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Can not be Auctioned
Auction House: Weapons - Daggers
Used to spawn:
Golden-Tongued Culberry

Odorous Knife
(Dagger) All Races
DMG:17 DLY:200
Latent Effect: DMG+24
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Guild Level: Craftsman

Exceptional Results can be: Odorous Knife +1

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# Mar 09 2007 at 7:30 PM Rating: Decent
So how much do you normally sell these for on your server?
no AH sellable
# Nov 09 2006 at 11:11 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
this need to be updated this can't be brought or sold on the AH
# Sep 27 2006 at 2:44 AM Rating: Default
Odorous is a type of ant... Maybe it's versus anticans. .-.
# Mar 21 2006 at 1:32 AM Rating: Decent
Just a theory:
Since its an Odorous Knife, the latent is activated with deorderize.
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 30 2006 at 9:52 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) No, just no. That is a) stupid, and b) you lose the deoderize effect when you attack something.
RE: Theory
# Aug 01 2006 at 5:17 PM Rating: Decent
Actually, it's far from stupid, its quite an ingenius theory.
Although you're right about losing deodorize when you hit junk.
some1 help meeeeee
# Feb 06 2006 at 3:16 AM Rating: Decent
hello.. some1 can tell me how unlock latent in this dagger???
i thinkin buy 1 but need know how unlock this...

Edited, Mon Feb 6 02:19:02 2006
Smithing lvl
# Nov 15 2005 at 5:38 PM Rating: Decent
The smithing on this knife has to be around 68-69. while skilling i got this recipie from the guild about the same time they showed me the hauby synt. Good luck!
ingrediant prices
# Oct 18 2005 at 9:08 AM Rating: Decent
I am looking for the ingrediants for this how much is the going price for magnolia lumber?
RE: ingrediant prices
# Jan 13 2006 at 8:42 AM Rating: Decent
447 posts
This item is not sold at the AH. Can be farmed off Cold Gigas, Sleet Gigas, Rime Gigas and Snow Gigas.

Edited, Fri Jan 13 07:48:10 2006
Latent effect
# Sep 11 2005 at 6:24 PM Rating: Decent
This knife's latent effect as with some other weapons that have latent effects (the same lvl weapons), can be acheived by breaking the weapon like a trial weapon i am told by a DRK who has a scythe she is breaking as we speak. I will edit the post when she has broke it to say for sure wether this worked or not.
The Latent Effect
# Sep 05 2005 at 11:11 AM Rating: Decent
52 posts
Ok yall were talking about the latent effect activation. I have a theory that I cant test since Im a blm and cant equip the dagger but here it is try it and let me know. Try equipping the knife and the Pendant at the same time and see if that kicks it in... I know that may be wierd or even a stupid idea but its worth a shot. Please post the results. Thank You
# Aug 03 2005 at 10:43 PM Rating: Good
9,209 posts
just synthed this at windsday
facing west.. with smithing gloves
smithing 68
wood 62

smithing raised by 0.1 I think it's around lv 70 smithing synth
Princess ThePsychoticOne wrote:
int stands for int.

# Jul 25 2005 at 12:57 AM Rating: Decent
152 posts
Maybe the latent has to do with Tonberry hate somehow? (If it does it's probably related to having a lot of hate)
How do you activate the latent effect on this?
# Jul 23 2005 at 10:46 PM Rating: Decent
I know that this is used to pop an NM.

Ignoring the fact that it can be used to pop an NM - does anyone know how to activate the latent effect on this weapon?

I messed around with mp, but it would not activate at 0/0 mp, 12/30 mp, or 30/30 mp. The damage was the same each time, and was lower than the damage of a garuda dagger (19 damage). So it doesn't appear to be MP related. Any other ideas?
Knife Synth lvl
# Jun 27 2005 at 3:47 PM Rating: Decent
52 posts
Just a FYI
I was able to synth the knife to pop the NM at lvl 65 Smithing and 60 Woodworking.
Probably not a good chance of HQ at this level but was sucessfull synth.

