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Drop rate
# Jul 12 2008 at 4:55 PM Rating: Default
According to FFXIclopedia, these are a 23.5% drop off of Xolotl.
# Feb 26 2007 at 12:12 PM Rating: Decent
280 posts
Got these yesterday. We went 2/6 on the gloves and 3/6 on the hat. I would speculate that the gloves are ~25% drop and the Dagger is about 5% from what I have gathered from people who have killed him a whole lot along with our results. We started 0/4 on the gloves then went 2/2 on the last 2 kills where myself and the other main NIN in my HNM LS got them.
Elemental gears.
# Dec 21 2006 at 2:04 PM Rating: Decent
257 posts
I know that if you boost a certain element you become more resistent to that element. They dont help you attack but seeing a nin/drk with tons of Fire Gear on take a Firaga III from Tiiamat for 55 dmg is all the proof i need. Its all defense based.
# Dec 03 2006 at 7:56 PM Rating: Decent
took Xolotl down on caitisth today, no drops

~Sozu Rogberry 0/135
~dont ???? with me...
~75THF ~75NIN
Drop Rate
# Oct 02 2006 at 3:09 AM Rating: Decent
Anyone know an estimate of the drop rate % on these gloves?
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 21 2006 at 6:48 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Dude shut up STR does not raise the cap of attack you can only get to 999 attack plz gtco nor can acc cap.... wow. Only time you consider it capping it the limitations of your gear, but still shut up.
# Aug 07 2006 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent

Get the cunt out?
# Nov 19 2005 at 6:04 AM Rating: Good
16 posts
These gloves are awesome, too bad they wont drop for my sam :(
# Apr 20 2005 at 10:08 AM Rating: Decent
1,103 posts
Everyone is talking about the +22 attack, but has anyone noticed the elemental mods?

Negative to fire, wind, lightning, light, all the elements of Light skillchains.

Positive to earth, eater, ice, dark, all the elements of Darkness skillchains.

Perhaps this means something?
# Jul 13 2006 at 7:49 PM Rating: Decent
150 posts
ok to clear up confusion what i think hes getting at was is there any hidden effect on these gloves that help with skill chains
RE: Elements
# Apr 20 2005 at 4:57 PM Rating: Decent
Look at the guy.. Does it look like he's light based?
RE: Elements
# Apr 20 2005 at 6:47 PM Rating: Default
1,103 posts
Yeah.. ah.. was fishing for something a little more useful or informative.
RE: Elements
# May 16 2005 at 9:32 PM Rating: Decent
104 posts
The NM is an undead type mob. Which means he is weaker to Light elements (Aero, Fire, Thunder, Light), and stronger to Dark elements (Stone, Water, Ice, Dark). These would seem to relate to you gaining some of his natural resistances/weakness.
RE: Elements
# Jun 20 2005 at 4:31 PM Rating: Decent
well... i think what Shanock was getting at is that these kotes may strengthen darkness skillchains. can anyone confirm this theory? it seems logical but... i still would like a second opinion or possibly some proof behind this.
RE: Elements
# Oct 13 2005 at 2:45 PM Rating: Decent
109 posts
elemental resistance on equipment such as these are defensive only imo. You'll either take more or less damage vs some elemental nukes on u, or resist more or less certain elemental based enfeeblings. Example more darkness resistance wil make u resist sleep more. But i dont think there's any proof so far as to whether elemental resistance on armor is offensive.
RE: Elements
# Nov 12 2005 at 4:37 PM Rating: Good
If that were the case, spells like barfira would cause SCs and MBs to annihilate things, but they certainly do not.
RE: Elements
# Feb 28 2006 at 2:26 AM Rating: Decent
the only reason theres items like this with the mods is because of the mob you get it from. thats it thats all
# Apr 14 2005 at 5:42 AM Rating: Decent
actually, arliss doesnt know what he is talking about. lv 70+ is when you start getting less accuracy gear and more str oriented gear. 90% of mobs you fight lv 73+ con VT.

Optical hat and Haub give more then enough accuracy then you will ever need. +10 accuracy gloves, are crap.

