Start Area: Bastok Markets
Start NPC:Salimah (L - 8)
Related Mobs:Salimah (L - 8)
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Grants Gil:350
(Average from 15 ratings)
Items Required:Sleepshroom
Treant Bulb
Wild Onion
Title Obtained:Mommy's Helper
This Quest is Repeatable
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Salimah, in the Trader's Home at L-8, is looking for a special ingredient to spice up a dish she's preparing. She takes Treant Bulbs, Wild Onions or Sleepshrooms. You get 100 gil except at particular times of day. If you get the right time for the right item you get 350gil. Treant bulbs 6:00-11:59 (200 gil) Wild onions 12:00-17:59(350 gil) Sleep shrooms 18:00-5:59(200 gil)


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# Nov 23 2011 at 8:24 PM Rating: Decent
Just did this quest 16 times and I was able to have enough fame to get the warp scroll quest , didn't matter what time of day it was.
Fame gain
# Apr 12 2009 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
I am almost positive that the amount of fame you gain from this quest does not change weather or not your giving her the right items at the right time of day.... still a better idea to just do sleepshrooms 18:00-24:00 and trent bulbs 6:00 12:00 (if your short on cash) either way you will end up needing many stacks of trent bulbs and sleep shrooms and like a full day to reach lvl 7 fame

Edited, Apr 12th 2009 10:42pm by Sollipsist
Easier way to zone.
# Sep 14 2006 at 4:37 AM Rating: Decent
79 posts
Because you can't re-trade until you zone, an easy way to do this if you have a Black Mage is set your HP in Markets, then trade the item you need to trade. Warp. Run again. Saves you half the time it would take you to run to a zone and run back again. Plus I hate running...
onion tip
# Mar 27 2006 at 10:24 AM Rating: Decent
97 posts
I have found that the best way to get wild onions is to have a thf above lvl 15 (treasure hunter trait) and kill goblin thugs in the dangri wadi (entrance on far west side of south gustasburg)
well an easy way....
# Nov 19 2005 at 3:46 PM Rating: Excellent
This is a little off topic but ive never had a problem doing the fame quest in this area but i was browsing through the formus and i came across this post

By: Mistress girlkickingyourass
146 posts
Score: Decent [3.37]

Awful Default Decent Good Excellent NEVER sell loot to NPC's unless you desperately need room now in your inventory and you are in the field.

AH will bring more 99.9% of the time. Or a quest.

or if you want a fast way to free up inventory....
this is what i did

Goto your mog house and put in a couple of brass flowerpots for the earth moghancement


Goto bastok mines and in the area around the wall with the water drainage ditch lookin spot, fish there for rusty buckets, get 20 or 30 of them and set them up in your mog house....

its a little crude and uggly but its cheap and easy and frees up your mog safe and inventory.

i store stacks and stacks of earth and water crystals in thses and it makes it that much easier to keep track of! ^.^
Wild Onions
# Oct 25 2005 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
I've been throwing away Wild Onions everytime my inventory is full, same thing with beastseal for Orbs, just realized wild onions can help fame. dah.. ^^
RE: Wild Onions
# Oct 30 2005 at 9:14 AM Rating: Decent
Even better than fame, Wild Onions sell around 14k for a stack of 12 on Seraph AH
# Aug 03 2005 at 3:31 PM Rating: Decent
16 posts
Sorry... double post.
not the onions!!!
# May 16 2005 at 8:27 PM Rating: Default
272 posts
For the record, Wild Onions go on the Auction house for about 8000 a stack, sometimes 10,000. Wild onions are used in many cooking recipes and the only source of onions in the game is goblin thugs. If I see an onion for 500 in someone's bazaar, I buy it on the spot whether I need it or not.

If you are turning in onions for the fame, hey that's cool... but 350 for an onion is generally a waste of an onion nowadays.
RE: not the onions!!!
# May 29 2005 at 3:29 PM Rating: Excellent
316 posts
Just to correct this user's post.

Goblin Thugs are NOT the only source of Onions in the game. Onions are very easy to grow with vegetable seeds and lightning crystals (I think that's the crystal anyway!).
Food time and fame
# Oct 10 2004 at 12:16 PM Rating: Decent
You can find out exactly what the food of the time is for maximum gil and fame by talking to Rothais first (she stands near Salimah).

She usually sings a little song such as:

"Time for breakfast, la la la ... what'll we have today, maybe sleep shrooms salad?"

And you hand in the sleep shroom for 200gil and fame.

You can zone out and back in to repeat.

Edited, Sun Oct 10 14:11:22 2004
Best Fame in Bastok
# Jul 26 2004 at 2:46 PM Rating: Decent
Try the Cold Light of Day its easy and you can max out your fame, also Wild Onions give the 350 Gil, Treant Bulbs give 150
any other repeatb;e
# Jun 30 2004 at 1:37 PM Rating: Decent
i bought over 7 lots of treant bulbs so i can do this quest and get lev 5 fame for dem quest. i didnt know that it had times and didnt give any fame..What is best repeatable quest in bastok to get fame? only other 1 know of is rusty bucket
RE: any other repeatb;e
# Jul 25 2004 at 1:36 AM Rating: Decent
48 posts
Best repeatable quest for Bastok... there are actually 2 of them...
"The Cold Light of Day" but that one takes a lot of time running between locations... cut some of that time by entering and exiting your mog house in Mines and Markets.

