Quests Starting in Bearclaw Pinnacle

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Brothers (R)0Bearclaw Pinnacle Zebada (F - 12) Martial Lance, Martial Anelace, Cassia Lumber, Dragon Bone, Scouter's Rope, Hedgehog Bomb, Scroll of Raise III, Eltoro Leather, Cloud Evoker, Forager's Mantle  ENM  
Follow The White Rabbit (R)0Bearclaw Pinnacle Zebada (F - 12) Venturer's Belt, Shamo, Martial Sword, Serene Ring, Scroll of Raise III, Viridian Urushi, Cloud Evoker, Galateia, Kejusu Satin  ENM  
Holy Cow (R)0Bearclaw Pinnacle Zebada (F - 12) Cassia Lumber, Psilos Mantle, Dragon Bone, Scroll of Raise III, Martial Bow, Cloud Evoker, Gigant Mantle, Eltoro Leather, Martial Knuckles  ENM  
Taurassic Park (R)1Bearclaw Pinnacle Laceratrice, Olympus Sash,    HKCNM  
When Hell Freezes Over (R)1Bearclaw Pinnacle Zebada (F - 12) Scroll of Raise III, Settler's Cape, Kejusu Satin, Viridian Urushi, Cloud Evoker, Galateia, Martial Gun, Hexerei Cape, Martial Staff, Martial Bhuj  ENM