Quests Involving Giddeus

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Crisis in the Making (R)10Windurst Waters Ranpi-Monpi (E - 9) 400 Gil  General  
BCNM Orbs (R)40Port Jeuno Shami (H - 8) Star Orb, Sky Orb, Moon Orb, Lachesis Orb, Comet Orb, Cloudy Orb, Clotho Orb, Atropos Orb  BCNM  
Blessed Radiance1Upper Jeuno Luto Mewrilah (G - 8) Max Fellowship Bond 90  Fellowship Quest  
Early Bird Catches the Bookworm1Windurst Waters Tosuka-Porika (G - 8) 1500 Gil Savior of Knowledge General  
Garrison - Sarutabaruta Region20West Sarutabaruta Dragon Chronicles, Garrison Hose, Mannequin Feet, Garrison Tunica, Garrison Sallet, Garrison Gloves, Garrison Boots, Mannequin Legs, 2000 Gil  Garrison  
Journey Abroad18Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 3, 3000 Gil Certified Adventurer Mission  
Kazham Airship Pass1Port Jeuno Guddal (I - 7) Kazham Airship Pass  General  
Mihgo's Amigo (R)1Windurst Woods Nanaa Mihgo (J - 3) 200 Gil Cat Burglar Groupie General  
Saintly Invitation1Windurst Woods Any Gate Guard Ashura Necklace, Rank 7, 40000 Gil Victor of the Balga Contest Mission  
The Emissary10Metalworks Malduc & Naji Rank 3, 3000 Gil Certified Adventurer Mission  
The Lost Book0Windurst Waters (S) n/a Scroll of Retrace  General  
The Price of Peace8Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 2, 1000 Gil  Mission  
Water Way to Go (R)1Windurst Waters Ohbiru-Dohbiru (J - 9) 900 Gil  General