Quests Starting in Norg

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
20 In Pirate Years - NIN AF1 (R)40Norg Ryoma (H - 8) Zushio, Anju  Artifact  
A Thief in Norg!? - SAM AF3 (R)50Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Myochin Kabuto Paragon of Samurai Excellence Artifact  
An Undying Pledge1Norg Stray Cloud (H - 9) Light Buckler  General  
Black Market1Norg Muzaffar (I - 8) 1500 Gil Black Marketeer General  
Bugi Soden - Katana Weaponskill72Norg Ryoma (H - 8) Blade: Ku,    Weaponskill  
Everyone's Grudge1Norg Magephaud (I - 8) Tonberry Key, Tonberry Hate Reset  General  
Forge Your Destiny (Samurai Flag Quest)30Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Mumeito, Samurai Flag Bushido Blade Job Related  
I'll Take The Big Box - NIN AF2 (R)50Norg Ryoma (H - 8) Ninja Hakama  Artifact  
It's Not Your Vault1Norg Keal (H - 8) Scroll of Tonko: Ichi  Spell  
Like Shining Leggings1Norg Heizo (H - 7) Scroll of Dokumori: Ichi Looks Good in Leggings Spell  
Like a Shining Subligar1Norg Heiji (I - 7) Scroll of Kurayami: Ichi Looks Sublime in a Subligar Spell  
Mama Mia1Norg Mamaulabion (G - 6) Evoker's Ring  General  
Obtaining a Sahagin Key (R)1Norg Gimb (H - 9) Sahagin Key  Side Quest  
Secret of the Damp Scroll1Norg Shivivi (J - 8) Scroll of Jubaku: Ichi  Spell  
Skyward Ho, Voidwatcher!75Norg Kieran (I - 8)    General  
Stop Your Whining1Norg Washu (J - 8) Scroll of Hojo: Ichi Apprentice Sommelier Spell  
The Potential Within - Great Katana Weaponskill71Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Tachi: Kasha  Weaponskill  
The Sacred Katana - SAM AF1 (R)40Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Magoroku  Artifact  
The Sahagin's Stash1Norg Laisrean (H - 7) Scroll of Utsusemi: Ichi Treasure-House Ransacker Spell  
Trial By Water30Norg Edal-Tahdal (H - 9) Leviathan's Rod, Eye of Nept, Water Belt, Water Ring, 10000 Gil Heir of the Great Water Job Related  
Trial Size Trial By Water20Norg Verctissa (H - 9)   Job Related  
True Will - NIN AF3 (R)50Norg Ryoma (H - 8) Ninja Chainmail Paragon of Ninja Excellence Artifact  
VW Op. 115: Li'Telor Variant75Norg Gilgamesh (L - 8)    General  
Voidwatch Ops: Border Crossing75Norg Kieran (I - 8) Ashen Stratum Abyssite,    General  
Yomi Okuri - SAM AF2 (R)50Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Myochin Sune-Ate  Artifact  
ZM1 - The New Frontier1Norg Map of Norg  Mission  
ZM10 - The Temple of Desolation1Norg  Sealer of the Portal of the Gods Mission  
ZM14 - Ark Angels1Norg   Mission  
ZM15 - The Sealed Shrine1Norg   Mission  
ZM16 - The Celestial Nexus1Norg   Mission  
ZM17 - Awakening1Norg   Mission  
ZM2 - Welcome t'Norg1Norg   Mission  
ZM3 - Kazham's Chieftainess1Norg Sacrifical Chamber Key  Mission  
ZM4 - The Temple of Uggalepih1Norg   Mission  
ZM5 - Headstone Pilgrimage1Norg Wind Fragment, Water Fragment, Lightning Fragment, Light Fragment, Ice Fragment, Fire Fragment, Earth Fragment, Dark Fragment Bearer of the Eight Prayers Mission  
ZM9 - Ro'Maeve1Norg Gilgamesh (L - 8)   Mission  

Quests Involving Norg

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Ayame and Kaede (Ninja Flag Quest)30Port Bastok Ensetsu (I - 5) Ninja Flag Shadow Walker Job Related  
Granddaddy Dearest (R)1Western Adoulin Alienor (E - 8)    General  
Researchers from the West1Ru'Lude Gardens Anastase (G - 9) Trail Cookie,    General  
Tuning Out1Windurst Waters Leepe-Hoppe (J - 9) Cache-nez, 6000 Gil Friend of the Helmed General