Appointment to Jeuno  

Realm:San d'Oria
Start Area: Ru'Lude Gardens
Start NPC:(Your Mission NPC)
Related Areas:Lower Delkfutt's Tower
Lower Jeuno
Middle Delkfutt's Tower
Qufim Island
Upper Delkfutt's Tower
Mission:3 - 3
Min Level:20
Max Level:75
Grants Gil:5000
Reward:Rank 4
(From 1 rating)
Items Required:Delkfutt Key
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: The Crystal Spring
Next Mission: Magicite (San d'Oria)
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Mission Orders

Head to the Embassy of San d'Oria in Jeuno to fill your appointed post.


If you're a lower level, you might need to make an Alliance for this quest, or get some help from some LS people.

You will need to talk to your town's leader after obtaining this lengthy mission from the gate guard, but all towns will eventually direct you to their embassy in Ru'lude Gardens.

To prepare for this hard mission buy a map of Qufim in Lower Jeuno, getting two parties to make an alliance if you are too low level, and finish The Antique Collector quest in Port Jeuno for the Map of Delkfutt's Tower. At least two people should have the Map of Delkfutt's Tower by trading a Kaiser Sword (drops from Weapons in Qufim) to Imasuke.

When ready head to Delkfutt's Tower in Qufim. There are 10 floors in the Tower divided in 3 parts linked by teleport. Make sure your magic users are aware that Magic Pots/Elementals aggro to magic!

After a lengthy climb (will take at least 1.5 hours), fight the NM gigas Porphyrion. It will drop 6 Delkfutt keys each, so you will have to wait for it to respawn (10 mins).

When the whole alliance has a key, trade it to the elevator (H-8). Finally head to the tunnel to the east walk down a 9 flights of stairs down to the first floor. You will be in the basement. There will be 3 exits for which are based on allegiance (M-7, M-8, L-9). In each one is the Ambassador.

Go back to your Embassy in Ru'lude Gardens to receive your reward!

These are for stairs/teleports, and their rough cardinal direction.

1st Floor: E-6 (NW) 2nd Floor: I-9 (SE, dead end at H-9, so go east first) 3rd Floor: G-6 (or J-8, but I think that might be one way only) 4th Floor: I-6 (NE, dead ends at G-7, H-9, J-9) 5th Floor: H-9 (S, dead end at I-10, so go west first) 6th Floor: J-10 (SE) 7th Floor: F-6 (NW) 8th Floor (1st time): I-6 (NE) 9th Floor (1st time): I-9 (SE, this sends you back to 8th floor) 8th Floor (2nd time): F-9 -> 9th Floor 9th Floor (2nd time): F-6 -> 10th Floor 10th Floor: Fight Mimas at H-7 and Porphyrion at H-8 for keys, then use elevator at H-8 (Note: beware of elementals that spawn under certain weather)

Basement: for ambassadors (use same key as elevator), M-7 Federation of Windurst, M-8 Kingdom of San d'Oria, L-9 Republic of Bastok, then use F-8 to go back to 1st floor and exit.

To read the spoilers for this mission, please refer to the Appointment to Jeuno Spoilers page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the San d'Oria nation mission series. The complete series includes:

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Level 34 High Enough to Solo This Quest?
# Jul 08 2010 at 11:49 PM Rating: Decent
Hello I am a 34 BLM/WHM. Am I high enough level to solo this? Or should I put together a party?
PLEASE READ Before going to Jeuno
# Dec 12 2009 at 11:02 AM Rating: Decent
Other than that I think this is the best walk-through.
some help please
# Sep 26 2008 at 3:55 PM Rating: Decent
so i am trying this mission and i talk to gate guard for mission and accept i talk to leader in the chateau and he tells me to go to embassy in rulude gardens, i talk to the dude at teh front and he says if i ever need help dont hesitate to contact us. wut gives? so then i try to go throught door on left and then the other door down the a hall a bit and it says restricted area and in my mission log it says to go to embassy in rulude gardens. wtf am i doing wrong some one please help

---> Edit: It exactly says head to embassy in Jueno but that would still be in Rulude GArdens right?

Edited, Sep 26th 2008 8:19pm by woodywilson
some help please
# Sep 27 2008 at 8:28 AM Rating: Decent
I have just visited the embassy in Jeuno, and yes it is in Ru'Lude Gardens. The NPC I spoke to was Nelcabrit (the npc behind the counter as you walk in). I recieved a CS with Wolfgang and Monberaux, ending with them sending me to Delkfutt's Tower. The only thing I have done that you haven't mentioned is already entering the tower and recieving the CS of Bahamut and the small child.

I hope this helps.
gogogo noob explanation
# Mar 29 2008 at 3:23 PM Rating: Decent
2,626 posts
You might need to make an Alliance for this quest, or get some help from some LS people.

I lol'd
Taking a break.
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