You would only ever use it mabe on Gods, but even then most sam either sub rng and spam sidewinder or keep doing Spirits within, which cannot miss anyway.
Did SE read my post?!
# Jan 13 2005 at 9:25 PM Rating: Good
826 posts
OMG this item is almost exactly the same as what I asked for in this post a wee bit down the page.

(I highlighted the parts of the post about the "new Kote" that I wanted in the update.)

I made that post before the update even happened...I asked for an item that's amazingly similar to this item. This isn't even in the suggestion forum! It's in the MNK forum!
# Jan 11 2005 at 7:55 PM Rating: Decent
924 posts
Ive killed the NM for these gloves the last 3 spawns and the gloves have dropped 2 times. Still no Harpe ~.~

#REDACTED, Posted: Jan 01 2005 at 9:39 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Guys im not talking about lvl 34 gear, theres new +10 Accuracy Kote at lvl 75 dropped off of a new Dragon HNM. +10 Accuracy is better than these Kote.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jan 11 2005 at 3:06 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Accuracy caps at +40, so if you can get those kote, you probably already have 40+acc, so it's best to go w/ the Attack/STR stats next, and if your are a mnk/sam, these are probably the most kickass things you could get.
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 02 2005 at 5:54 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) 2DEX = 1Accuracy; furthermore, DEX raises the cap on Accuracy. SE officially posted this and if I find it again soon, I'll post the link. 2STR = 1Attack and once again, STR raises the cap on Attack... VIT/Def works the same way. This should prove pretty useful. -_o
#REDACTED, Posted: Jan 05 2005 at 1:02 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) #1 different equip for different situations
RE: Acc +10
# Mar 20 2006 at 4:09 AM Rating: Decent
277 posts
lvl75: opt hat, peacock/specs, scorp harness/haub, life belt, sushi. . . . how much acc do u need to hit the mainly T-VT xp mobs ? And for GODs/HNM, with those guys u'll rather have a problem doing dmg then hitting, unless you do Spirits within and i have yet to see that one miss. So in endgame area, ppl go for str/att (DD) gear or eva/def/vit (tanks) gear if they got the choice. The rather little +acc you do need can easily be gotten from equip slots, that don't have much good alternatives.
# Jan 01 2005 at 4:12 AM Rating: Decent
No idea where to get it though, its rare so its probly a notorious monster drop, and theres no price history in AH and none in stock so i dont think anyone's killed the NM on siren o.O

if its in the auction house history, that means someone has them.

they just put it in ah and removed them.
RE: history
# Jan 01 2005 at 4:31 AM Rating: Default
35 posts
Actually, it's rare/ex so it cannot be sold to other players through AH or bazaar.
RE: history
# Jun 12 2005 at 10:51 AM Rating: Decent
He was actually refering to the Horoshuma Kote, as you can see if you scroll down a bit. It's gotten from an NM in one of the revine sites, I believe, dropped off a griffon. Just FYI I guess. ^^;
Galka MNK
# Dec 31 2004 at 2:14 AM Rating: Decent
49 posts
This is fun for that Galka MNK that needs all the HP he can get ... more than +60 here O.O
# Dec 31 2004 at 12:17 AM Rating: Default

Well they just had to add some uber kote. I think the Acc +10 Kote would be better if your going for lvl 70+ gear. 22 attack isnt that much at lvl 73.

Edited, Fri Dec 31 00:20:45 2004
# Dec 31 2004 at 9:50 AM Rating: Decent
look at hands section... lvl34 in AH... a week or so i sent an update (obviously never posted) of Horomusha Kote, lvl 34, Attack +15. i think sacrificing the 5 attack for no evasion knockoff is worth it for ninja (especially) or any other job that takes hits. No idea where to get it though, its rare so its probly a notorious monster drop, and theres no price history in AH and none in stock so i dont think anyone's killed the NM on siren o.O
# Dec 31 2004 at 1:41 AM Rating: Default
it's 12 more than you would have with ochiudo's
# Dec 31 2004 at 1:51 AM Rating: Good
isnt it only 2 more?
# Dec 31 2004 at 1:51 AM Rating: Decent
2,192 posts
Ochiudoes kote is +20 attack. What are you talking about?

There is another +10 attack glove you're probably thinking about, that a lot of jobs can wear. But it's quite rare and expensive to obtain.
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