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A simple flowerpot made of wood.
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I Would Like to Know the Gardening Element of the Wooden Pot
# Sep 04 2006 at 3:40 PM Rating: Decent
62 posts
Hello Everyone, I am hoping to expand the moderate amount of Gardening knowledge that I have learned, thanks to www.allakhazam.com Gardening Guides, as well as other sources. I would really appreciate the help.

In general, you must look at the elements of everything that has to do with the elemental properties of gardening, including the pot, seed, crystal, plant day(s), feed days, harvest day, the relationship between Moon Phases and their affect on the elements of these properties. You must look at how all of these elements relate, through each items strong element, or the element the item is strong against like Fire to Ice, as well as through their weak element, or the element that item is weak to, such as Fire to Water. It is usually easy to tell if you completely mess up a gardening attempt. As a general guideline, if you "over-fertilize" your plant, it will be infested with the vermin, and you will get a crop of little worms. If you "Under-fertilize" your plant, the potting soil will undergo salinity, and you will get a crop of rock salt. Getting a crop other than that for which you were aiming does not mean you failed. My empirical evidence suggests that at the very end, when it comes time to harvest, even if you know every elemental and lunar property that affects gardening, and you completed the growing properly, the ultimate result is still based on some kind of sick random generator Square-Enix put in to determine the final result. In other words, the ultimate outcome, assuming you did everything right, is at least partially random. I believe with proper gardening, this randomness is usually reduced from between 2-5 crops, and the percentage of each crop is affected by how you set up your garden, as well as a hindered different variables we will most likely never know. As an example of these rules and how the days affect the crop, here is another very important general guideline: You will almost always end up with little worms if you harvest on the day whose elemental attribute is weak vs. the elemental attributes of both the seed and the feed crystal. For example, if you planted grain seeds and then fed the plant with a fire crystal, you will most likely be fishing for moat carp (you will most likely get a crop of little worms). Smiley: banghead This is because the elemental attribute of grain seeds is fire.

With all this being said, it is important to keep in-mind the elemental attributes of the seeds and pots. So for those of you that do not know, here they are, and for those of you that do know, please tell me the element that belongs with the '?' mark, in this case, wildgrass (which was the main point of this article):

The elemental breakdown for pots is this:

Brass = Fire
Earthen = Earth
Ceramic = Water
Porcelain = Wind
Wooden = ?
Arcane = ?

The elemental breakdown for seeds is this:

Grain = Fire
Vegetable = Earth
Fruit = Water
Herb = Wind
Tree Cuttings = Ice
Tree Saplings = Dark
Cactus Stems = Light
Wildgrass Seeds = ?

* As you can tell from the chart above, I do not know the elemental attribute for the Arcane Pot, the Wooden Pot you can fish in a quest, and the new wildgrass seeds. So if anyone knows this, please post it.

The reason for knowing these elements is because they not only allow you to have a better chance of growing the plant you want, but you can figure out easier ways to grow plants you can normally grow so easily. For instance, because the original seeds' elements are Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire; and the original pots' elements are Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire as well, it makes it much more of a pain and contribution of time to grow a Purple Rock than an Yellow Rock , for example. And you can grown more Yellow Rocks at a time than Purple Rocks. This is just a very basic example.

So please, help me out on the elements, and I promise when I complete the first draft of my notes, I will write a very good Gardening Guide for Everyone. And I WILL give credit to everyone that has help me in any of my information gathering. And as far as Information Gathering, if you are like me, and keep a chart of all the gardening attempts you make, along with the results you achieved, and you are feeling generous, please email these results to zaldor@infchaosdrd.net, or infchaosdrd@sbcglobal.net, or to my PlayOnline Email, which is infchaosdrd@pol.com. It would be nice to get an email on that server that is not in Japanese. Also, if you have it in a file of almost any sort like Excel, Access, Text Delimited, etc., go ahead and attach that as well, as that is the important stuff. And I would also love to read emails of Gardening theories, especially from other Gardening Pros and Semi-Pros, even if there is no data to go along with it. Thank you all a million, and send me a tell if you can find the time--I would be overjoyed to hear from you. I have all my characters on the Alexander Server. Zaldor is my main battle/everything but gardening character. And I have one gardening mule named Xane, who has a Bastok Greenhouse--10 pots with 150+ Overflowing Earth Energy, which help to grow plants. I would recommend dedicating a Greenhouse to one of the three cities. Certain things will grow better depending on which city your greenhouse resides in. Well, Good Luck!

