might last or how long Blink will last.

Just my comment on the use of this headband against Maat. Who knows but it might also be useful for all of the jobs.
RE: Only use I've found...
# Dec 02 2004 at 5:21 PM Rating: Default
Uh.. yeah, I really doubt that EES ever misses. I could be wrong, but I don't think blink will stop *that*.
RE: Only use I've found...
# Mar 23 2005 at 11:34 AM Rating: Decent
7,094 posts
kyleP wrote:
Uh.. yeah, I really doubt that EES ever misses. I could be wrong, but I don't think blink will stop *that*.


The first shadow was his EES being absorbed; the next two were normal attacks from him.

Blink Band turns Maat into an extremely easy fight for RNG (that fight was at LV66). Unless your Barrage or Slug Shot misses, there's basically no way for you to lose.

Edited, Wed Mar 23 11:36:47 2005
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RE: Only use I've found...
# Dec 07 2004 at 3:49 PM Rating: Good
190 posts
Unfortunately, yes EES does miss.

First time: Three months ago in West Sarubataru, getting ready to log I EES a bird and miss. I scream profanity and log 30 seconds go by and I evade every attack from bird during 30 second count down. THAT was how much higher I was than the stupid bird.

Second Time: About two weeks ago, a NM Ninja Yag in Giddeus. "The Yagudo's Shadow absorbs that damage and disappears."
RE: Only use I've found...
# Dec 11 2004 at 7:19 PM Rating: Default
well.. wow.
Level to make...
# Oct 25 2004 at 11:41 PM Rating: Decent
1,070 posts
i was just given this recipe as a kill-up recipe in the guild, and atm am at level 36. hope this helps narrow down the possibilities for the skill cap some... ^^;
Band user
# Oct 25 2004 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
77 posts
I purchased my Blink Band on Lakshmi for 34k Got it for my 40 Pld. LOOONG casting time, only useful for pre-fight buffing. Recasting is quick though. Pld/War blink tanking draws some looks. If anyone has info on how to recharge I'd love to hear it...
# Oct 25 2004 at 2:22 PM Rating: Decent
im starting out with clothe and i nered some easy cheap recipes to get me started. thanks in advance
RE: help!
# Oct 25 2004 at 11:44 PM Rating: Decent
1,070 posts
sorry, but i doubt this will be a cheap skilling recipe. send me a message with your level in clothcraft and ill try and help you find a path to skill that wont be too expensive... or you can check the tradeskill forum. ^^;
Rich Paladins?
# Oct 10 2004 at 7:15 AM Rating: Decent
Well if paladins could avord this they would be awesome tanks ^^ I think crafters who can make this should mass produce this to lower cost for paladins for better Exp pts ^^
# Oct 10 2004 at 2:25 AM Rating: Decent
Can these items be recharged after 50 used?

Just a thought
# Sep 28 2004 at 1:14 PM Rating: Good
this items seems so good now I don't have to sub ninja for the overly expensive(8000gil stack of powder) blink.
# Oct 07 2004 at 6:00 PM Rating: Decent
69 posts
Only has 50 charges man. 75k for the equivalent of half a stack of shihei. Sorry to say, you'll still have to buy expensive assed Ninja Powders :(
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# Sep 16 2004 at 8:56 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
Wouldn't this be a clothcraft synth and not leather... since only cloth is used in the making!? ^^;
RE: leather?
# Sep 20 2004 at 8:04 PM Rating: Decent
102 posts
Yeah, i talked to Anillah in the clothcraft guild (who I'm assuming gives you all the synths that are below skill-up-ability as the resipes she gave were quite low, working their way higher) and she gave me this recipe. I'm lvl 60 in clothcraft so i'm assuming I could do this quite successfully...oh, and only clothcraft was listed as necessary. ^_^
RE: leather?
# Sep 20 2004 at 12:28 AM Rating: Decent
42 posts
Also the clothcraft npc gives this recipe, and list only clothcraft as a necessary skill.
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# Sep 16 2004 at 10:16 AM Rating: Excellent
397 posts
Lv.36 Def:6 All Jobs
Enchantment: Blink
<Charge: 50 / Equip Delay : 30s / Recast Time : 20s>

[edit] forgot to write it's headgear.

Edited, Thu Sep 16 11:17:13 2004
# Sep 16 2004 at 12:46 AM Rating: Decent
936 posts
love that description
Jobs: NONE
Races: NONE

situation: Headband for sale, gives you Blink, not usable by anyone! Selling for 2k ^^ ;)
just a guess
# Sep 15 2004 at 10:31 PM Rating: Decent
Perhaps this band (i'd assume it'd be armor for your hand) has the enchantment : Blink? If this is the case i bet it gets expensive...

Edit : oh yea, i'd love to verify but i haven't seen it on our server yet.

Edited, Wed Sep 15 23:31:46 2004
RE: just a guess
# Sep 23 2004 at 12:54 PM Rating: Decent
I saw at least 4 of these for sale in the Jeuno Auction House on the SIREN server. They were going for 75k. I have no idea how it is supposed to work so I held off on buying it.
RE: just a guess
# Sep 22 2004 at 9:22 AM Rating: Decent
Does this thing have any Def: or is it just an item for the blink and evasion bonus? I mena if there is no def added then is it something you would want to equip then unequip? I'm confused...
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