Babban Ny Mheillea  

Realm:Crystal War
Start Area: Windurst Waters (S)
Start NPC:Khoto Rokkorah
Related Mobs:Babban Ny Mheillea
Max Level:75
Title Obtained:Babban's Traveling Companion
This Quest requires Wings of the Goddess
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Khoto Rokkorah is bemused by the plot of a story written in the time of the Great War. The tale begins to twist when a new companion joins Babban in the Rolanberry Fields...


Talk to Khoto Rokkorah in H-10 of Windurst Waters to start the quest. She begins telling children a story, the ending of which the children are disgusted with. Khoto thinks the story itself is strange too, and clues you in that Babban Ny Mheillea meets a sapling in the past in Rolanberry Fields.

Head to Rolanberry Fields S and examine a rootprint at H-14 (fastest route is to take the Pashhow Marshlands campaign warp). You'll trigger a cutscene where Camlin says they should go to Gustaberg.

Campaign warp to North Gustaberg S. The Rootprint should be just behind you at E-11. Examine it for another cutscene where Lady Bryher and Darach decide to head to The Boyahda Tree, past Meriphataud Mountains, next.

Campaign warp to Meriphataud Mountains and walk all the way to L-4, the zone to what would be the Sanctaury of Zi'Tah in the present (it's a long walk, be wary of jumbo rafflesia and war lynxes). Examine the rootprint for another cutscene. You will have to answer a question Babban asks you, but it will be fairly obvious what the answer is, especially if you do sky endgame (Above the clouds).

Return to Khoto for the final (amsuing) cutscene for your reward of 3 tree saplings and a new title. With this new title, any nearby lycopodiums will give you a regen effect.

Be sure to heal Babban and friends when you see them fight against the beastmen in campaign!

To read the transcripts for this quest, see the Babban Ny Mheillea Spoilers page.

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