Refuel and Replenish (Konschtat)  

Start Area: Abyssea-Konschtat
Start NPC:Machine Outfiter
Max Level:80
Title Obtained:
Last Updated: Tue Jul 6 17:56:24 2010

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Regular replenishment of the martellos located throughout the Konschtat highlands is vital to the resistance effort in this area. Refuel a martello and return the empty vat to the machine outfitter when your task is complete.


Note: You may only have one of the Refuel and Replenish quests active at a time.

Talk to the Machine Outfitter in the base encampment. He will give you a Vat of martello fuel and ask you to refuel one of the many martellos in the zone. In order to refuel a martello, select it and choose the option to replenish fuel. The fuel level must be under 900 in order to refuel it. After you have refueled the martello, you will receive an empty fuel vat. Return to the Machine Outfitter to complete the quest. If you leave the zone before completing the quest, the Vat of martello fuel or empty fuel vat (whichever one you have) will be removed from your key items.

Known locations of martellos in Abyssea-Konschtat:

  • Martello KS-01: I-13
  • Martello KS-02: G/H-12
  • Martello KS-03: F-9/10

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