Quests Involving Temple of Uggalepih

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Awakening of the Gods60Windurst Woods Any Gate Guard Book of the Gods, Rank 8, 60000 Gil  Mission  
Axe the Competition - Axe Weaponskill71Upper Jeuno Brutus (G - 7) Decimation  Weaponskill  
Beastmen Treasure (Elshimo Uplands)1Yhoator Jungle Peddlestox (E - 8) Silver Beastcoin, Cactus Stems, Bitter Earring, Mythril Beastcoin, Coral Fragment  General  
Everyone's Grudge1Norg Magephaud (I - 8) Tonberry Key, Tonberry Hate Reset  General  
Further Founts1Ru'Lude Gardens Anastase (G - 9) Trail Cookie,    General  
Knight Stalker - DRG AF3 (R)51Chateau d'Oraguille Rahal (H - 9) Drachen Armet Paragon Of Dragoon Excellency Artifact  
Lightbringer65Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 9, 80000 Gil  Mission  
Moon Reading1Heavens Tower Windurstian Flag, Rank 10, 100000 Gil  Mission  
Uggalepih Coffer - SAM AF (R)50Upper Jeuno Guslam (H - 8) Myochin Domaru  Artifact  
Uggalepih Coffer - SMN AF (R)50Upper Jeuno Guslam (H - 8) Evoker's Doublet  Artifact  
ZM4 - The Temple of Uggalepih1Norg   Mission