Stock and Awe I [S]  

Submitted by:Exodus
Realm:Crystal War
Start Area: Southern San d'Oria (S)
Start NPC:Rasdinice (I - 9)
Related Mobs:Quartermaster (H - 9)
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Reward:90 XP / 480 AN
Items Required:Arrowwood Log
Ash Log
Bronze Ribbon of Service
Maple Log
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Wings of the Goddess
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Procure the supplies indicated by the kingdom Quartermaster.

Unit Requirement: 1 member


This Campaign Operation is found under "Resource Procurement" when you talk to Rasdinice.
To start this quest, your current campaign rank must be Bronze Ribbon of Service or higher.

Once you have activated the quest, talk to the Quartermaster at (H-9) in Southern San d'Oria (S). She will ask you to bring her a list of random items. Obtain the requested items by either purchasing them from the Auction House, HELM, or farming them from the mobs that drop them. Possible requested items include copper ore, Arrowwood Log, Ash Log, Maple Log, and Walnut. Trade the items to the Quartermaster, then report back to Rasdinice to complete the quest.

Note: If you aquire any of the requested items by any means beside purchase or trade, you will obtain Key Item: Supply Order. However, this key item is not required to complete the quest.

Final Fantasy XI

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stock and awe I (S) Sandy
# Aug 08 2008 at 5:24 PM Rating: Decent
real barney like...

make sure you have a "Maple Log" in your Mog House safe or mog locker, or a "Hatchet" to do some logging in E Ronfaure for a "Maple Log"..

Go talk to "Rasdinice" at I-9 he's the one standing to the right of "Fiaudie"
it will cost you 1 OP credit.
you recieve 1 OP credit a day
after talking to "Rasdinice" choose to take part for the day.
he'll give you a list of mission categories to choose from.
choose the first one, and he will say:

Rasdinice: let me see... Ah yes, <name> of the Knights of the Iron Ram. It seems you possess 1 OP credit.

Rasdinice: Yes, I see you have been cleared for participation in the following operations: (stock and awe I)
this operation requires that you assist in the resupplying of our nation's munitions stockpiles.

Rasdinice: should I add your name to the list? (yes)

Rasdinice: Very well, your name has been added to the campaign ledger. Do not forget to report to me upon operation completion. Good Luck, <name>

go to your menu and select Campaign Ops within the missions menu to view your operation orders.
next go talk to the Quartermaster at I-9 in front of the tent on the left side of Victory Square, and he says:

QuarterMaster: I've been waiting for you <name>, we decided to increase our nation's supply stockpile to better ready ourselves for an extended campaign.
You are to travel to East Ronfaure and use your logging skills to find 1 "Maple Log"
Report to me when you've finished, but do not delay. Time is of the essence, <name>

Trade the Quartermaster that 1 "Maple Log" and you will get 90 exp points

Quartermaster: excellent work <name>. do not forget to report your completion of the mission to Sir Rasdinice.

go back and talk to Rasdinice,

Rasdinice: Ah, <name>, i have been expecting you, please give me a detailed report of your mission.
Rasdinice: .... i see... ..very well ... hmm.. ...wtf...
Rasdincie: I knew we could count on you, <name> Iron Ram Captain Rongelouts will be pleased.

and you will earn somthing like 482 allied notes.

now you have to wait 20 Earth hours to do another one.
this quest is repeatable.

did i have to type all that up?? no, I just wanted you to read it..
basically.. talk to Rasdinice at I-9 for mission, then talk to Quartermaster also at I-9, trade Quartermaster a "maple log", talk to Rasdinice and your done.. stock and awe I (S) is complete..


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