Quests Involving Behemoth's Dominion

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
The Mog Tablets1Ru'Lude Gardens Explorer Moogle (H - 9) Bloodwood Log, Talaria, Kupofried's Ring, Adaman Ingot, Noble's Bed,    Side Quest  
The Talekeeper's Gift - WAR AF3 (R)50Bastok Mines Deidogg (H - 6) Fighter's Lorica Paragon of Warrior Excellence Artifact  
VW Op. 126: Qufim Incursion75Qufim Island 50,000 gil   General  
ZM5 - Headstone Pilgrimage1Norg Wind Fragment, Water Fragment, Lightning Fragment, Light Fragment, Ice Fragment, Fire Fragment, Earth Fragment, Dark Fragment Bearer of the Eight Prayers Mission