Quests: Spell

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Acting In Good Faith1Windurst Waters Gantineux (E - 10) Scroll of Teleport-Mea Pilgrim to Mea Spell  
Altana's Sorrow1Bastok Mines Virnage (I - 5) Scroll of Teleport-Dem Pilgrim to Dem Spell  
Curses, Foiled A-Golem!?1Windurst Walls Shantotto (K - 7) Scroll of Warp II Doctor Shantotto's Flavor of the Spell  
Healing the Land1Northern San d'Oria Eperdur (M - 7) Scroll of Teleport-Holla Pilgrim to Holla Spell  
Intermediate Teamwork1Northern San d'Oria Vilatroire (C - 7) Scroll: Mage's Ballad Second-rate Organizer Spell  
It's Not Your Vault1Norg Keal (H - 8) Scroll of Tonko: Ichi  Spell  
Know One's Onions4Port Windurst Kohlo-Lakolo (G - 5) Scroll of Blaze Spikes S.O.B. Super Hero Spell  
Like Shining Leggings1Norg Heizo (H - 7) Scroll of Dokumori: Ichi Looks Good in Leggings Spell  
Like a Shining Subligar1Norg Heiji (I - 7) Scroll of Kurayami: Ichi Looks Sublime in a Subligar Spell  
Making the Grade1Windurst Waters Fuepepe (L - 6) Scroll of Aspir  Spell  
Mean Machine1Metalworks Unlucky Rat (G - 7) Scroll of Warp  Spell  
Missionary Man1Kazham Rauteinot (G - 9) Scroll of Teleport-Yhoat  Spell  
Scop's Operetta1None Moogle Scroll: Scop's Operetta  Spell  
Searching For The Right Words1Upper Jeuno Illumida Scroll of Sleepga II, 3000 Gil  Spell  
Secret of the Damp Scroll1Norg Shivivi (J - 8) Scroll of Jubaku: Ichi  Spell  
Something in the Air30Abyssea-Attohwa Yoran-Oran (Abyssea) (G - 10) Scroll: Cura II   Spell  
Sorcery of the North1Northern San d'Oria Eperdur (M - 7) Scroll of Teleport-Vahzl  Spell  
Stop Your Whining1Norg Washu (J - 8) Scroll of Hojo: Ichi Apprentice Sommelier Spell  
The Missing Piece1Rabao Alfesar Scroll of Teleport-Altep Acquirer of Ancient Arcanum Spell  
The Rumor1Bostaunieux Oubliette Novalmauge Scroll of Drain  Spell  
The Sahagin's Stash1Norg Laisrean (H - 7) Scroll of Utsusemi: Ichi Treasure-House Ransacker Spell