Guide to obtaining your very own ‘Uggalepih Pendant’Guid
# May 21 2005 at 1:39 AM Rating: Excellent
194 posts
Guide to obtaining your very own ‘Uggalepih Pendant’

Step 0: Introduction

Uggalepih Pendant was added in the April 05 Content Update. It drops from a Tonberry Notorious Monster in Pso’xja. The NM is force spawned from a ‘???’; the trigger for this NM is the Odorous Knife, also added in the same update. Please note, I am a 75BLM/37RDM, Elvaan, your mileage might vary from what is written in this guide.

Step 1: The Knife

The Odorous Knife is crafted from 3 synthesis materials: White Steel, Magnolia Lumber, and a Darksteel Ingot. The synthesis requires Smithing, and woodworking. Exact caps are unknown at this time, but Smithing 80+ and Woodworking 25+ can definitely succeed. Both the White Steel and the Magnolia Lumber can only be purchased from Bazaars or traded. They can not be Auction Housed, or Mailed.

White Steel: This steel drops from Tonberry Stabbers located in the Temple of Uggalepih. There are reportedly ten spawn locations for the Stabbers. They are Ninjas, and level ranges from 61-67. The only place I could find them was at G-8 and I-7 on the map that the Thief Knife NM spawns. The G-8 location is the recommended one, if you are feeling a bit dangerous, you can try to hit up both locations. These mobs were Easy Prey to me at 75. They are not that difficult to solo, with 780 MP, I can chain cast Blizzard 4, Thunder 4 and Fire 4, and kill it on one MP pool. I suggest taking some pebbles for pulling. There are 2 Pots that circle the G-8 location and they aggro magic. Pulling to the stairs near the zone line will prevent the pots from adding. Also be wary of the bees, they aggro sight. These also can be taken out with a single MP pool. However these hit harder, so I recommend using Bind to fight them.

Magnolia Lumber: This lumber drops from Cryptonberry Stalkers (THF) in the uncapped section of Pso’xja. The ones I farmed were located in the tower at G-9 of Beaucedine Glacier, this is an Uncapped Area. These mobs are level 53-60. They are ‘Too Weak’ to me at 75. They are fairly easy to kill. Combining nuking with melee, I could kill all 5 of the tonberries in the area without resting. There are two Stalkers, one near the entrance, and on a little bit in, on the staircase. The tonberries are the only mobs that aggro in the immediate area. The lizards there do not aggro. I would like to note, if you decide to go exploring, at the top of the stairs, there is a room with a ‘???’. If you examine it, 2 doll type mobs will spawn, and the door to the room will close. Your only way out is warp, or escape. You can not win this fight solo, at any given time, one of them is immune to magic, and the other is immune to physical, and they alternate at will.

Darksteel Ingot: Buy at the Auction House.

Step 2: The Cryptonberry: Golden-Tongued Culberry

The NM: Golden-Tongued Culberry is a Tonberry type mob. He wears the red robes that the other Cryptonberries in Pso’xja wear. His level is in the low 80s, based on the XP earned at the end of the fight. He is a BLM-WHM combo mob, and can cast all of the Tier 3 –gas, and Tier 4s. He can also cast Silencega and other status –gas. In addition to this he is also the only non-dynamis mob that can cast Death. He is highly resistant to both Silence and Paralyze, and is completely immune to the spell Stun. He can, and will cast Cure IV on himself. He also has all the normal Tonberry abilities: Everyone’s Grudge/Rancor, Lateral Slash, Vertical Slash, and Throat Stab.

