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Faith Baghnakhs
(Hand-to-Hand) All RacesLv.73 MNK/NIN

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how do i obtain these they are very nice
# Apr 13 2006 at 6:01 PM Rating: Default
I would love to know what drops these or are they quested plz help me out
RE: how do i obtain these they are very nice
# Apr 23 2006 at 12:33 PM Rating: Decent
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get an LS that has members who have sea access..

pop jailor of faith...

kill jailor of faith...

have everyone /sigh when the bagnhakhs drop and not hte deed.

jump for joy that you actually need the bagnhaks and get to lot it!
Personal Experience
# Feb 19 2006 at 2:16 AM Rating: Excellent
Okay, I own these and have used them for a month now and this is how they work.

With MNK/WAR, still the highest number of atks I can make in a round is 5, 2 orginal punchs, 2 additional punchs, and then kick. Never did I attack more then 5 times in one given round. The additional attacks this weapon gives you is just like Double Attack trait and when you have two multi hit traits, they do NOT stack (ex. Double Attack and Triple Attack on THF/WAR).

As for DoT, it does remarkably well for the DMG it has. When it says 'occasionally', thing Kraken club. This does the Double Attack 9 out of 10 times for me. I was doing 2 WSs to every 1 that a person with Destroyers was doing and they even had black belt and Byakko's Haidate and I don't have either. The damage I was doing in WSs was 700-1000 and 800-1100 with Berserk on so it doesn't do puny damage for WSs like some people think they would. The DMG part of a H2H is misleading on how much damage they the weapon can do. Can't wait to try them out when I get Faith Torque.

As MNK/NIN, these are extraordinary. I used them for a Dynamis run and TP builds so fast that I was pulling hate on the mobs because of all the WSs I was doing. The only down side is that to make it through one dynamis, I need 7 stacks of Virtue Stones. I go through 1 stack every 20~25 minutes.

As for the MND part of it, it's nice, but anyone that has Kirin Pole should use that instead. A little hint here on Chi Blast; your Attack has nothing to do with the damage Chi Blast does. Example: my staff skill is 242 right now and my chi blast range from 1200-1600. A friend of mine has a staff skill of 98 with same equipment as me and his Chi Blast does 1200-1600. If ATK had anything to do with Chi Blast, mine should be doing way more damage. Don't let that 'urban legend' of attack makes Chi Blast better get set in your mind if you want to be a good Chi Blasting MNK.

Edited, Sun Feb 19 01:18:10 2006
RE: Personal Experience
# Apr 20 2006 at 8:30 AM Rating: Decent
perhaps people think attack effects it because boosting does
# Feb 06 2006 at 12:23 PM Rating: Decent
Ok had a chance to check these out, they are indeed good. The low dmg makes ws less than spectacular, but the DoT is unreal. With brutal earing and war sub you can expect 2x atk 75% of the time, and any time the 2x atk kicks in from the faith's a stone is consumed. This means carry a lot of them like a rng with ammo. also the 2x atk of /war is seperate from the 2x atk of the faith, so u can punch up to 4x per atk rnd, just happens more often. Fun stuff try /rdm en- spells and /drk souleater with these just make sure u have a xp buffer lol. As far as chi-blast, Kirin's pole cause when u chi-blast u can't atk or the boost goes away anyhow so idk why its even disscussed. Maybe if u wanna save inventory space and just carry faith i guess. Have fun ^^

Edited, Mar 29th 2007 4:14pm by Sylvii
#REDACTED, Posted: Jan 28 2006 at 5:50 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) you guys seem to be forgetting the most important thing about these. The mnd bonus on a h2h weapon. Most mnk haven't properly lvled staff by the time they start making sky runs. the crap attack you will have from low staff skill will lessen the amount you can do on chi blast. with my less than spectacular gear I can chi blast for 750-900 on a god with war sub. give me these and a properly lvled whm sub and I'll jump that to 1300-1500 easily.
Any Good?
# Jan 24 2006 at 11:58 AM Rating: Decent
Anyone have these tried them out yet? From the stats they look like garbage even if they double atk almost every time. +9dmg ws is gunna sux, will get ok DoT but delay113... this sux. I'm quite happy with destroyers doubt I would waste the MH space for these. Unless I hear otherwise like they have a killer latent or something.
Double Attack on MNK
# Oct 24 2005 at 3:16 PM Rating: Decent
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In regards to the ppl posting about double attack as it pertains to MNK:

MNK has 2 attacks normally. And they are basically independent attacks. Both of them CAN have a Double Attack.

So, sometimes you will see 3 punches (and pretty much more often than not), but sometimes you will see 4.

I am omitting Kick Attacks since they dont have anything whatsoever to do with Double Attack.

So MNK/WAR with these things could be a fairly impressive thing to behold.
double attack
# Oct 18 2005 at 11:09 PM Rating: Decent
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Double attack adds a chance to punch after EACH of the two punces in an attack round. I'm absolutely positivly sure. Not including counters or Faith stone, the maximum attacks per round are 5 (punch punch punch punch kick). Ive gotten up to 28tp per attack round. If this effect from Faith stone stacks w/ double attack the TP gain is mind boggling o.o
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Some interesting info
# Oct 17 2005 at 7:37 AM Rating: Decent
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This droped from the jailer of faith, and the monk in our sea linkshell got the drop. He has told me this weapon's double attack stacks with any other ability such as when you sub warrior. So he punches, kicks, and 75% of the time does a whole extra set of them because of these. If he subs warrior, it can attack even more.

