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Fetich Arm - So Much for Rare Items for Quick Gil
# Feb 15 2005 at 1:59 AM Rating: Decent
Darn... And when I saw "Rare" when I happened to get a pair (as an L14 warrior, no less) I got all excited and thought I could sell it for 99,999,999 like I see other rare items up in people's bazaars for.
# Jun 08 2004 at 11:36 AM Rating: Decent
...look it up in this site.

Edited, Tue Jun 8 12:37:39 2004
# Apr 21 2004 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
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Don't sell these on bazaar or auction unless u want to rip people off. npc's usually take them for about 200 gil.
# Apr 21 2004 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
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double post oopsy

Edited, Wed Apr 21 12:14:03 2004
# Jan 04 2004 at 7:33 AM Rating: Default
The Fetich arms, legs, head, and body also drop in the Marsh. If you are not from Bastok you should sell them at AH for 150 to 200g. The Mission pay for the 4 items all together is 1000g. So if you want them to sale fast sale them for 150 so the Noobs doing the mission make a little money.
RE: Zadian
# Aug 24 2004 at 3:52 AM Rating: Decent
Or the smart people will see the Peices for 150, think "cool, 50G profit" and buy it
RE: Zadian
# Sep 28 2005 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
lol, not bastokan so i sold the parts that dropped in AH for 1k each. Don't blame me for raising the prices, they were already 1k each on Garuda Bastok AH.
Fetich Pieces For Windurstians
# Dec 08 2003 at 5:37 PM Rating: Default
Is it just me or are these things completely useless to us Windurstians, unless we sell them? It sure seems that way to me.
RE: Fetich Pieces For Windurstians
# Mar 29 2004 at 10:37 PM Rating: Decent
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umm yea... it's because they're part of the bastokian missions.......
Fetich Arm
# Dec 03 2003 at 3:22 PM Rating: Default
So does someone what to explan where I bring this Fetich Arm too?
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