The Path: My directions will be based upon the maps located at http://www.ffxi-atlas.com Enter the tower marked as Tower 1 on the Beaucedine Glacier Map (F-7). From here, head down the hall until you enter the room, go East, and drop down hole ‘G’ at I-8. Now head north into the big round room, then west, then north again to drop down hole ‘H’ at I-7. From here head north and west, you will want to drop down the first hole you come to (Hole ‘S’ at I-6). Before you drop, please take note of the following: in the next room is an Archaic Chest. It is a Mimic type mob, and very difficult. Also in this room is a spawn for a Dark Elemental. When we fell through we were aggroed by the Chest, and couldn’t cast cures because of the VT elemental. According to Mystery Tour, the Chest will only aggro to sound. So before anyone takes the fall, make sure you are all sneaked. Walk out of the room with the chest, and you are in the kiting room. Climb the left staircase, and take the western tunnel to find the ‘???’. After the fight, if you are low on Escapers, if you take the East tunnel, you will find a teleporter to the top of Pso’xja. Make sure you review the maps before you go so that you know your route, the ‘???’ is clearly marked on the maps at Vana’diel Atlas. My alliance easily fought its way through Pso’xja to the NM spawn. The mobs are not very dense, and the top floor is all ‘Too Weak’. The second floor is ‘Easy Prey’ and the third floor is ‘Decent Challenge’ (all to a level 75).

The Strategy: Very close to the location of the NM is a LARGE open room. The recommended strategy is kiting it. If you kite it, the tank will be able to run out of range of the NM’s spells. Death is a very fast cast time, so unless you are already at max range when he starts casting, you’re going down. Utsusemi will not absorb Death. As I mentioned before, the NM is immune to the spell Stun. However, stunning weapon skills, such as Fast Blade, DO work.
In the room below the spawn point, there is a single Tonberry pop, I recommend someone with a sword, get 100% TP on that before you pop the NM. Use the hallway that the NM spawns in, as a staging ground, rest up MP, rest away weakness, etcetera. Set up a stun order between 2-3 people. Have them use weapon skills to stun Death. We had one Paladin with Joyeuse doing it, alone. Joyeuse built up TP fast enough for Fast Blade. The key to this fight is, keep moving. Normal melees can stay engaged, just be careful with weapon skills. Paladins, Ninjas, Rangers, and Black Mages need to keep moving at all times. Stop just long enough to attack/provoke/WS, then start running again. And ‘Don’t Panic’ it’s a fun fight, just make sure people who pull hate bring an XP buffer. I highly recommend two White Mages w/ Raise 3. We did it with one, but it was rough until we figured out we could stun with weapon skills, all she ever really did was raise. My group was an alliance of 16, this was probably overkill, but we were still together from a trip to sky. We had PLDx3, NIN, BLMx2, RNG, WHM, THF, MNK, SAM, DRG, RDM, SMN

The Drop: If the NM is spawned with an Odorous Knife +1, the drop is 100%. If spawned with a normal quality, it is not. I will not give a percentage on the normal quality spawn, because I do not have any data to back it up. I have heard 25%, 50%, and even one 75%. My alliance had a Thief with us, and we got the pendant on the first kill.

Step 3: The Pendant


The latent effect trigger is MP. It kicks on when you are at or below 50% of your maximum MP.
The Magic Attack Bonus given by the pendant varies from +1 to +10. The amount is directly proportional to your Tonberry Hate. The more hate you have, the more MAB you get.
RE: Guide to obtaining your very own ‘Uggalepih Pendant’
# May 26 2005 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
"at the top of the stairs, there is a room with a ‘???’. If you examine it, 2 doll type mobs will spawn, and the door to the room will close. Your only way out is warp, or escape. You can not win this fight solo, at any given time, one of them is immune to magic, and the other is immune to physical, and they alternate at will. "

I easily solo'd the dolls as 73blm/rdm I also solo'd the green room but I had to manafont.

Edited, Thu May 26 04:05:23 2005
RE: Guide to obtaining your very own ‘Uggalepih Pendant’
# May 22 2005 at 5:44 PM Rating: Good
92 posts
You can solo the doll type NMs in Pso while hunting Magnolia Lumber. I killed both those solo as 75 RDM/NIN and they rarely hit me. Killing them gives you key item for Blue doors. I dropped down and solod the 2 doll NMs that cast magic after that for the key item for Green doors. There are more tonberry behind these doors and it leads to an elevator that takes you right back to the entrance of that tower. So you can clear the whole joint out and then take the elevator back to the start. To get to the elvator you have to activate a crystal collection i think it was called. Its behind the green door upstairs. That puts out some platforms so you can get access to more tonberries and the elevator. The NMs for the key items alternate between physical and magical sure, but you just wait it out and focus on one at a time. Using magic isn't really worth it. They resist magic even when their in the magically weak form.
Figures after I spend a day searching for how to make it the
# May 10 2005 at 6:34 PM Rating: Good

I spent 14 hours farming the materials for this knife yesterday. It wasn't hard, just waiting on repops takes so long. I suggest taking a thief with you if you want the knife.

