Rat Race  

Submitted by:Exodus
Realm:Aht Urhgan
Start Area: Nashmau
Start NPC:Kakkaroon (H - 8)
Related Mobs:Cacaroon (G - 11)
Kyokyoroon (H - 7)
Nadee Periyaha (H - 9)
Ququroon (H - 6)
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:Ahtapot
Imperial Bronze Piece
Nashmau Stew
Items Granted:Imperial Gold Piece
Imperial Mythril Piece
Imperial Silver Piece
This Quest requires Aht Urhgan
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Young Rapipi adores the Qiqirn and wants to make friends with all the furry beastmen in Nashmau. However, therein lies the dilemma for poor Kakkaroon, who is deathly afraid of children. Perhaps "Nadee" can provide some advice on how to bring the two together.


Speak with Kakkaroon in Nashmau to start this quest.

After speaking to him...uhh her...uh...it head to (H-9) in Aht Urhgan Whitegate and speak with Nadee Periyaha. After that, head to Cacaroon at (G-11) and speak with him. Then trade him an Imperial Bronze Piece.

Go back to Nashmau and speak to Ququroon. He will need 5 fishes to make some Nashmau Stew. Sounds familiar? You are probably thinking about the other quest "Cook-a-roon?". It's the same exact concept as that quest but these two quests are entirely separate. Doing "Rat Race" will have no affect on "Cook-a-roon?" what's so ever. Also note that buying the Nashmau Stew from the AH will NOT count. You HAVE to have Ququroon make it.

The 5 fishes he needs are:

When he makes the stew, take it to Kyokyoroon at H-7. Return to Kakkaroon one last time to finish the quest and receive your reward.

To read the transcripts for this quest, see the Rat Race Spoilers page.

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