ACP10 - Banishing the Echo  

Start Area: Lower Delkfutt's Tower
Related Areas:Middle Delkfutt's Tower
Upper Delkfutt's Tower
Mission:10 - 1
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:Amicitia Stone
Amoris Stone
Caritas Stone
Constantia Stone
Divitia Stone
Felicitas Stone
Salus Stone
Sanctitas Stone
Sapientia Stone
Spei Stone
Studium Stone
Veritas Stone
Title Obtained:
Items Granted:Omnis Stone
This Quest requires A Crystalline Prophecy
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: ACP9 - Born of Her Nightmares
Next Mission: ACP11 - Ode of Life Bestowing
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Mission Orders

To reach your final destination, you must recover the twelve remaining fragments of the mysterious crystal...


This mission begins automatically at the end of the cut scene from the previous mission. Check the Seed Fragment hovering in front of you to cap your level at 30. There are twelve Seed Afterglows, one on each floor, that you will have to check to collect various key items. In order to obtain the key items, you must be under the level restriction effect. Note that changing zones will remove the level restriction, so make sure you check the Seed Fragments after you enter Middle Delkfutt's Tower and Upper Delkfutt's Tower. The locations of the Seed Afterglows and the key items they yield are as follows:

It's a good idea to bring Prism Powders and Sneak Oils with you, unless you have the means of putting those abilities on yourself without them. If you die and someone casts Raise on you or you activate Reraise, you will still be under the level restriction effect, so be mindful of nearby mobs.

Once you have collected all twelve key items, check the Seed Fragment at the Stellar Fulcrum to obtain the Omnis Stone.

To read the transcripts for this quest, see the Banishing the Echo Spoilers page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the A Crystalline Prophecy mission series. Other missions in the series include:

Final Fantasy XI

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Slow and steady
# May 05 2009 at 11:13 AM Rating: Decent
Yep can do this all by your self. DNC works great for no magic agro on the higher floors but I was able to get through this using RDM. Just needed to wait for the mobs to turn around =)
People, people...
# Apr 23 2009 at 11:57 AM Rating: Decent
873 posts
You don't need a hoard of 75s to get you through this. >.>;
Just climbed it solo, rarely had to stop. Just have a little patience.
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