"A Discerning Eye"... but you need to have the airship pass for this one. I've spent entire days just riding the airship between Bastok and Jeuno... all for the simple cost of 200gil initially. You get 500gil for successfully completing the quest... and you get Bastok fame... ^_^
One can easily turn a nice profit of a few thousand gil per hour... and easily build up fame. And not as much grief about doing the quest either... ^_^

# May 27 2004 at 6:10 PM Rating: Decent
I have level 4 fame in Bastok, but for some odd reason, I can't get the Teleport-Dem quest. So I think "I'll do the Gourmet quest!"... Two stacks of Treant bulbs later, I still can't get the quest.

Don't rely on this quest for anything but a quick 100 gil -- 200 if you're lucky to catch her at the right time. ;;
Once in a Blue Moon
# May 19 2004 at 6:30 PM Rating: Decent
I wish I'd looked at the time when I first did this quest, because she gave me 1500g for a Wild Onion!!! I thought I was getting robbed when I repeated it, but have yet to find that 'perfect' time again.
# Apr 23 2004 at 4:40 AM Rating: Decent
842 posts
just confirmed, logging in/out doesnt count for zoning for this quest.
warp counts as a zone
# Apr 15 2004 at 9:38 AM Rating: Decent
if you're a black mage, you can use warp at level 17 to help you out a bit with this quest. as far as the NPC is concerned, you can warp to any home point, and run right back, and complete the quest again. i have confirmed that this works for this quest, and may possibly work for other repeatable quests that require a zone.
# Apr 08 2004 at 10:19 PM Rating: Decent
I was wondering, would it be lucrative enough to repeat Gourmet selling something repeatedly like Treant Bulbs while using the zoning to repeat mom the adventurer?
Sounds good to me. Slight detour for Roh, Nbu is en route, the jewelry shops right there...
Thatd be 200 for the ring, 200 for the bulb, and a free firecrystal. Eventually 12 of them, and AH for another 1400 or so. Wowaz0r!
mommy's helper quest
# Apr 07 2004 at 2:28 PM Rating: Decent
Im having trouble actually giving the bulb to the lady. Am I missing something here? She asks if I have anything to spare, but just turns around and ignores me after that. Any advice? thank
RE: mommy's helper quest
# Apr 16 2004 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
In order to give people stuff for quests you need to select them, then select trade from the menu and trade things to them that way, not by trying to talk to them.
# Feb 02 2004 at 9:28 PM Rating: Default
I understand the whole part. But i dont get were is the lady and how do i get to her. Also about the stacking thing, do i hear the song and then give the item that the little girl sings or before? Do i give the item that she sings to the girl or the lady?

RE: Convo
# Feb 07 2004 at 5:45 PM Rating: Default
THe lady is at the farthest house east in Bastk Market. you give the item to lady. the girl singing only hints you what the lady needs and has no effect on the trade.
wild onions
# Jan 10 2004 at 5:00 PM Rating: Default
dunno if this helps anyone, but for those like me that have more than one character, the goblins in horutoto ruins in the sarubaruta area seem to drop wild onions and pieces of armor more often then other gobs. This is a great way for a low level to quickly make money while leveling and doing early windurst mission/quests... and you can send the wild onions you get to your bastok char (and bat wings to a sandoria char) and make a killing... this is how i made money in my low levels XD
GREAT money
# Dec 20 2003 at 12:40 AM Rating: Decent
147 posts
This quest is awesome money for lower level people. Go out and kill saplings and maybe the occasional goblin if you are in a group and stock up on the treant bulbs and wild onions and you can CLEAN UP during the right hours.
# Dec 05 2003 at 4:15 PM Rating: Default
Repeatable? Yes no?
RE: Repeat?
# Dec 06 2003 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
Yes, it's repeatable. You have to zone after handing in each item first, tho.
Little girl
# Nov 21 2003 at 4:18 PM Rating: Default
There is like a little girl right near her that says 1 of the 3 items... the 1 she says is the 1 that will currently fetch a higher price...
RE: Little girl
# Dec 05 2003 at 7:41 AM Rating: Default
The little girl is Salimah's daughter, Rothais.

If you talk to her, she will sing a song. Whatever item is in the song is the item that Salimah is currently accepting for the max gil.
wild onions
# Nov 20 2003 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
You get wild onions from Goblin thugs. I have about a stack of 8. Now I know what to do w/ them.
# Nov 19 2003 at 10:01 PM Rating: Default
ok look go to the auction house buy 1 stack of each and talk to the little girl whenever she says treant bulb give 1 to the lady shroom give 1 to the lady whatever then u get ur money u go zone into bastok mines come back and do it all over again. its not that hard! but its damn good money...
treant bulbs
# Nov 16 2003 at 7:50 PM Rating: Default
treant bulbs from them spinny hitting plant things outside bastok
RE: treant bulbs
# Nov 21 2003 at 2:30 PM Rating: Default
39 posts
Strolling Saplings are what they're called.
RE: treant bulbs
# Dec 16 2003 at 12:42 AM Rating: Default
147 posts
Strolling saplings are in Tahrongi Canyon. Many of the mobs have slightly different names in different parts of the world. They both have treant bulbs and they look exactly alike. (walking and strolling).
RE: treant bulbs
# Dec 08 2003 at 8:25 PM Rating: Good
883 posts
They're Walking Saplings outside of Bastok, in N and S Gustaberg. Strolling Saplings are higher-level.
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