ASA5 - Enemy of the Empire (I)  

Submitted by:Nightsindreams
Realm:A Shantotto Ascension
Start Area: Qufim Island
Prerequisites:ASA4 - Sugar-coated Directive
Mission:5 - 1
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Title Obtained:
This Quest requires A Shantotto Ascention
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: ASA4 - Sugar-coated Directive
Next Mission: ASA6 - Enemy of the Empire (II)
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Mission Orders

Seeking to usurp the Tenshodo as the underworld's foremost supplier of contraband, Domina Shantotto requires that you remove its leader, Aldo, from the picture. A clandestine meeting between you and the target has been arranged in the Gustav Tunnel. All that is needed to initiate contact is a black book, acquirable from Andrause in Norg.


Items Needed

Soultrapper (Optional)

Soul Plates x 3 (Optional, minimum)

Gold Beastcoin

Mythril Beastcoin


Go to Norg.

Talk to Andrause at (I-8), on the second floor.

He will ask a favor of you, click "Yes".

He will tell you to go to Sea Serpent Grotto, and to take pictures of three mobs. I got Royal Leech, Blubber Eyes, and Devil Manta. He will furnish a Soultrapper and Soul Plates for 800 gil, if you need it.

Royal Leech is right outside Norg, Devil Manta is behind the Gold Door (Need a Gold Beastcoin to get behind it), and Blubber Eyes is behind Mythril Door (Need a Mythril Beastcoin to get behind it).It is not necessary to even have the mob claimed, it just needs to be a successful picture.

Once all three pictures are successfully taken, go back to Norg and trade them one at a time to Andrause (I-8). Once you do, you will receive Temporary Key Item: Black Book.

Head to Gustav Tunnel, can go through Valkrum Dunes (entrance is at the Secret Beach, B-8) or via Cape Teriggan.

Go to (F-10), and click on the Outcropping for a Cutscene and to automatically start the next mission.

To read the transcripts for this quest, see the Enemy of the Empire (I) Spoilers page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the A Shantotto Ascension mission series.

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