ASA13 - Project: Shantottofication  

Submitted by:Nightsindreams / Alobont
Realm:A Shantotto Ascension
Start Area: Den of Rancor
Mission:13 - 1
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Title Obtained:
This Quest requires A Shantotto Ascention
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: ASA12 - Sisters in Arms
Next Mission: ASA14 - An Uneasy Peace
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Mission Orders

The inimitably fiendish Shantottofication curse, if allowed to wreak havoc on the land, would spell the end of the world as we know it. Only you can prevent an unimaginable fate from befalling Vana'diel!


Click on the door and choose "Project: Shantottofication" in order to enter into the BC area. The fight is 30 minutes long, and Tractor cannot be used inside. If the party wipes, the Shantottos will start to regen at a fairly fast pace, unless that particular one is enfeebled with Bio/Dia, etc first.

The buffs from gathering the Tablets in the previous mission go into effect once inside the fight. These buffs include a quadupaling of MP and HP, all of the base stats going up by 100, all elemental resistances +100, Reraise, no weakness from Reraising (only for the first time after dying). If player dies, the buffs do not wear. However, after dying a second time, weakness kicks in, and the players will be without the extra HP and MP buffs until weakness wears off.

If you are going to help others redo this mission, BE SURE to go to Lower Jeuno first and turn in your keys that you got from the fight there first. If you don't, you cannot redo the fight. Also, if all the people that need the BC fight have 16 tablets, then everyone in the party who already has completed the fight and is helping out will get the 16 tablet bonus as well. Everyone must have at least one tablet, however. There is one inside the Paintbrush room, and is not out of the way at all to get.

The Dark and White Shantottos have a fair chunk of HP each. Both can cast Tier IV spells and Ancient Magic. In addition, both can use the weapon skills of their weapon (Dark Shantotto has a Scythe and White Shantotto has a Staff) and each has a specialized weapon skill (Dark Shantotto has Shadow of Death and White Shantotto has Divine Malison).

The Shantottos will cross-help each other, and there exists alliance hate. If there is a wipe, it is best to wipe inside the tunnel, far enough back to not aggro them when reraising. Once a Shantotto gets low enough on HP, she will start to use her two hour (Black Shantotto uses AM2 spam, and the White Shantotto spams Meteor), and will not be able to take anymore damage until the 2 hour is completed. Once the two hour is used up, that particular Shantotto will not be able to use it again for the duration of the fight.

There are multiple ways to win this BC, two of which are listed below:



Party Setup

Basically the only thing you actually need is 2 WHMs. Everything else can be any DD of your choosing. My party was COR/NIN MNK/NIN SAM/WAR SMN/WHM WHM/SCH WHM/BLM. The only person that should be subbing NIN is the person who is going to hold one of the Shantottos. Everyone else should sub /WAR or /SAM and WHMs should be /SCH but /BLM works just as well.

The reason for 2 WHMs is the amount of healing that will need to happen and for Benediction and Esuna.





Icarus Wings


During the fight your mages and DD need to make liberal use of the meds but saving 2 hours and Icarus wings until after the wipe. Also don't burn all your Remedies and Echos before the wipe.



There are two ways to do this fight. Target the BLACK one first and hold the WHITE one or target the WHITE one first and hold the BLACK one. Most people tend to target the BLACK one as she is the strongest of the 2 and her moves have all the status effects and such. Plus killing the BLACK one first makes the WHITE one not go into Meteor spam, like she will if you kill her first.

My group did the BLACK one first while I (COR/NIN) held the white one. Any job can hold the white one. All she does it cast AM 2 tier 4 spells and flash and melee syou if your close. Shes pretty easy to hold.

While I held the WHITE one my group was at the door where we came in and targeted the BLACK one. The key is to get the BLACK one down to 50% which will then let the WHITE one join her and the BLACK one will rage. This rage is her 2 hour ability. You want to wipe here as soon as she rages. We almost killed her before the wipe. They will regen but don't worry about it let them reset.

Once they both reset have everyone get up, and have one of your WHMs Benediction. This will save time resting as there is no weakness upon getting up. Reapply buffs and Reraise and rest your MP to above 2k.

The reason why you wipe is so that the BLACK one wont rage again at 50% and you can hold the white one until about 25-10% before she joins the Black one.

Once your ready to fight Go hold the white one and kill the Black one. at 50% or lower have your DDs 2 hour and use their Icarus wings. WHMs need to spam Curaga 4 and Esuna through out this until its dead.

Once its dead target the WHITE one. The White one takes damage far easier and is pretty weak sauce. Only thing you need to watch for are the aga spells. We got lucky on my fight and I reset everyone s 2 hours so we set the record at 17 minutes, 11 seconds.




We had three of the SMNs summon Garuda, while a fourth summoned Shiva. This was to ensure that if Shantotto wiped out three of them with Elemental spells, the fourth one would hopefully survive long enough to get the other ones back out there. It is important to keep calling out so know when to release etc, while keeping track of how many avatars are still up and on the Shantottos. As a loose rule, we ended up releasing and resummoning around 25%-30%, making sure at least 2-3 were on at all times. With the full MP buffs, feel free to not worry about -Prep cost too much, instead focusing mainly upon pet melee gear and -BP delay gear.

SCH and RDM are the healers, and status effect removers as needed.

Engage Dark Shantotto first, the party staying back except for resummoning or Blood Pacts. Once she gets down far enough in HP, she will start to spam spells, and this will cause problems (killing the avatars all at once, most likely) and possibly a wipe. Then once she is dead, take on the White Shantotto and outlast her for the win.

A no-wipe run will take about ~9 minutes. Can even wipe twice, and still complete in about ~25 minutes.


Once the fight is over, a Tonberry Key is received, along with 750 EXP, a cutscene, and the next mission automatically starts.

To read the transcripts for this quest, see the Project: Shantottofication page.

Mission Series

This mission is part of the A Shantotto Ascension mission series.

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Redoing the mission
# Mar 05 2010 at 11:57 PM Rating: Decent
Just so anyone knows that's trying to redo this mission you must throw your pants away prior to completing this Fight, not shure if you can toss them during the fight but the person that I went with threw them out before entering the fight, and I didn't toss mine at all. They got the behemoth key item and I didn't all I got was the tonberry key item that gave me a scroll of cure V lol, also as you may know the GM's are worthless to ask for help. I asked them for help on this issue, and they told me to check the community sites which have nothing posted about this. Hope this saves some one the headache this issue has caused me.
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