Happy Gardening! Smiley: yippee

Thank You,
Zaldor of Alexander, Citizen of Windurst
Feel Free To Send Me a Tell Anytime!

Brigand's Chart quest change
# Dec 12 2005 at 7:37 PM Rating: Excellent
Items marked as “Rare” have been removed from the rewards obtainable through the Brigand's Chart quest. This change will reduce the chance of empty treasure chests appearing.

this was in the update in Decemeber 12, 2005
RE: Brigand's Chart quest change
# Dec 19 2005 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
776 posts
After checking the AH, it appears that the item is no longer rare. I assume it is still obtained from the same quest.
RE: Brigand's Chart quest change
# Dec 19 2005 at 10:40 AM Rating: Decent
776 posts
Since I can't, for whatever reason, submit an edit to my post, I'll just make a reply.

It's also worth mentioning that the item is now earth-based. This gives it the same element as all of the other flowerpots.
Hmmm, light energy?
# Nov 22 2005 at 8:21 PM Rating: Decent
487 posts
Somebody ought to try using wooden pots for growing platinum nuggets, if they have light element.
Zaub of Bastok/Cerberus:
Taru, 17/20@90
Bone 100+3+Sign/Leather 60+1
Alch/Wood/Cook/Cloth/Smith/Goldsmith 60
GS 51/Smith 53/Fishing 29
How good is this?
# Nov 22 2005 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
102 posts
I was wondering what anyone has grown in this, and how the harvest was different from the other pots?
Little info
# Nov 06 2005 at 4:01 PM Rating: Excellent
77 posts
First off, you need to complete the "Inside the Belly" quest in Selbina. The type of fish you need to turn into him is called a Bhelfel Marlin. There fished up off the Ferry between Selbina and Mhaura. When you turn them in you have a chance of either a Pirate's Chart(Valkurm Dunes)or a Brigard's Chart(Buburimu Peninsula).

Once you have the Brigard's Chart in hand, head to Buburimu Peninsula(Khoonta Dunes). Make sure you bring a friend high enough to kill some fish around lvl 20. Have your friend in party with you. Trade the chart the the ??? and an old man will appear and want you to get his penquin ring for him(you can see it shining in the water). You'll get lvl capped at 20, but your friend in party wont(he gets to stay his/her lvl and still kill mobs you pull up). Now start fishing like crazy, only stop to turn around to open your Treasure chest that you pull up. You dont want to wait till its over to open the chest, they will vanish when its all over.

I usually am able to fish about 4 times before the session is over. Drops I usually get is the Wooden Flowerpot, Sky Pot, Blue Pitcher.

Other items that have obtained:

Rusty Subligar
Penquin Ring^^
Gold Beastcoins(I never get any, but ppl say they have)

Oh and the stats on this flowerpot:

Light Energy +1
Storage +1
Mogenhancment Fishing(Items)

Edited, Sun Nov 6 16:39:34 2005
Brigand's Chart?
# Nov 06 2005 at 1:30 PM Rating: Decent
72 posts
Which type of fish were given to Zaldon to get this chart?
Brigand's Chart Reward
# Oct 30 2005 at 4:24 PM Rating: Good
You get this from the event in Buburimu Penn. started by "Brigand's Chart" (rare/ex) which is given by Zaldon (Selbina NPC) as a random reward in "Inside the Belly" quest. In the event, you are capped at 20 and noone else may join. You fish up treasure chests and mobs. My 2hred Leech (tough) as BST could easily dispatch the mobs. This flowerpot is one of the items you get from the chests you fish up.
# Oct 30 2005 at 7:08 AM Rating: Default
So how is this obtained is it by quest is it dropped is it crafted anyone know?
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