Quests Involving Tahrongi Canyon

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
2010 Starlight Celebration1Bastok Mines Kanonenofen,    Special Event  
2011 Starlight Celebration1Bastok Markets Moogle Dream Robe +1, Dream Hat +1, Dream Hat, Dream Robe, Dream Coffer, Dream Pants +1, Dream Pants, Dream Platter, Dream Stocking, Dream Trousers +1, Dream Trousers, Couronne Des Etoiles, Silberkranz, Leafberry Wreath, Kanonenofen, Pot Topper, Dream Bell +1, Dream Bell, Dream Boots +1, Dream Boots,    Special Event  
2012 Feast of Swords (R)1Southern San d'Oria Moogle Elvaan Mochi, Galka Mochi, Lotus Katana, Hume Mochi, Tarutaru Mochi, Kabuto-kazari, Katana-kazari, Ibushi Shinai +1, Shinai, Hardwood Katana, Federation Stables Scarf, Kingdom Stables Collar, Republic Stables Medal,    Special Event  
2012 Happy New Year1Windurst Woods Moogle    Special Event  
A New Menace75Ru'Lude Gardens White Stratum Abyssite V, Voidwatch Alarum, , 50000 Gil   General  
A Testing Time25Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 2-3  Mission  
An Explorer's Footsteps1Selbina Abelard Selbina Clay, Map of Crawlers' Nest, Varies  Map  
Chocobilious10Windurst Woods Kuoh Rhel (K - 12) 1500 Gil  General  
Dances with Luopans30Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Matre Bell, Plate of Indi-Poison,    Job Related  
Mandragora-Mad (R)1Windurst Walls Yoran-Oran (E - 5) Monetary (Varies)  General  
Middle Lands Investigation1Ru'Lude Gardens Anastase (G - 9) Trail Cookie,    General  
Rycharde the Chef1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) 1500 Gil Purveyor In Training General  
Say It with Flowers (R)1Windurst Waters Moari-Kaaori (C - 9) Iron Sword Cupid's Florist General  
The Mog Tablets1Ru'Lude Gardens Explorer Moogle (H - 9) Bloodwood Log, Talaria, Kupofried's Ring, Adaman Ingot, Noble's Bed,    Side Quest  
The Postman Always K.O.s Twice (R)1Windurst Walls Ambrosius (J - 12) 500 Gil  General  
Trial 109275Ru'Lude Gardens Magian Moogle (H - 5) Kartika,    General  
Trial 113875Ru'Lude Gardens Magian Moogle (H - 5) Mantis,    General  
Trial 1200 (R)75Ru'Lude Gardens Magian Moogle (H - 5) Nobilis,    General  
Trial 1246 (R)75Ru'Lude Gardens Magian Moogle (H - 5) Albion,    General  
Trial 129275Ru'Lude Gardens Magian Moogle (H - 5) Bonebiter,    General  
Trial 150 (R)75Ru'Lude Gardens Magian Moogle (H - 5) Schiavona,    General  
Way of the Cook1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) 1500 Gil One-star Purveyor General