Quests: ENM

Name Level Cap Battlefield Max Party Reward
Automaton Assault (R)60Mine Shaft #2716 6 Zedoma's Earring, Feyuh's Earring, Quantz's Earring, Waetoto's Earring, Melnina's Earring, Desamilion Earring, Lugworm Sand, Belinky's Earring, Ryakho's Earring, Morukaka Earring, Gayanj's Earring, 2000 Experience 
Bad Seed (R)75Tavnazian Safehold Vanguard Belt, Reverend Sash, Woodsman Ring, 2500 Experience 
Beloved of the Atlantes (R)50Monarch Linn 6 Koryukagemitsu, Kshama Ring No. 8, Kshama Ring No. 5, Kshama Ring No. 6, Kshama Ring No. 2, Kshama Ring No. 9, Kshama Ring No. 3, Raise Rod, Buboso, Kshama Ring No. 4, Chanter's Staff, Aluminum Ore, 2500 Experience 
Bionic Bug (R)75Mine Shaft #2716 18 Faerie Hairpin, Martial Scythe, Commander's Cape, Martial Knife, Dragon Bone, Gigant Mantle, Cloud Evoker, Eltoro Leather, Cassia Lumber, Scroll of Raise III 
Brothers (R)75Bearclaw Pinnacle 6 Martial Lance, Martial Anelace, Cassia Lumber, Dragon Bone, Scouter's Rope, Hedgehog Bomb, Scroll of Raise III, Eltoro Leather, Cloud Evoker, Forager's Mantle 
Bugard in the Clouds (R)50Monarch Linn 3 Koryukagemitsu, Buboso, Kshama Ring No. 2, Aluminum Ore, Chanter's Staff, Kshama Ring No. 4, Kshama Ring No. 5, Kshama Ring No. 9, 2500 Experience 
Fire in the Sky40Monarch Linn 3 Thug's Zamburak, Crossbowman's Ring, Ether Ring, Woodsman Ring, Cloud Evoker, Horror Voulge 
Follow The White Rabbit (R)75Bearclaw Pinnacle 6 Venturer's Belt, Shamo, Martial Sword, Serene Ring, Scroll of Raise III, Viridian Urushi, Cloud Evoker, Galateia, Kejusu Satin 
Holy Cow (R)75Bearclaw Pinnacle 6 Cassia Lumber, Psilos Mantle, Dragon Bone, Scroll of Raise III, Martial Bow, Cloud Evoker, Gigant Mantle, Eltoro Leather, Martial Knuckles 
Like the Wind (R)75Boneyard Gully 3 Maneater, Cloud Evoker, Viridian Urushi, Galateia, Wagh Baghnakhs, Scroll: Army's Paeon V, Kejusu Satin, Onimaru, 2000 Experience 
Ouryu Cometh (R)75Riverne - Site #A01 18 Behemoth Hide, Damascene Cloth, Black Beetle Blood, Siren's Hair, Dragon Meat, Wyrm Horn, Monarch's Orb, Damascus Ingot, Tutelary, Dragon Blood, Divine Log, Imanotsurugi, Dragon Talon, Adaman Ingot, Kunwu Ore 
Playing Host (R)30Spire of Mea 6 Bitter Cluster, Fleeting Cluster, Valiant Vision, Solemn Vision, Malicious Vision, Startling Cluster, Profane Cluster, Malevolent Cluster, Pristine Vision, Somber Cluster, Radiant Cluster, Pretentious Vision, Burning Cluster, 3000 Experience 
Pulling the Plug (R)50Spire of Vahzl 6 Snide Vision, Impetuous Vision, Virgin Image, Grave Image, Ancient Image, Tenuous Vision, Oversized Fang, Beatific Image, Valorous Image, 3000 Experience Points 
Pulling the Strings (R)60Oldton Movalpolos 1 Janizary Earring, Astral Pot, Death Chakram, Counter Earring, Assassin's Ring, Spirit Lantern, Healing Feather, Refresh Musk, Tactical Ring, Drum Magazine, Mana Channeler, Deadeye Earring, Corsair Bullet, Naruko Earring, Equalizer, Pacifist Ring, Smoke Screen, Getsul Ring, Eraser, Target Marker, Corsair Bullet Pouch, Attuner, Worm Mulch, Wyvern Feed, Tactical Processor, Gamushara Earring, Sanation Ring, 2000 Experience 
Sheep in Antlion's Clothing75Boneyard Gully 6 Martial Wand, Harmonia's Torque, Kejusu Satin, Martial Axe, Forager's Mantle, Cloud Evoker, Viridian Urushi, Galateia, Hagun,  
Shell We Dance75Boneyard Gully 12 Cassia Lumber, Scroll: Army's Paeon V, Dragon Bone, Stone-splitter, Cloud Evoker, Frenzy Fife, Blau Dolch, Eltoro Leather 
Simulant (R)30Spire of Holla 6 Vivid Vision, Punctilious Vision, Bitter Cluster, Fleeting Cluster, Endearing Vision, Startling Cluster, Profane Cluster, Audacious Vision, Malevolent Cluster, Radiant Cluster, Somber Cluster, Vernal Vision, Burning Cluster, 3000 Experience 
Test Your Mite (R)40The Shrouded Maw 6 Woodsman Ring, Geist Earring, Quick Belt 
The Wyrmking Descends (R)75Riverne - Site #B01 18 Siren's Hair, Bahamut's Staff, Wyrm Horn, Bahamut's Zaghnal, Dragon Staff, Cashmere Thread, Kunwu Iron, Bahamut's Mask, Molybdenum Ore, Kunwu Ore, Bahamut's Hose, Cashmere Cloth 
Totentanz75Boneyard Gully 18 Raise II Rod, Cassia Lumber, Dragon Bone, Viridian Urushi, Maneater, Cloud Evoker, Stone-splitter, Wagh Baghnakhs, Blau Dolch, Frenzy Fife, Galateia, Corse Cape, Unicorn Horn, Eltoro Leather, Onimaru, 3500 Experience 
Uninvited Guests75Tavnazian Safehold Mannequin Head, Armoire, Miratete's Memoir, Mushroom Risotto, Bison Steak, Mannequin Legs, Mannequin Body, Aluminum Ore, Oversized Fang, Assault Breastplate, Bream Risotto, Crimson Jelly, Tavnazian Salad 
When Hell Freezes Over (R)75Bearclaw Pinnacle 6 Scroll of Raise III, Settler's Cape, Kejusu Satin, Viridian Urushi, Cloud Evoker, Galateia, Martial Gun, Hexerei Cape, Martial Staff, Martial Bhuj 
You Are What You Eat (R)30Spire of Dem 6 Bitter Cluster, Violent Vision, Fleeting Cluster, Brilliant Vision, Painful Vision, Startling Cluster, Profane Cluster, Venerable Vision, Malevolent Cluster, Somber Cluster, Radiant Cluster, Timorous Vision, Burning Cluster, 3000 Experience