Quests Starting in Metalworks

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Question of Faith1Metalworks Ayame (K - 7) 3000 Gil  General  
Bait and Switch (R)1Metalworks Salim (G - 7) Key Ring Belt  General  
Beadeaux Smog1Metalworks High Bear (I - 8) Chakram,  Beadeaux Surveyor General  
Cid's Secret1Metalworks Cid (H - 8) Ram Mantle  General  
Dark Legacy - DRK AF1 (R)40Metalworks Raibaht (G - 8) Raven Scythe  Artifact  
Dark Puppet - DRK AF2 (R)50Metalworks Cid (H - 8) Chaos Sollerets  Artifact  
Faded Promises1Metalworks Romualdo (K - 9) Fukuro Assassin Reject General  
Hyper Active1Metalworks Raibaht (G - 8) 3000 Gil  General  
Mean Machine1Metalworks Unlucky Rat (G - 7) Scroll of Warp  Spell  
Message on the Wind1Metalworks Romualdo (K - 9) Smart Grenade Windtalker General  
Out of the Depths1Metalworks Ayame (K - 7) 1200 Gil Trash Collector General  
PM 5-3 Three Paths1Metalworks Cid (H - 8) 1000 Exp per fight Treader of an Icy Past Mission  
PM 7-4 Calm Before the Storm1Metalworks Cid (H - 8)   Mission  
Return of the Talekeeper60Metalworks Any Gate Guard Rank 6-1  Mission  
Return to the Depths1Metalworks Ayame (K - 7) Bowyer Ring,    General  
Shoot First, Ask Questions Later - Marksmanship Weaponskill72Metalworks Cid (H - 8) Detonator  Weaponskill  
Smoke on the Mountain (R)1Metalworks Hungry Wolf (G - 9) 300 Gil Hot Dog General  
Stardust (R)15Metalworks Baldric (G - 9) 300 Gil  General  
Synergistic Pursuits0Metalworks Hildolf (F - 8) Synergy Crucible,    General  
Teak Me to the Stars1Metalworks Raibaht (G - 8) 2100 Gil  General  
The Darksmith1Metalworks Mighty Fist (G - 9) 8000 Gil  General  
The Emissary10Metalworks Malduc & Naji Rank 3, 3000 Gil Certified Adventurer Mission  
The Four Musketeers20Metalworks Cleades (D - 11) Rank 3-2  Mission  
The Gustaberg Tour1Metalworks Izabele (G - 8) 500 Gil Gustaberg Tourist General  
The Naming Game1Metalworks Raibaht (G - 8) 3600 Hyper Ultra Sonic Adventurer General  
The Pirates' Cove1Metalworks Any Gate Guard Rank 7, 40000 Gil  Mission  
The Weight of Your Limits - Great Axe Weaponskill71Metalworks Iron Eater (J - 8) Steel Cyclone  Weaponskill  
Too Many Chefs1Metalworks Ferghus (G - 9) Aileen's Delight  General  
True Strength - MNK AF3 (R)60Metalworks Ayame (K - 7) Temple Hose Paragon of Monk Excellence Artifact  
Wading Beasts8Metalworks Cleades (D - 11) Rank 2-3  Mission  

Quests Involving Metalworks

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
2012 Adventurer Appreciation Campaign1Bastok Markets Moogle Decennial Hose, Decennial Tiara, Decennial Crown +1, Decennial Ring, Decennial Tiara +1, Decennial Hose +1, Set of Banquet Table Wood, Decennial Tights +1, Decennial Tights, Decennial Crown, Memorial Cake, Decennial Dress, Set of Banquet Table Fabric, Decennial Dress +1, Decennial Coat +1, Banquet Table Blueprint, Decennial Coat,    Special Event  
A Geological Survey6Bastok Markets Cleades (D - 11) Rank 1-3  Mission  
Annihilator (Relic Gun)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Annihilator, Coronach  Relic  
Fires of Discontent1Bastok Markets (S) Engelhart (K - 10) 10000 Gil  General  
Give a Moogle a Break1Windurst Woods Your Resident Mog Increased Mog Safe Size Mog's Kind Master Storage  
Journey Abroad18Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 3, 3000 Gil Certified Adventurer Mission  
Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok)1Port Bastok Alib-Mufalib (K - 7) Blue Invitation Card  General  
PM 3-1 Call of the Wyrmking1South Gustaberg   Mission  
PM 5-1 The Enduring Tumult of War1Tavnazian Safehold   Mission  
PM 5-3 Three Paths1Metalworks Cid (H - 8) 1000 Exp per fight Treader of an Icy Past Mission  
PM 6-3 More Questions Than Answers1Ru'Lude Gardens Pherimociel (G - 6)   Mission  
PM 7-3 Fire in the Eyes of Men1Mine Shaft #2716   Mission  
Stamp Hunt1Bastok Markets Arawn (J - 10) Leather Gorget Stampeder General  
The Crystal Line8Bastok Markets Cleades (D - 11) Rank 2-2  Mission  
The Salt of the Earth75Bastok Markets Mission NPC   Mission  
Trust: Bastok5Port Bastok Clarion Call (K - 7) Blue Institute Card, Bastok Trust Permit,    General  
Vegetable Vegetable Revolution1Western Adoulin Rarab Tail,    General  
Waking the Colossus1Aht Urhgan Whitegate Naja Salaheem (I - 10) Colossus's Torque, Colossus's Mantle, Colossus's Earring, , 10000 Gil  Heir of the Blessed Radiance General