Quests Starting in Selbina

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
An Explorer's Footsteps1Selbina Abelard Selbina Clay, Map of Crawlers' Nest, Varies  Map  
Cargo1Selbina Vuntar 800 Gil  General  
Donate to Recycling1Selbina Romeo (G - 9) Wastebasket Ecologist General  
Elder Memories18Selbina Isacio Ability to Add a Support Job  Job Related  
Inside the Belly (R)1Selbina Zaldon Pirate's Chart, Mercurial Sword, Dwarf Pugil, Drill Calamary, Philosopher's Stone, Dark Bass, Ancient Sword, Trident, Opal Silk, Saber Shoot, Brigand's Chart, Gold Ingot, Earth Wand, Blue Pitcher, Mildewy Ingot, Flat Shield, Stolid Breastplate, Decayed Ingot, Robber Rig, Tiny Tathlum, Pearl, Black Pearl, Turquoise Ring, Blue Rock, Poison Dust, Broken Halcyon Fishing Rod, Twinthread, Puffin Ring, Drone Earring, Risky Patch, Black Ink, Flame Shield, Silver Ring, Venom Dust, Broken Hume Fishing Rod, Rusty Greatsword, Broken Mithran Fishing Rod, Mola Mola, Noddy Ring, Wyvern Skin, Peiste Skin, Lapis Lazuli, Solon Torque, Paralysis Dust, Aizenkunitoshi  General  
Only The Best (R)1Selbina Melyon (I - 9)   General  
Picture Perfect1Selbina Diederik (G - 10) Adventuring Fellow Level Limit Raised to 55 Team Player Fellowship Quest  
Test My Mettle1Selbina Devean (I - 9)   General  
The Gift1Selbina Oswald Sleep Dagger  General  
The Real Gift1Selbina Oswald Glass Fiber Fishing Rod  General  
The Rescue25Selbina Thunder Hawk Map of Ranguemont Pass, 3000 Gil Honorary Citizen of Selbina Map  
Under the Sea1Selbina Yaya Amber Earring Li'l Cupid General  

Quests Involving Selbina

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Boy's Dream - PLD AF2 (R)50Northern San d'Oria Ailbeche (J - 8) Gallant Leggings  Artifact  
Expertise1Mhaura Take (I - 8) Tableware Set Three-star Purveyor General  
Granddaddy Dearest (R)1Western Adoulin Alienor (E - 8)    General  
His Name is Valgeir1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) Map of Toraimarai Canal  Map  
PM 6-3 More Questions Than Answers1Ru'Lude Gardens Pherimociel (G - 6)   Mission  
Researchers from the West1Ru'Lude Gardens Anastase (G - 9) Trail Cookie,    General  
Signed in Blood1Southern San d'Oria Sobane (D - 6) Cunning Earring, 3500 Gil  General  
The Basics1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) Tea Set Five-Star Purveyor General  
The Tenshodo Showdown - THF AF1 (R)40Windurst Woods Nanaa Mihgo (J - 3) Marauder's Knife  Artifact