Quests Involving Outer Horutoto Ruins

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Curses, Foiled Again!1Windurst Walls Shantotto (K - 7) Brass Rod  General  
Legacies Lost and Found99Eastern Adoulin Octavien (I - 8) Runeist Trousers, Secrets of Runic Enhancement,    Artifact  
The Geomagnetron1Lower Jeuno Darcia (H - 7) Adoulinian charter permit, Geomagnetron,    Mission  
The Heart of the Matter6Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 1-3  Mission  
The Jester Who'd Be King65Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Orastery Ring, Rank 9, 80000 Gil  Mission