icon Orc Helm  

Can not be Auctioned
Can not be Sold to Merchants

Orc Helm
[Head] All Races
DEF:5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 -25 +5 +5

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Gained from Quests:

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Offer of service
# Mar 10 2008 at 4:01 PM Rating: Decent
If anyone on the Phoenix server should need this synthed just send me a /tell.
# Sep 30 2007 at 12:19 AM Rating: Excellent
Mistress of Gardening
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Added icon and flagged as not NPC sellable or AHable.
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Need it ^^
# Sep 26 2006 at 7:50 AM Rating: Decent
Anyone can craft or sell this to me @ the Midgardsormr server? ^-^ I'm a Taru that is collecting the 4 beastmen helms (got the goblin and yagudo one now). Please send a /tell to Dabamylord please ^-^
Craft Skills
# Mar 16 2006 at 8:04 PM Rating: Good
411 posts
Someone with Leathercraft 90+3, Clothcraft 60+1 and Smithing 46 made this for me. No skillups.

On a japanese site I found these values:

Leathercraft: 75
Smithing: 28+
Clothcraft ?

Not too useful and kind of vague, I know, but better than all the question marks on this page.
Ifrit: Can anyone make?
# Jan 04 2006 at 9:52 PM Rating: Decent
Anyone on Ifrit that can make this and wants an easy 100k /tell Nyte in game. I have all the ingredients!

Ty ty
Hidden effect
# Sep 02 2005 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
No Aggro from EP beastmen of the helm that you wear. Tested this out with my Gobbie hat., tryed running by a ep gobbie got aggro when i was very close. i zoned and placed the hat on and repeated, it didnt aggro period. Tryed with aggro a IT oh god i got aggro. so forth with Vt to T aggro so No aggro from ep anymore -_-
# Jul 27 2005 at 9:21 PM Rating: Decent
646 posts
black pearls are seling for 95k+ on diabolos.....

I would be a bajillionaire on your server, I can HQ those out the ******** O_O but 95k, holy fricking crap. *change server*
# Jul 29 2005 at 10:35 PM Rating: Decent
73 posts
it was pretty wierd. these went from 10k to 90k+ overnight, after the update. then droped just as severly as they went up too. there about normal price now, 10-20k depending on supply n demand.
# Sep 16 2005 at 11:52 AM Rating: Good
722 posts
Damn, on Quetzalcoatl they are like 6k for singles. o.O;;
2 manticore hairs, not 1
# Jul 26 2005 at 3:55 AM Rating: Decent
84 posts
This recipe actually recquires 2 manticore hairs, not 1.
manticore hair
# Jul 22 2005 at 4:19 PM Rating: Decent
manticore hair sells for 10k in asura, and drops regularly off of lesser manticors in eastern altepa desert. I'd recommend being about 65 before you try to solo them

Edited, Fri Jul 22 17:22:37 2005
RE: manticore hair
# Jul 27 2005 at 1:27 PM Rating: Good
65 rdm could pwn these giant nasty beasts...just dont ask a drk to do it :P a samurai at 65 could put up a good fight, just sub ninja. At first i thought the Event that was coming up was gonna give these hats out but when i see a cutting i said oh...darn.. i heard there was a hidden effect, you know those hnm's right, these surposeingly reduce true aggro range by 45% anyway you shouldnt be that close to the suckers now arent you :P
RE: manticore hair
# Jul 29 2005 at 1:05 AM Rating: Decent
49 posts
Man these guys must be super easy or im just damn good or something if a THF60/RNG30 could solo these w/o bloody bolts they are nothing to worry about.
RE: manticore hair
# Sep 16 2005 at 11:54 AM Rating: Good
722 posts
Yeah uh... at THF61/NIN30 I can solo them without getting hit once. They're quite easy.
black pearl
# Jul 22 2005 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
73 posts
black pearls are seling for 95k+ on diabolos.....
RE: black pearl
# Jul 23 2005 at 4:46 PM Rating: Default
73 posts
dropped to 26k overnight, kinda irritating since i just put one up for 96k after bcnm from Sunday before update ><
RE: black pearl
# Jul 29 2005 at 10:33 PM Rating: Decent
73 posts
this was due to the new beastmen helms, kinda like the whole silaca thing. sry yall thought my coment was made at a bad time. but man did i really deserve a rate down so harshly on this ><
# Jul 21 2005 at 10:21 AM Rating: Decent
Manticores drop the hair...... just head to Kuftal Tunnel zone.
# Jul 21 2005 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
2,214 posts
They had better introduce a new way to get manticore hair... This is just pathetic. There is already a drive for stacks of ninja tools and the price is out of control (I know it will stabilize shortly, but still)... The reason for this post... is jst to vent frustration, the manticore hair is the primary ingredient to Hirashin? Which currently sells for 25k a stack... or if you do the math... 300K AT A MINIUM for a stack of toolbags:(...

Oh well, time to find out what I need to do to farm this stuff:(...

# Jul 22 2005 at 11:58 AM Rating: Good
1,056 posts
Hiraishin is goldsmithing and doesn't use manticore hair. It is silver ingot + copper ingot, so that's not why the price skyrocketed, it's the fact that a lot of people want to go buy 12 stacks of em that did that.
# Jul 21 2005 at 6:56 AM Rating: Decent
I want these soo badly
# Jul 21 2005 at 4:42 AM Rating: Decent
deleted post

Edited, Thu Jul 21 05:54:47 2005
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