Quests Starting in Mhaura

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Potter's Preference (R)1Mhaura Nereus (I - 8) 2160 Gil  General  
Enif and Adhara Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Enif Corazza, Enif Cosciales, Enif Gambieras, Enif Manopolas, Enif Zucchetto, Adhara Crackows, Adhara Gages, Adhara Manteel, Adhara Seraweels, Adhara Turban,    Side Quest  
Expertise1Mhaura Take (I - 8) Tableware Set Three-star Purveyor General  
Fisherman's Heart (R)1Mhaura Katsunaga (H - 9)   General  
His Name is Valgeir1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) Map of Toraimarai Canal  Map  
Homam and Nashira Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Homam Corazza, Homam Cosciales, Homam Gambieras, Homam Manopolas, Homam Zuchetto, Nashira Crackows, Nashira Gages, Nashira Manteel, Nashira Seraweels, Nashira Turban  Side Quest  
It's Raining Mannequins!1Mhaura Fyi Chalmwoh (G - 8) Tarutaru F Mannequin, Tarutaru M Mannequin, Mithra Mannequin, Hume M Mannequin, Hume F Mannequin, Galka Mannequin, Elvaan M Mannequin, Elvaan F Mannequin  General  
Murzim Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Murzim Gambieras, Murzim Cosciales, Murzim Corazza, Murzim Manopolas, Murzim Zucchetto,    Side Quest  
Orlando's Antiques20Mhaura Orlando (G - 9) Varies  General  
Recycling Rods1Mhaura Keshab-Menjab (H - 9) 1500 Gil  General  
Rycharde the Chef1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) 1500 Gil Purveyor In Training General  
Shedir Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Shedir Crackows, Shedir Gages, Shedir Manteel, Shedir Seraweels, Shedir Turban,    Side Quest  
The Basics1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) Tea Set Five-Star Purveyor General  
The Clue1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) 3000 Gil Four-star Purveyor General  
The Old Lady18Mhaura Vera (G - 10) Ability to Add Sub-Job  Job Related  
The Sand Charm1Mhaura Blandine (I - 9) Map of Bostaunieux Oubliette  Map  
Trial By Lightning1Mhaura Ripapa (I - 9) Ramuh's Staff, Lightning Ring, Lightning Belt, Elder Branch, 10000 Gil Heir of the Great Lightning Job Related  
Trial Size Trial by Lightning20Mhaura Lacia (I - 9)   General  
Unending Chase1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) 2100 Gil Two-star Purveyor General  
Way of the Cook1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) 1500 Gil One-star Purveyor General  

Quests Involving Mhaura

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Thief in Norg!? - SAM AF3 (R)50Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Myochin Kabuto Paragon of Samurai Excellence Artifact  
Behind the Smile1Tavnazian Safehold Enaremand Mannequin Pumps  General  
Carbuncle Debacle - SMN AF3 (R)50Windurst Walls Ripapa (I - 9) Evoker's Horn Paragon of Summoner Excellence Artifact  
Granddaddy Dearest (R)1Western Adoulin Alienor (E - 8)    General  
I'll Take The Big Box - NIN AF2 (R)50Norg Ryoma (H - 8) Ninja Hakama  Artifact  
Knocking on Forbidden Doors1Tavnazian Safehold Enaremand   General  
Overnight Delivery1Windurst Waters Kenapa-Keppa (J - 9) Power Gi  General  
Researchers from the West1Ru'Lude Gardens Anastase (G - 9) Trail Cookie,    General  
Riding on the Clouds (Limit Break 4)61Ru'Lude Gardens Maat (H - 5) Raises Level Cap to 70 Cloud Breaker Limit Break  
Unbridled Passion - RNG AF3 (R)50Windurst Woods Perih Vashai (K - 7) Ice Arrow, Hunter's Socks Paragon of Ranger Excellence Artifact