Quests Starting in Abyssea-Altepa

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Brygid the Stylist Strikes Back (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Brygid (Abyssea) (D - 11) Stearc Subligar, Bale Seal: Body, Navarch's Seal: Body, Ferine Seal: Body, Orison Seal: Body, Aoidos' Seal: Body,    General  
Classrooms Without Borders (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Moreno-Toeno (Abyssea) (K - 5) Ferine Seal: Hands, Iga Seal: Hands, Ravager's Seal: Hands, Creed Seal: Hands,    General  
Help Not Wanted (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Ken (Abyssea) (G - 8) Charis Seal: Hands, Lancer's Seal: Hands, Orison Seal: Hands, Cirque Seal: Hands,    General  
Look to the Sky30Abyssea-Altepa Alisa (Abyssea) (C - 11) Emerald Abyssite of Expertise,    General  
Motherly Love30Abyssea-Altepa Alisa (Abyssea) (C - 11)    General  
Proof of the Lion (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Excenmille (Abyssea) (G - 11) Charis Seal: Body, Creed Seal: Body, Raider's Seal: Body, Goetia Seal: Body, Unkai Seal: Body,    General  
Slacking Subordinates (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Chumimi (Abyssea) (G - 7) Cirque Seal: Body, Mavi Seal: Body, Ravager's Seal: Body, Sylvan Seal: Body, Estoqueur's Seal: Body,    General  
The Secret Ingredient (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Nogelle (Abyssea) (K - 5) Navarch's Seal: Hands, Sylvan Seal: Hands, Tantra Seal: Hands, Unkai Seal: Hands,    General  
The Titus Touch1Abyssea-Altepa Titus (Abyssea) (G - 11)    General  
Trial 189580Abyssea-Altepa Magian Moogle (H - 5) Kila +1,    General  
Trial 1975Abyssea-Altepa Magian Moogle (H - 5) Dakini,    General  
Trial 191280Abyssea-Altepa Magian Moogle (H - 5)    General  
Trial 217180Abyssea-Altepa Magian Moogle (H - 5) Agni's Staff +1,    General  
Trial 217380Abyssea-Altepa magian    General  
Trial 228080Abyssea-Altepa Magian Moogle (H - 5)    General  
Trial 4699 (Alt. Duelist's Gloves +2)75Abyssea-Altepa Magian Moogle (Armor) (H - 5) Duelist's Gloves +2,    Armor Upgrade  

Quests Involving Abyssea-Altepa

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Beaked Blusterer0South Gustaberg Orgis    General  
Trial 2283 (R)75Ru'Lude Gardens Magian Moogle (H - 5) Twashtar,    General  
Trial 228575Ru'Lude Gardens Magian Moogle (H - 5) Parazonium +2,    General  
Trial 2307 (R)75Ru'Lude Gardens Magian Moogle (H - 5) Verethragna,    General