The Buried God  

Realm:Crystal War
Start Area: Bastok Markets (S)
Start NPC:Kevan
Max Party:18
Related Areas:Beadeaux (S)
Related Mobs:Za'Dha Adamantking
Za'Dha's Biographer
Za'Dha's Minister
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:The Words of Do'Nhu I
The Words of Do'Nhu II
The Words of Do'Nhu III
The Words of Do'Nhu IV
The Words of Do'Nhu V
The Words of Do'Nhu VI
The Words of Do'Nhu VII
The Words of Do'Nhu VIII
Title Obtained:Disperser of Darkness
Items Granted:Darksteel Ingot
Gold Ingot
Green Rock
Headsman's Ring
Icarus Wing
Paramount Earring
Phoenix Feather
Platinum Ore
Seismic Axe
Steel Ingot
Stone Mufflers
Zha'Go's Barbut
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Wings of the Goddess
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