Sins of the Mothers  

Realm:Crystal War
Start Area: Windurst Waters (S)
Prerequisites:The Forbidden Path
Related Mobs:Velda-Galda (K - 9)
Max Level:75
Title Obtained:
Items Granted:Kitty Rod
This Quest requires Wings of the Goddess
Last Updated: Thu Dec 17 06:58:59 2009

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A state of emergency has been declared as the Shadow Lord's army marches inexorably toward the Federation. In the midst of the turmoil, Lehko Habhoka has summoned you to Heavens Tower with a task of particular import...


Speak to Dhea Prandoleh to start this quest. She will direct you to Heavens Tower. Head over to Velda-Galda for your next cutscene.

Head to Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) and find the Stone Monument at (E-7) and examine it for a cutscene. You'll need to head to the Succulent Cactus at (F-5). Examine it and you will receive a key item: Succulent Dragon Fruit. Return back to the Stone Monument for another cutscene.

Examine the Sunken Hollow at (G-7) for a cutscene, then have your party leader examine the spot again to enter Ghoyu's Reverie. You will need to escort two NPCs, [[FFXI Mob:Nhev Be

To read the transcripts of this quest, refer to the Sins of the Mothers Spoilers page.

Quest Series

This quest is part of the Wings of the Goddess mission and quest series for Windurst. Check the Wings of the Goddess Mission and Quest Progression page for details. Other quests included in the series are:

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