His Box, His Beloved  

Start Area: Abyssea-Tahrongi
Start NPC:Apururu (Abyssea) (H - 12)
Min Level:30
Max Level:80
Items Required:Ripe Starfruit
Title Obtained:
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Apururu lacks the starfruit needed to construct Cardians to protect her embattled countrymen. Travel to the northwestern encampment and procure one from the supply of the eccentric Kopuro-Popuro.


Talk to Kupipi at the encampment with the Cavernous Maw. Next, talk to Apururu, who wants a Ripe Starfruit. Now you will need to visit the encampment at F-9 and talk to Kopuro-Popuro. He will tell you to be cheerful to the Bottomless Box next to him. Target the box and use a number of "cheerful" emotes at it, like /cheer, /clap, /joy, /smile, or other emotes like that. After using several emotes at the box, examine it to see if a Ripe Starfruit is inside. If it doesn't work the first time, Kopuro-Popuro will demonstrate a couple of cheerful emotes at the box. After subsequent failures, he will just encourage you to keep trying. After several emotes, eventually the box will have a Ripe Starfruit inside. Return to Apururu and talk to her to end the quest and receive 200 cruor as a reward.

Note: Be careful when traveling back and forth between the camps. This path takes you through a bunch of Beholders, which aggro to sound.

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