Quests Starting in Western Adoulin

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Certain Substitute Patrolman1Western Adoulin Rising Solstice (D - 9)    General  
A Pioneer's Best (Imaginary) Friend1Western Adoulin Merleg (H - 11) F.A.I.L. Badge,    General  
Always More, Quote the Raven1Western Adoulin Westerly Breeze (I - 5)  Friend to Gluttons  General  
An Extraordinary Gentleman1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Budding Prospects1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Dances with Luopans30Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Matre Bell, Plate of Indi-Poison,    Job Related  
Dark Clouds Ahead1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Do Not Go Into the Light1Western Adoulin Alianne    General  
Elementary, My Dear Sylvie66Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Level Cap Raised to 75   Geomancipator Limit Break  
Exotic Delicacies1Western Adoulin Flapano (I - 8) Plate of Flapano's Paella,    General  
F.A.I.L.ure Is Not an Option1Western Adoulin Clautaire (I - 12)    General  
Flowers for Svenja1Western Adoulin Alianne    General  
For Whom Do We Toil?1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8) Note detailing seditious plans,    Mission  
For Whom the Bell Tolls99Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Dowser's Wand, Filiae Bell, Silver Luopan,    Artifact  
Friction and Fissures1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Granddaddy Dearest (R)1Western Adoulin Alienor (E - 8)    General  
Hunger Strikes1Western Adoulin Westerly Breeze (I - 5)    General  
Hypocritical Oath1Western Adoulin    General  
In Search of Arciela1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Life on the Frontier1Western Adoulin Brenton (E - 8) Dinner Jacket, Dinner Invitation,    Mission  
Meeting of the Minds1Western Adoulin Brenton (E - 8)    Mission  
No Laughing Matter1Western Adoulin Peladi Shalmohr (G - 10)  Apprentice Tarutaru Sauce Manager  General  
Pioneer Registration1Western Adoulin Brenton (E - 8) Map of Adoulin, Pioneer's Badge,    Mission  
Raptor Rapture1Western Adoulin Pagnelle (G - 10)    General  
Return of the Exorcist1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
Scaredy-Cats1Western Adoulin Eamonn (E - 8) Reive Unity,    General  
The Bloodline of Zacariah99Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Geomancy Mitaines,    Artifact  
The Communion99Western Adoulin Sylvie (I - 5) Geomancy Pants,    Artifact  
The Key1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
The Light Shining in Your Eyes1Western Adoulin Levil (E - 8)    Mission  
The Man in Black1Western Adoulin Masad (G - 10)    Mission  
The Old Man and the Harpoon1Western Adoulin Jorin (J - 4)    General  
The Smallest of Favors1Western Adoulin    Mission  
The Starving1Western Adoulin Westerly Breeze (I - 5)    General  
To the Victor...1Western Adoulin    Mission  
Transporting1Western Adoulin Vaulois (H - 6)    General  
Vegetable Vegetable Revolution1Western Adoulin Rarab Tail,    General  
Western Waypoints, Ho!1Western Adoulin Alienor (E - 8)    General  

Quests Involving Western Adoulin

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Curse from the Past1Eastern Adoulin Ploh Trishbahk (K - 9)    Mission  
A Thirst for the Ages1Eastern Adoulin Roskin (H - 8)    General  
Calamity in the Kitchen1Eastern Adoulin Ploh Trishbahk (K - 9) Box of Adoulinian Tomatoes,    Mission  
Destiny's Device99Eastern Adoulin Octavien (I - 8) Runeist Coat,    Artifact  
Don't Ever Leaf Me1Eastern Adoulin Audibert (F - 9)    General  
Forging New Bonds99Eastern Adoulin Octavien (I - 8) Beorc Sword,    Artifact  
Keep Your Bloomers On, Erisa1Eastern Adoulin Erisa    General  
Meg-alomaniac1Eastern Adoulin Sharuru (F - 8)   Waypoint Warrior General  
Order Up1Celennia Memorial Library Reja Ygridhi (F - 9)    General  
Predators and Prey1Eastern Adoulin Ploh Trishbahk (K - 9)    Mission  
The Celennia Memorial Library1Celennia Memorial Library    Mission  
Wayward Waypoints0Eastern Adoulin Sharuru (F - 8)    General