icon Laurel Crown  

Auction House: Armor - Head
Charges: 1
Recast Time: 1 hour
Activation Time: 30 seconds

Laurel Crown
[Head] All RacesLv.1 All Jobs
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Enchantment Cost

  • Expends 20 Ballista points to teleport.

Final Fantasy XI

Category: Final Fantasy XI
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Not JP
# Aug 03 2007 at 11:35 PM Rating: Decent
Yeah Edarion, a PLD and leader of The Mystical Order got one of them. I'll ask him next time who the other 5 were on the team. They also won pretty nice PC's with ToAU or CoP logos on them. I forget which one.

Edited, Aug 4th 2007 3:39am by solielj
Not JP
# Aug 03 2007 at 11:31 PM Rating: Decent

Edited, Aug 4th 2007 3:36am by solielj
# Mar 15 2006 at 6:01 PM Rating: Default
I heard someone say only six of these exist in game?

There are only 12. 6 for the japanese ballista royale champions and 6 for the american ballista royale champions. All 12 of these only exist in the Siren server, so if you're not from siren don't even bother looking for them, Siren is awesome like that.
# Oct 11 2005 at 3:50 AM Rating: Decent
Same as the Stars caps on my server, expend ballista points to ballista teleport. its a convenience and a badge of honor, thats all.
#REDACTED, Posted: Oct 10 2005 at 12:08 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Hmm but what dose it do..And you know these 6 pretty little *** are going to put a price on this crown that it is out of this world.
RE: $-$
# Oct 29 2005 at 11:26 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Soulmage, like CBytor said, it's Rare/Ex so they can't really do anything bout it... just please check it b4 trying to post something smart. That would help a lot more people.
RE: $-$
# Oct 22 2005 at 8:53 PM Rating: Decent
Well, if you look at it, its Rare exclusive... so no their not. You can also bet that because its so prestigious that even if it wasn't they wouldn't sell it. >.>
# Oct 04 2005 at 8:28 AM Rating: Decent
1,853 posts
Only 6 Exist In Game atm, on the winning team of the japanese ballista royale for all servers
RE: Hmm
# Oct 05 2005 at 6:42 PM Rating: Default
3,379 posts
I'm kind of assuming the JP winners of these six wonderful little crowns don't really plan to post anything here, but I'm on Siren with them and could try to gain some specs on what they do (or if they know either).

*Edit* The enchantment (if you click on it...) will warp you to the Tavnazian Safehold.

Edited, Wed Oct 5 19:52:48 2005
what does it do!??!?!
# Oct 03 2005 at 7:59 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
what does it do?? ive seen the enchantment before but i never figured out what it did...hmm?
Ballista points
# Oct 03 2005 at 2:26 PM Rating: Default
Hoe exciting you can recharge it too
Ballista Royale
# Oct 03 2005 at 5:43 AM Rating: Decent
1,453 posts
This is the reward for taking top prize in Ballista Royale.
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