ALSO IF YOU WANT THIS KINFE CRAFTED FOR YOU... YOU >>MUST<< have woodworking sub. If you don't all your materials will blow up.

A level 90 can synth it fairly safely without guild support. I'd suggest anything 85+ get support.

This knife is used to pop Golden-Tongued Culberry(NM) in Pso'Xja. It has a 1/10 chance of dropping the Uggalepih Pendant with a normal dagger, with an HQ dagger the drop is 50%. You can pop this guy at (I-9) in the upcapped section in Pso'Xja, be sure to enter from Beaucedine Glacier at (F-7).

Tough fight. Be careful. Bring an alliance to make it safe, though it's been done with 12 from what I read it took a while to kill

Edited, Thu May 19 02:01:02 2005
RE: Figures after I spend a day searching for how to make it
# Jul 04 2005 at 9:11 PM Rating: Decent
56 posts
I made the knife without support on a 60% earthday. 76 Smithing, 60 Woodworking
RE: Figures after I spend a day searching for how to make it
# May 17 2005 at 12:46 AM Rating: Decent
Made an Ororous Knife +1 Today and two NQ, Smithing at 80+2, Woodworking at 24. My guess is the cap is low 60's.

Edit: No support.

Edited, Tue May 17 01:47:34 2005
RE: Figures after I spend a day searching for how to make it
# May 19 2005 at 12:59 AM Rating: Decent
sweet thanks for the useful info ^^
The Gil...
# May 10 2005 at 10:05 AM Rating: Default
Does anyone really believe that this dagger is 450k.....Give it time.....all new items go up in price and the come down drastically....But like Magixer said.....do you as a level 66 Thief really want to do 0-10 damage....? I sure wouldn't..

RE: The Gil...
# May 10 2005 at 6:16 PM Rating: Good
the reason why it cost so much is because it's used to force pop an Nm in one of the CoP areas.

Edit: i belive it's one of teh CoP areas. >.> not sure, but i know it's used to force pop an Nm

Edited, Tue May 10 19:19:21 2005
RE: The Gil...
# Jul 17 2005 at 5:25 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
It is in a CoP area (Pso'Xia)
RE: The Gil...
# May 14 2005 at 3:31 PM Rating: Default
no its a normal area that requires Zilart bcuz Ugglapeth is used for AF quests for SAM and others i dont remember.
well it's latent
# May 10 2005 at 6:13 AM Rating: Good
3,769 posts
It's latent effect is DMG: 24 but i can't think of what would activate it.
Maybe if we wait long enough, he'll tell us about how he walked barefoot uphill through snow both ways in Uleregand and defeated the evil Snoll Tzar with nothing but a stack of pebbles. Men were men back then. Mithra were men, too, but they don't talk about that.

Mellowy is awesome, now.
I'm sorry. My hoovercraft is full of Summoners. As soon as I claim a thread, they just flood out and cover the whole place. Slippery suckers, those Summoners.
# May 09 2005 at 6:25 PM Rating: Good
201 posts
It's for spawning a NM monster that gives you the Uggalepih(leave my damn typos alone) Pendent. Which has a latent effect that increase magic attack.
#REDACTED, Posted: May 09 2005 at 5:35 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) As a level 66 thief, this weapon has such a low damage for that level that it would hit IT+ experience mobs for 0 damage unless you had high strength, which mithra like me don't. The delay is kind of bad as there are many faster daggers. This dagger had better have a cool added effect or I would never consider using it. Can someone please try making one and post results here?
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