Succor to the Sidhe  

Realm:Crystal War
Start Area: Grauberg (S)
Start NPC:Callisto (F - 6)
Related Areas:Batallia Downs (S)
Beaucedine Glacier (S)
East Ronfaure (S)
Grauberg (S)
North Gustaberg (S)
Vunkerl Inlet (S)
West Sarutabaruta (S)
Xarcabard (S)
Related Mobs:Aa'Bho Slashburner
Bo'Gha Winterkill
Du'Vha Grimwind
Ea'Zhu Tremorcrag
Gi'Rho Wrathstorm
Glacial Wisp
Go'Rha Sludgewater
He'Dho Spatesurge
Jubilant Pixie
Laa Heha the Falconer
Laa Vaqu the Sutler
Nuu Gazo the Dirgerimer
Ochre Scorpion
Sentry Sapling
Slate Scorpion
Swamp Muck
Tainted Treant
Treefeller Snogrog
Watchful Pixie
Yii Haqi the Threnodist
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:Dweomer Knife
Dweomer Maul
Dweomer Scythe
Erlking's Blade
Erlking's Kheton
Erlking's Sword
Erlking's Tabar
Fane Baselard
Fane Hexagun
Fay Crozier
Fay Gendawa
Fay Lance
Fay Staff
Oberon's Knuckles
Oberon's Rapier
Oberon's Sainti
Ogre Jambiya
Ogre Sickle
Title Obtained:
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Wings of the Goddess
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To save their ancestral home from a fate of destruction, the fey folk would entreat your aid.


Talk to Callisto to get information about augmenting weapons. Obtain one of the following weapons you wish to augment:

Trade the weapon to Callisto. Once you have given her the weapon, you will not get it back until you finish the quest. Find a Watchful Pixie and talk to it for information about the battle and for the option to start the battle. Watchful Pixie locations as well as the corresponding mobs you will have to fight for each zone are as follows:

You will not lose experience points for KO. If the entire party wipes, the monsters will despawn in three minutes. You are allowed five attempts per each traded weapon. When the monsters despawn, an attempt is spent. Upon victory, a Jubilant Pixie will appear. Speak to her to see a what augments you will receive on your weapon. You may accept them or refuse them and try again. The party will only have to win once for everyone who traded a weapon to get credit, regardless of who initiated the fight. If the Jubilant Pixie despawns before you decide, you automatically refuse.

If you fail all attempts, return to Callisto and talk to her. He will trade you one of the synthesis ingredients for the weapon you traded to him.

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