He also goes through virtue stones like crazy. These are some of the best H2H a mnk can use. Best to save for special occations because of virtue stone useage.

Edited, Mon Oct 17 08:47:07 2005
It would be 4 attacks
# Oct 16 2005 at 1:03 PM Rating: Decent
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During my war days I used hand to hand from time to time while soloing, the double attack only added a single punch attack. Ex: Punch Punch (normal) Punch (Double Attack).

Now, I'm 99.999% Positive this will only add a 4th punch attack with a war sub and when both the weapon effect and double attack kicked in.

I once saw a video of a Rdm soloing Bonnacon dual weilding a Kraken Club and Joyeuse, the added attacks only applied to the weapon in that hand. Ex: Attack Attack followed by say 4 additional hits from the Kraken club. Then it would swing to the new attack round with both weapons a few seconds later.

All of those lead me to believe that this would add one additional attack from this weapon.

Now if someone has this weapon and makes a video that would put an end to this pondering and debating.

Edit: Add in any kick attacks and counters

Edited, Sun Oct 16 14:21:57 2005
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# Oct 16 2005 at 1:50 AM Rating: Decent
punch punch(normal) punch punch (double attack) punch punch (weapon effect) kick (kick attacks effect) punch (counter) that makes 8 possible but most likely u want do more than 6.
RE: hmmm
# Oct 29 2005 at 1:49 AM Rating: Default
Um no...
You cant have the weapon effect go off after a regular attack AND a multi-hit trait proc
The weapon effect can only go off after the original attack(s)

Weapon effects such as this DO NOT stack with Double Attack or Triple Attack traits

And a Monks counter is not included into the round of attacks because the attack chain is interupted along with the TP gain flow
Counter is a standalone attack, and does not link to any other attacks, only occasionally goes off after a round of attacks

Edited, Sat Oct 29 03:00:41 2005
# Oct 15 2005 at 6:14 PM Rating: Decent
Double attack only ever adds 1 extra swing
# Oct 15 2005 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
It's true. I've run around as my WAR with just my fists and only ever swung 3 times, so the most any MNK could ever get in is 5 hits. 2 punches, a kick, and tripple attack for 2 more punches.
MNK double atk
# Oct 15 2005 at 12:33 PM Rating: Default
for mnk double atk means that u hit once if u proc it u hit 4 but its mainly 3 hits
Monk Power
# Oct 15 2005 at 11:44 AM Rating: Good
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Actually, a full double attack is 5 attacks.

Punch, punch, [doubles]punch, punch, and then a kick.

So if it attacked twice, you could get(from what I gather).

Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, [doubles]punch, punch, and a kick.
# Oct 14 2005 at 11:54 PM Rating: Decent
You dont see a lot of NIN using Hand-to-Hand weapons. Still is nice.
# Oct 14 2005 at 11:49 PM Rating: Decent
Mnd is nice for those chi blasting mnks who dont have kirin's pole.
# Oct 14 2005 at 11:22 PM Rating: Decent
If you were to attack twice with this thing, would you end up hitting 4 times?
RE: Twice?
# Oct 15 2005 at 10:21 AM Rating: Decent
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theoretically yes, and then factor in a war sub's 'double attack' and you start getting headaches... uh so maybe like 8 punches possible in a single round plus any kicks and counters that mnks can do.
RE: Twice?
# Oct 26 2005 at 11:26 AM Rating: Decent
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most of the time, abilities that do the same basic thing don't stack on top of each other, meaning... double attack has a chance to do an extra hit (per normal hit) so...

with these weapons, you have 2 punches.
with a virtue stone, you have a chance to do an extra punch (for each of the standard 2 punches) so a possible 4 (punch, virtue stone punch; punch, virtue stone punch)
with war you then have a chance to add another hit (per standard: referring to the oringinal 2 punches)
so a total of 6, (regular punch), (virtue stone punch), (double attack punch): (regular punch), (virtue stone punch), (double attack punch). and a chance for a kick. so a total possible 7 hits.
(if double attack worked both times, and the weapons effect worked both times, and a kick occured)
RE: Twice?
# Oct 15 2005 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
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double attack from war does not make it double the number of attacks lol, im pretty sure that as a monk it only adds one :/

so with double attack and this weapon u could get 4 attacks
RE: Twice?
# Oct 21 2005 at 6:44 PM Rating: Decent
As a 70 mnk who's subbed war his entire career, i can positively, without a doubt, tell you that /war's double attack trait adds up to 2 additional attacks, making a grand total of 5 attacks for a 51+ mnk. attack (chance of double attack) attack (chance of double attack) (chance of kick). You're only ever guaranteed 2 attacks a round, but have the chance to do up to 3 extra attacks including the kick.

I don't understand the "debate" on this. Any nin/war 50+, war/nin 25+ or mnk/war 50+ knows this to be how double attack works.
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