The Price of Valor  

Realm:Crystal War
Start Area: Southern San d'Oria (S)
Start NPC:Rholont (E - 7)
Prerequisites:In a Haze of Glory
WG15 - Crossroads of Time
Related Mobs:Madthrasher Zradbodd (F - 13)
Max Level:75
Items Required:Biscuit a la Rholont
Flask of Kingdom Water
Long-life biscuits
Ronfaure maple syrup
Title Obtained:
Items Granted:Letter to Count Aurchiat
Peiste Skin
This Quest requires Wings of the Goddess
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Bloodwing Horde military tactician, Zogbog, has made bold claims that he holds the key to nullifying Tavnazia's impenetrable defensive walls. Help the Swiftwing Griffons in their risk-ridden mission to uncover the nature of his latest plot.


To start this quest, talk to Rholont at (E-7) in Southern San d'Oria (S). If you just finished the quest In a Haze of Glory, you will have to zone first. He'll ask you to bring him a Flask of Kingdom Water, some Long-Life biscuits, and some Ronfaure maple syrup. For the water, check well next to Rholont. The biscuits are found in the tree next to Rholont. To obtain the syrup, get some Hatchets and use them on the logging points in East Ronfaure. Once you have all three items, talk to Rholont again. He will give you some Biscuit a la Rholont and tell you to go to Jugner Forest (S). Check the pile of felled trees at (G-7) in Jugner Forest (S) for a cut scene in which Rahal asks you to go with him to Vunkerl Inlet to investigate Orchis plots.
Note: This is when the quest will actually be added to your log.

Go to Vunkerl Inlet (S) and check the Toppled Cressets at (I-8) and (F-9) for cut scenes. Then check the Underbrush at (F-13) and get ready for a fight. Check the underbrush once more to spawn Madthrasher Zradbodd, a Black Mage Orc. His attacks have an Additional Effect: Curse that halves HP and MP. He is immune to Bind, Gravity, and Silence. He will use Tier IV single target and Tier III AoE Elemental Magic spells as well as Dispel. At some point in the fight he will use a move called Berserker Dance. After that, he will stop using tier III AoE Elemental Magic and will start casting Dispelga, Blindga, and Sleepga II. He also gains a Fast Cast effect that is almost as powerful as Chainspell. If Madthrasher Zradbodd goes unclaimed for three minutes, he will despawn.

After defeating Madthrasher Zradbodd, check the Underbrush again to get a message that tells you to go to Pashhow Marshlands (S). Find and check the Shimmering Pondweed at (G-6) in Pashhow Marshlands (S) for a cut scene. You will receive a Peiste Skin when the cut scene is over. Go back to Southern San d'Oria and talk to Rholont for the Letter to Count Aurchiat and to end the quest.

To read the transcripts for this quest, see The Price of Valor Spoilers page.

Quest Series

This quest is part of the Wings of the Goddess mission and quest series for San d'Oria. Check the Wings of the Goddess Mission and Quest Progression page for details. Other quests included in the series are:

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